Thursday, July 30, 2009

Prim bikini time

Today I will show two of my favourite prim bikinis on the grid :) First one is from Maitreya second one is new from Miel (they even have a Demo in the store!!) Both have something in comon.. both are fantastic!! They both fit so well and have a resizer script so it just has to fit everyone! Maybe if you have huge boobs you will have problems fitting it. I don't know, I do not have super huge boobs. :) The jeans are from League and I just can't stop wearing them, I have been wearing them for the last 2 days (eeew I know). I so love them. They come in 2 versions- Straight leg fit and turn up fit. And they have a pocket with scripted hankie!♥♥
Prim bikinis :o)
First bikini is from Maitreya (sarong top- creme),
second one from Miel ( So retro dots-avocado)
Jeans from League
Hair 1 is from (Posh)
Hair 2 from Truth
Belt from Truth as well.
Bangles 1 from (Posh) group gift
Bangles 2 from Fishy strawberry- freebie
Shoes 1 - Unisex texture change sneakers from ::Duh!:: freebie
Shoes 2 - J's Studded wedge sandals
Bag from Muu -free
Skin Laqroki

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LooK of the Day

Just a quick post today. For some reason I don't feel very good today. So.. to distract myself I made this photo. The outfit I am wearing is from Lelutka summer collection and it is simply wonderful.
Random shot
Outfit (Kaori dress in beige) and bag from Lelutka
Hair from Maitreya- Zoe Caramel (browns pack)
Shoes from Kookie- Chic heels (Salmon rose)
Hair ribbon from Hal*Hina- previous group gift
Necklace from Epoque+ This is a fawn privat sale last weekend.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend memory

It is Monday... again. :( Time to start this week. I had a really FUN weekend.. RL and SL! What could I wish more, winks!
Ok, lets talk about the clothes I am wearing today. The outfit from Boom.. mmm really sexy summer outfit. I had a little problem after I bought this outfit. It was BOOM (perfect name for it) GONE from my inventory. SL can be really silly sometimes I guess it got hungry and ate my outfit :( Anyway... few days later, I run in to Aranel Ah the owner of Boom in Truth store by total coincidence !! Ok I am usually not bothering people while they shop but anyway.. I sent her an IM and told her what happen. She was really nice :)) and she gave me a new outfit! yaaay! Thanks Aranel! :)
Bikini is from Zaara. I ♥ it. Like always the textures and everything is just amazing. Zaara is one of my all time favourite SL stores.
The shoes--- after a long time I decided to visit J's store. WOW they have a new shoes! This Studded wedge sandals are so nice I just had to buy!. Perfect for summer!♥
in the summer day
Outfit from Boom (Amped-sand)
Bikini from Zaara
Shoes from J's /Studded wedge sandals in brown
Bangles (snakeskin)from Armidi
Hair from Truth
Headband from Miel
Skin Laq

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just an ordinary day...or not?

That was fun--->Puting this outfits together! I randomly found this Long dress from M+M. I went there for the Lucky Board but my stupid L letter just never came up. (I have no luck with that... ever.. or maybe I am just not patient enough, who knows) So I just gave up and bought the damn dress haha. (Lucky board has the Yellow version of this dress) And I am glad I did! I am not actually a fan of long skirts in SL but this one is great! It moves really nice when I walk!♥ The short skirt is new from Tuli and it is so adorable.
JuST AnOther Look Of tHE dAY
on the left:
Skirt from Tuli,
Shirt from Artilleri
Socks SOM gift from Miel
Shoes from Miel
Hair flower from Miel
Hair from Dernier Cri
Bag free from Muu- I tinted it a little bit
On the right:
Long dress from from M+M

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In the middle of the night.....

Tuli released new clothes! Yay. I am so excited! This dress is one of the new items and I couldn't be more happy wearing it :) It is so sexy and cute at the same time. So here I am.. waiting for my prince charming in the middle of the night... haha It is so cool because you can make night in SL whenever you want. I wish I could do the same in RL. :P
P.S. I can't get the song from Billy Joel--> Rivers of Dreams (In the middle of the night...) out of my head :O I think I heard it on the radio this morning and now I am stucked with it.

