Monday, September 28, 2009

Skin expo crazy stuff and some free gifts :)

A few days ago a Skin & shape expo started. I was there a couple of times. The funniest thing about these fairs is the "LAG" and all the people complaining and bitching about the awful laaaaag! Well let me tell you, it is normal to lag if the sim is full! I remembered an article I read during the "Hair fair" on Ana lutetia blog. It is written sooooo well. Everyone should take a look and read it. Here is the Link--- >Anatomy of Lag.
On Saturday, at the moment I landed there, there was some really crazy shouting going on. I was laughing so hard... Really amusing. lol. ( I removed all the names) I think I landed just in the middle of this:

[15:46] Person 1 shouts: Good Lord People take off some of your prims you are causing the terrible lag in here!
[15:46] Person 2 shouts: F**k off! I spent one hour tping, I think I can take 5 min to take my clothes off
[15:47] Person 3 shouts: I hope they all die of crotch rot!
[15:47] Person 2 shouts: I doubt it
[15:48] Person 1 shouts: should take them all off like the rest of us. This is like swimming in pea soup because you had to wear every damn prim you own
[15:49] Person 2 shouts: Seeing that I am wearing only my system clothes, I would sugest you to care about your own business and be less agressive
[15:49] Person 3 shouts: Says the lady who yelled out F**k off.
[15:50] Person 2 shouts: Yeah, and I say it again, to people who are calling other ones "assholes"
[15:50] Person 4 shouts: Smiles and passes valium out to anyone that needs one......
[15:50] Person 5 shouts: first i wasn't talking to you but ok, this is the last time i'm shouting, this is dumb..have fun
[15:50] Person 2 shouts: ok now go back to your business, thank you
[15:50] Person 1 shouts: I didnt call you an asshole. I suggested you remove some of your prims to make the lag not so hard on the rest of the people trying to navigate here. It is called common courtesy
[15:51] Person 2 shouts: I am NOT WEARING ANY PRIMS

The next day I went back there and the story was the same... people shouting at each other. Thanks for the great amusement. Hahaha! Cool down people! SL used to be FUN! ;) If you go there you KNOW you will LAG, so accept it, simple. If you don't accept this fact--> don't go there! The skins will be in stores after the expo anyway.

Anyhow I managed to visit most of the stores and I grabbed some of the gifts there and the demos. So make sure you visit the expo and check out the beautiful skins and shapes of course. Some of the % of the purchased skins and shapes will be donated to the Susan G.Kome breast cancer Foundation. So it is really for a great cause.

exodi skins
These are the gift skins from Exodi.

skin expo gift3
From Bffae- Audri (Systematic) and Antoinette (Friday night)

skin expo gift
From Rockberry- Megan

skin expo gift1
From Obscene

Bikini outfit is a gift from Damiani from the Skin and shape expo as well.
Hair from
Shoes from Miel

Saturday, September 26, 2009



The jacket I am wearing is from Aoharu (Rollup riders-with denim/red), one of the new releases. I love it. I matched it with this mini jeans skirt from Plastik and the tank from
OMG and these Boots! They are new from Kookie- Pomski boots. (I must say I have similar boots in rl :P.) They are so amazing!! 3 colours of fur included--> white, brown and black. Awesome for the cold winter days =) and you have so many colours to choose from.
Other things on the photo are:
Hair from Clawtooth by Clawtooth-- from yesterday's 50L friday
Socks are som gift from Milk Motion
Scarf is from Maitreya

___mixing and matching
Oooh I love these looks. I am showing some of the items from the yesterday's 50L friday event. I also went around some Asian stores today... and I bought these Boots from a little store called Amaama. They are so cute and cost only 170L =) and while I was there the lucky board came up with my letter so I got these cute jeans as well :). The skin (on the right) is a gift from Mother goose (1L I believe). I like this hair! They are actually a welcome gift from Wot--->s-o-m.
All the credits
Admiral vest from Milk motion (50L Friday)
Black tank from
Pants from Lelutka- Masha pants/wheat
Shoes from Kookie (50L Friday)
Bracelet and earrings from Zaara
Glasses from Epoque
Hair from Wot?
Skin from Laqroki

Shirt from Miel
Waist jacket from Fishy Strawberry (50L Friday)
Bandana from Muu
Jeans and Boots from Amaama
Hair from Wot?
Glasses from Epoque

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Look at me

I started today's Looks with this black Riders vest from Aoharu. I put together 2 outfits, first one is I think more wild look, second one is more sophisticated look. I love the options on this vest, you can wear it with the studs or without. :) You can adjust the size of the vest very easy through the menu.
Another thing I wanna say is that Exile hair store is having a birthday sale. I don't know till when the sale will be on. So, if you need some hair and also if you don't need any go there and grab yourself some haha. You can never have enough hair.. thats my moto. *lol* The prices on all colour packs- including the new releases are reduced by more than 50%.
Look at me

