Friday, April 15, 2011

✿Yay, it is Friday!✿

I am so happy it is Friday at last and I've finally found some time to make this post!

I am wearing some really pretty things which have recently found their way in to my inventory!:P The jeans skirt is new from SE*Designz and I am matching it with a top from a new to me store called Ange. I am loving the colours and the flower  print. Simply cute.

Oh, and the skin is a group gift from Mynerva. There is some fee to join the group (I forgot how much) but it is totally worth it. Join the group and get the gift in the store.

Shirt-.Ange. Spring Blue Tank Set
Skirt-[SE*Designz] Denim Skirt
Bracelet-[SE*Designz] Bracelet with fading Flower
Bag-DECO - Mischief Bag
Belt- SMS gift
Hair-(Milana) Amber
Necklace-simple necklace (an old-TDR BLUE special -)
Skin-Mynerva Group Gift 1