Sunday, November 29, 2009

*Green Sunday*

Happy Sunday everyone!
I made it green today! Ok the main reason why is because the theme of this week's weekend fever is green and so many cute green things to get! I ♥love green! I really do! =)
So I threw on me some things I think look really good together!

__Green Sunday__
Sweater from ::TASTY:: - 50L
Skirt from Mimikri hot couture- a part of Thrill- Olive outfit- 50L
Green scarf from Miamai -50L
Earmuffs from Artilleri
Pants from :SK designs:-PantastPackas/brown
Socks from Pididdle
Shoes from Periquita - 50L
Hair from Truth
Skin- Curio Winter 2-Sundust-Sniffles 2

Outfit from BeetleBones - Dippin dots blossom dress in Celery- 50L.

You have time till midnight today to get the weekend fever items for 50L.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

*colourful day*

It is the weekend and I am really in a good mood today! I was sick for a whole week and in a pretty shitty mood. But that is all in the past yay! Thanks to the antibiotics! I feel so much better today! Thats why this post will be all colourful and happy! A perfect chance to show some of the latest releases from Pididdle!

First are these cute Racerback tanks. They have a sculpted bottom and come in 6 different colours. Pretty comfy if you ask me! I matched them with the mini skirt from Kyoot I grabbed at the black 50L Friday yesterday and the shoes from Anexx- Lace up boots- I bought at the shoe fair, I am obsessed with them. I so want these in RL!


Other items:
Hair from !lamb
Skin from Curio- Winter 2 collection, Sundust
Scarf is a gift from Vive9- Moody Autumn shawl
Bracelet from Miel (50l friday)

OoH I love these leotards and wool socks with sculpted tops from Pididdle, so cute and sexy and soooo colourful. Love, love, love these. You can choose out of so many colours. Look, they are so delicious.


Other items:
Necklace from Epoque (50l friday)
Hair- free gift from Nouveau Miranda -you get all the colours!!!
Skins- curio, winter 2, sundust
Shoes from Maitreya

Friday, November 27, 2009

*BeBe + DoLL= adorable*

My friend Chloe Platini is a very talented designer behind BeBe DoLL store. She recently released new cute dresses called Salvina. They come in various colours and each purchased item of the new Salvina dresses contains 2 types of skirts, flexy and sculpted.I think that is a very good deal and a very good idea too because I know some people do not like sculpted skirts. (I do!) You also get 2 tops with different waist bands. The texture work is really great. I ♥love♥ it! Awesome work Chloe*hugs*.

What you need to do is run down to BeBe DoLL store and check it out and while you are there don't forget to click the subscribo-matic. There will be (if not already there while I am writing this) a cute version of Salvina dress group gift for the Holiday season :) in red colour! Perfect for the holidays! yay!
Here is a little sneak peak from my side of the screen,;).


I added the Geisha belt from Fishy Strawberry, I think it is a perfect match!
Hair from Truth- Kenzie
Shoes- Lana from Stiletto Moody (anniversary gift)
Sunglasses from Epoque
Necklace from Earthstones


The dress is a subscribo-matic group gift from BeBe DoLL.---> HERE is a tp to get it!
Hair from Truth - Grace
Decadence Mongolian Fur/red- from Fishy Strawberry
Shoes -Lana -SM
Skin from Belleza

Sunday, November 22, 2009

*LooK of the day*

Maris Kanto, the owner of Kalnins store did an amazing job again! These new sculpted Dragoness shoes are just sooo stunning! Perfect for mixing and matching! I am so thrilled to be able to show you! Maris you are spoiling us! winks;)


The cashmere sweater is new from *Boom*. I totally love it. It comes in sooo many colours! Go check it out! :) I combined it with the skirt from Sweetest good-bye. The skirt is actually a part of the 2nd Moon outfit (grey). The red scarf is a group gift from LeeZu subscribo-matic.
Hair from Truth-Micah (walnut)
Skin from *Beauty avatar couture*- Daria light skin 08

__lazy day__

Long cardigan- Burgundy from +Kiitos!!+ I loveee it! I have a similar one in RL!
Leggings from Modd.G
Bag from LaGyo
Hair from Truth
Sweater from Boom
Skin from Beauty avatar- Daria

Saturday, November 21, 2009

It is the weekend fever

I picked up some 50L items from the weekend fever today. The common colour theme for this weekend is "blue".
There are some really cute things to get! You have time till midnight on Sunday.