Dress from Tuli
Hair from Dernier Cri
Shoes Stiletto Moody
Bracelet from Earthstones
Bag from Muu, free


Watermelons are one of my favourite summer fruits. Yummy! I will go to the store right now and buy it! Ok.. I will finish this post first :) I got this cute Watermelon lollipop and bracelet and leggings as a picks gift from a cute store called Love soul. It is just too sweet! I just had to get it for myself :)

I ♥ lollipop

Leggings, lollipop and bracelet is a picks gift from Love soul
Shirt and flip flops from Surf co.
Hair from Truth
Harry Potter glasses- gift from Pididdle
Necklace from Earthstones

Monday, July 20, 2009

Shopping Spreeeee

Today I had one of my shopping attacks again. I admit, I am addicted! When I start, I can't stop. :O
Anyhow... I bought some awesome new stuff! YaY. I mixed and matched 2 outfits for today. Shirt and pants from Miel-- absolutely stunning, so detailed.. ( I want to scream) and skirt from Sugarcube (so cute!) are just such an adorable combination :) And not to forget the new shoes from Kookie! They are delicious! (Not like I am goin to eat them or anything haha).
LoOK of the DAy

Shirt and pants from Miel.. --> socks are group gift from Miel
Skirt from Sugarcube
Scarf from Maitreya
Shoes and necklace from Kookie
Bag from DCNY
Hair from Truth
Skin Laq

Sunday, July 19, 2009

♥made in the 80s♥

Oooh I ♥love the 80s! Thats why I made this- a bit of retro- 80s style look + plus --> Emery clothes were calling me out of my inventory all night long (funny I know :P) so I just had to pull them on me and make a photo! :) I have a special bond with Emery clothing (haha)--- I purchased my first (ever) pair of jeans on SL there when I was still a noob. (called Zoe- still have them!!)
The tank is new from Viva la glam! I am so happy the store reopened (like noone knows it, right? lol) with all the cute new stuff! The scarf is a gift from there. (was 1l or 0l i forgot)
Made in the 80s

Tank and scarf from VG
Skirt, jeans and bag from Emery
Shoes from Maitreya
Hair from Exile
Bracelets from Kookie
Glasses +Mocha+
Skin Laq

Friday, July 17, 2009

It's me

I love this outfit! It is something I wear in RL too. :) Everyday look. Totally a RL me. Casual, simple and sexy :)
The tank from This is a fawn (by OMGWTF Barbecue) is so spicy, dont u think? It makes my back look so yummy! :) And this BF jeans from Maitreya are awesome and so perfect for this look. (I have them for a while now, didnt have a chance to take a photo). And just in case I get cold I have this shirt tied around my waist from Coco.
So... I am ready to go on a date now. Any volunteers? I have cookies in my bag! Giggles
Lorellai's look of the day
Scoop back tank from This is a fawn
Jeans- Maitreya BF jeans
Shirt tied around waist from Coco
Flower necklace and ring - Epoque
Hair- Curio
Bag from DCNY clothing
Sneakers from Cocquette from Xstreet
Skin Laq

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

○Hot summer day○

I started this outfits with this cute one piece swimsuit from Pididdle- it is a freebie gift at the store. (Thanks Brutus for this wonderful gift). Then I digged in to my inventory and I remembered I bought this cute little skirt from Cupcakes few weeks ago. I think it was 1l during the summer sale. BINGO! It is a match! :) The skirt #2 is a July gift from a store called Parallel love. I just found this store today! The skirt is perfect for a hot summer day!
◘sunny day◘

Outfit #1:
Top is a part of Gulf silence onepiece from PIDIDDLE
Skirt is from Cupcakes
Socks from Amerie's naughty
Hair from Maitreya
Hair flower is freebie from *FUEL*
Shoes- Stiletto moody
Necklace and bracelet from Earthstones

Outfit #2
Skirt is a July gift from PARALLEL LOVE
Hair and hat from Tekuteku
Hair flower is from =Hair salon Betty=
Belt from Honey-Honey
Sunglasses from Lelutka
Skin from LAQ

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

♥LooK of the day♥

A perfect outfit for a lazy Tuesday! For hanging around the city with friends. I love this boots from Tesla but maybe it is a little bit too warm for boots in RL at the moment (at least where i am)hehe... but in SL everything is possible (right?) and they go perfectly with this loose tank from Niniko I am in ♥ with!

♥LOok OF the Day♥

Loose tank from Niniko
Bare top from Niniko
Jeans and belt (from kneelenght denim) from Coco
Hair from Truth
Bangles from Line
Boots- Angelina (CookiesNcream) from Tesla

Monday, July 13, 2009

My first blog post, yay!

This is a random outfit I put together. Summer sarong from Boom
is a piece of clothing u "must have" this summer.
I combined it with skinny jeans from Maitreya.
Other credits:
Bikini from Amerie's naughty
Shoes Stiletto Moody
Bracelet from Artilleri
Hair from VW (Epoque)