Saturday, June 11, 2011

Feel it in my Seoul


I have to say when I saw this dress at DP yumyum I had an OMG moment. I'm living in Asia and I have to say this is def something I've seen people wearing. I cannot begin to tell you how creative and fashionable most Asians are. They dress is such a different way than I'm use to seeing back home. It's been refreshing to see their spin on fashion!

I really liked DP yumyum's shop. The whole store is super cute. I wanted so much more! I'll be going back for another visit.


Skin from -CD- Janett for Ch1c/ ALL Tones
Beauty mark from L.Fauna - Beautymark - Bayonetta
Hat from **DP**yumyum - amigo hat - brown
Hair from ICONIC - Beauty - Rain
Tat from AITUI TATTOO - Anchored Swallow
Dress from **DP**yumyum - maximum denim dress 02
Bracelet from Urbanity (now Ha!) - Leather Bands - blue
Shoes from fri. - Basic Flats (Red)

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