This cute dress is from Couverture-50L only this weekend. Hurry and get it!!
The sexy shoes I am wearing are new from Kalnins- Sonata! The blue colour goes so perfect to these outfits! The scarf is from Miel- Army plaid scarf.
I also picked the *star* outfit (50L) from Love soul. Denim shorts + tank top+ sun visor cap = Adorable! I matched it with white pocket cardigan from !Ohmai- 1L.
Hair style is new from Truth- Harper (browns). Bracelet is from Coco, an old group gift but I think you can still get it at the Coco main store if you join the group and click the sign there.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Velvet Touch

FishyStrawberry released these amazing Velvet touch dresses together with Geisha leather belts!
Everything comes in many different colours. It is really a hard decision, so I would say--- get them all!! I am showing a brown-beige combination today because it goes so very well with the Bax prestige boots-brown (camel colour)- It is a perfect match!
The hair style is new from Truth. Truth moved to their own sim, so everybody please update your land marks!♥


Dress-Velver touch mini dress- Brown and
beige Geisha leather belt from Fishy strawberry
Boots from Bax
Hair from Truth- Ann (pecan)
Bag from Lelutka
Skin from Curio

Saturday, November 14, 2009

That's ME!!!

One of my favourite stores on the grid "NiNiko" released some new adorable things for us! yay!
If you have never visited Niniko before, now you have to! All the clothes are so well made and so realistic and as I said before... totally adorable!

__warm winter day__

Jacket -Niniko Quilting jacket. Comes in 5 colours. So perfect for the colder days, winks!
Skirt from Niniko- Corduroy skirt (brown) from Gacha machine-- 30L.
Hat and hair from Argrace
Boots from J's
Scarf from Artilleri (yesterday's 50L friday)
Skin- Curio-Winter-Sundust- Cashmere--- from the 2nd Vanity universe skin fair!


Shirt-Niniko- Renewal edition-Chiffon Cutsew with colour changing ribbon
Skirt-Niniko- Chiffon cutsew with colour changing belt.
Hair from !lamb
Armwarmers from Maitreya
Boots from J's
Earrings from Miel (yesterday's 50l friday)
Lashes from Calla- Supah thick
Skin from Curio- winter-sundust

Friday, November 13, 2009

Day and night

♥♥Just a quick post! ♥♥
Like every Friday, I grabbed some of the items from the 50L Friday. I mixed them with some other random items that popped out of my inventory :P.
The left outfit is for the "day" and right outfit is perfect for a Friday party "night".
Dress from Elate(Tuli dress)- 50L
Hair from !lamb- 50L
Glasses from D*E*C*O- 50L
Earmuffs from Artilleri- 50L
Boots from previous 50L friday- Kookie/Pomski boots
Belt from Fishy strawberry- previous 50L Friday
Leggings from :SK designs:

Dress from Emery- Dressy top/zebra
Leggings from Fishy strawberry
Necklace and bracelet from Miel- 50L
Earmuffs from Artilleri- 50L
Hair from !lamb -50L
Shoes from Maitreya gold- esprit-Xtd/magenta
Glasses from Tres blah - Nerdy chic glasses- 50L at one of the previous 50L Friday.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

---It is a happy Wednesday----

I am so happy to show you some of my favourite clothes of the past few days.
First, I made a mix of the latest release from Modd.G. Moddishh GossipGirl did an awesome job releasing these cute clothes! Everything comes in every possible layer and so many colours to choose from! yay! Tp to the Modd.G store--- here-- and look for yourself!


Pants from Emery and Floral halter top (blue/black) from Cupcakes. Other clothes are from Modd.G.
Belt from Maitreya
Hair from Truth
Jewelry from Zaara and Emery
Yellow shoes from Maitreya Gold- Esprit-Xtd-Lemon
Blue shoes from Kalnins- Boudoir


The dress I am wearing in this photo is a free gift from SySy's. It is sooo gorgeous!! You can wear it in 2 different ways- as you see in the photo.

The long necklace is from LaGyo.

Aww and the new sculpted shoes from Kalnins- Boudoir. Hot! Like every Kalnins product also these shoes are colour changeable.They come with a hud for easy adjust. There are 12 colours to choose from and 5 independently colorable prim groups. If you dont feel like mixing and matching by yourself there are already 6 colour combination presets.

The skin is a new group gift from Tuli----> Bella! Join the group (it is not free but sooo worth it, believe me!) and wear your tag and hurry down to Tuli main store and click the mushroom there and you will get this new gorgeous Bella skin. ♥Love it.

And finally the last but not least is this new Outfit from :SK designs:- Vegary outfit. It is sssso ssssexy ;). It comes in 2 colours black and red. You get both colours by purchasing the item.

Socks from Miel- Lo Refurbished socks- Navy
Hair + hat from Truth
Boots from Shiny Things
Necklace from Periquita
Skin from Redgrave/Jennifer.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Something for the weekend

I think I look adorable today haha. When I logged in to SL this morning I got a notice for a new event... pretty similar to 50L Friday called "Weekend fever". It looks like every weekend the participating stores will put an item out for sale for 50L in a similar colour theme.
So, I put together some of the items you can get this weekend--- until midnight on Sunday.
Cute!!! Have a fun weekend everyone!! xoxo


Dress from Couverture - 50L.
Socks and arm warmers from Fishy Strawberry
- comes with the Oversized cardigan- 50L.
Shoes from Periquita- 50L
Hair and scarf --> group gifts from anuenue.+NoaR main shop. Join the .:NoKMaK:. group and touch the signs in store here.
Bag from Tres Blah- halloween gift.
Skin from Curio

Outfit with socks from Fishy strawberry-50L.
Shoes from Periquita
Hair from Truth- Lizzie
Backpack from NoaR
Skin is a group gift from Bebae- Fabia

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SALE time

Yesterday a friend told me about a closing sale at "Burt laundry", I just had to run there rightaway. Its a pity I find out about such a cute store at their closing sale :(. Everything there is discounted to 30L or less. Such an adorable store! Go there and grab yourself some cute clothes before they are gone.

When I finished my shopping spree at Burt Laundry I got a notice about Retiring Truth sale. So, after a few tries I was able to TP there. woot! And after some very laggy moments... I was finally able to buy a few hairstyles. :)) I think thats the first time I didn't try a demo first before I purchased hair. lol. Anyway from their notecard: "A bunch of old hairstyles have been marked down for retirement. You will find the sale items in the back hair room". The colour packs are discounted to 25L and fat packs are 200L. The sale is on till further notice. So, hurry, hurry! winks ;).

___yellow day___

All the credits:
Both tops I am wearing are from Burt Laundry
Hair from Truth Retiring sale
Pants from Artilleri
Shoes from
Belt from AMERIE
Bracelet from Creamshop
Earrings from Mandala
Bag from DCNY
Skin from Belleza

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Look of the day <3

The black Turtleneck Sweater is a new group gift from Coco. Join the Coco update group and click the sign in store to get it! :)

Omg, I have way too many jeans already in my inventory, but today when I got a notice from LeeZu I could not resist buying it! These Robin jeans are awesome! They include 2 different attachments on lower leg, you can wear it wide or tight. =) amazingly well made. So, if you are like me and do not need any more jeans.. go buy it anyway haha. :)

Jacket is from Niniko. It was 50L on last week's 50L Friday. I think it goes very well with this whole look.
Belt is from Sn@tch and I totally forgot I have it. I bought it ages ago. It still looks great :).

All the credits:
Sweater from Coco
Jeans from LeeZu
Jacket from Niniko
Belt from Sn@tch
Hair from ::69::
Bag from AMERIE
Necklace and earrings from Mandala
Shoes from Maitreya- sub.matic gift
Skin from Free speerit

Monday, November 2, 2009

It feels like winter...

Yea, winter is almost here... I have a feeling it is going to snow in RL. It is so cold I almost smell it haha. I can't wait this year's first snow, yay!

I think this is a perfect look for the winter. The new hair styles from Maitreya are totally stunning. I especially love the scarf - hair combination (you can buy only hair too). It fits perfectly. This is really a must have for the upcoming winter! <3

Skin is a group gift from Free Speerit- Katherine and I loveee it. I love pink things (I really do lol) and this skin has a pink makeup :) and a beauty mark at the same spot I have in RL. haha... instant love..

All the credits:
Coat from Aoharu- Military coat (white)
Pants and sweater from Fishy strawberry
Boots from Maitreya- SoHo boots (Luxe Grunge)
Maitreya Voluminous scarf (violet-red) and Voluminous Scarf hair#2