Look 1:
Riders vest from Aoharu /black- Studded
White shirt and belt from Artilleri
Black skirt from Plastik/sephira-Pinne
Prestige boots from Bax
Hair from Exile
Glasses from HOC Industries- aviator style glasses
Lip ring from Earthstones

Look 2:
Riders vest from Aoharu
Shirt from Ce_cubic effect
Belt from Coco
Glasses from Kalnins
Hair from Posh (a freebie few months ago)
Boots from Bax
Bag from Tres blah

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Coloured Tuesday

Everyone who follows this blog and who knows me in SL knows I love Miel clothing. Mika and Miel are creating such a fantastic stuff I am drooling every time when I see they released new goodies for us♥. Everything is so well done. I would say perfect is the right word.
Last week's release is no exception. You have to run down to Miel (if you didn't already) and check it out... they have demos to try on before u buy. The stuff is perfect for mixing and matching the way you like it because everything is on sale separately.. shirts, skirts... etc.
The skin I am wearing in this post is a s-o-m group gift from Dutch Touch. It is stunning and I think it makes me look "smart" LoL. :)
Tops- CALI tops from Miel
Skirts- CALI cords from Miel
Glasses-Genius peepers from Miel
Hair- Monday hair from Miel with and without Hoodie
Bracelets from Miel as well. (from previous 50 L friday)
Boots- Long boots from J's (Soft gray)

The next thing I am going to show in this post is this new group gift dress from Elate- Sunny dress. It is sooo cute! You have to subscribe to Elate s-o-m and check the history. :)
The other outfit I am wearing on this photo is from DCNY new release. I am crazy about this outfit!! It is so adorable and a basket full of flowers comes with it. Cute!♥

Sunny dress from Elate
Boots from J's
Jeans jacket from Coco
Hair from Dernier Cri- Audrey
Hair flower from *FUEL*- It was a freebie long time ago. Not sure if its still there.
Bracelet from Miel
Necklace from Mandala

Outfit and harvest basket from DCNY clothing- Hariette outfit/white
Hair from Dernier Cri
Shoes from Kookie
Necklace from Zaara- Karmuka necklace/colored

Friday, September 18, 2009


Amerie Spitteler, one of my favourite SL designers, the owner of Amerie's naughty store opened her own sim! I am so happy for Amerie!♥ The sim is open for group members only until the official opening planed for the end of the week. Amerie's naughty store was one of the first stores I purchased clothes back at the end of 2007 when I was a noob. It is just amazing to see how it has grown since then. From a tiny little store back in 2007 to her very own sim now! She also decided to change the name of the store from Amerie's Naughty to just AMERIE. For the opening she also released new clothes for Sugar and spice collection. I am showing some of the new pieces today. I love them!! So, If you are in *an* update group, hurry down to her sim and explore! It is awesome, I promise ;)If not, I am afraid you will have to wait until the official opening because the group is closed I believe. Here is the limo to AMERIE sim.
Sequined tank black and white from S&S (Amerie)
Pants and stole from Simple woman outfit from Amerie
Boots from Bax
Hair from Tiny Bird-Millionaire-Pepper (from today's 50l friday)
Necklace from Earthstones

Outfit-Vivienne/black from AMERIE - S&S
Sneakers from Soulphoniks
Necklace from Epoque (50l friday)
Lunch Bag and tea from RC Cluster (50l friday)

Poses by me.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

MichaMi flickr photo contest <3

A few weeks ago I entered a Flickr photo contest for MichaMi store. I totally adore the clothes Milla Michinaga creates, so when I saw the notice about the contest I knew I wanted to participate!
Yesterday the winners were announced and you know what, my photo has been chosen as 3rd place!! I am just soooo happy and excited! YaY!! Thank you so much! You can see my photo and other winning photos displayed in MichaMi main store or click HERE to view it. Congrats to the winner and the second runner up as well!
Once again a big thanks to Milla Michinaga and Samara Barzane.
Now... I have to go spend my gift card.... winks!


MichaMi Anouk jumpsuit

Hair from Truth
Shoes from Maitreya
Bracelet from Artilleri
Bag from DCNY
Skin from Curio- Sundust-June-Doe

Monday, September 14, 2009

Double shot

Today I decided to make my own poses for these photos... soooo.. I am so excited to show my own poses! yay! Haha. Actually these are not the first poses I made.. few months ago I started something.. but then I just did not have time to mess with it some more. Anyway It is simple and fun! I was using Qavimator. It is free and very easy to use.

I made a combo of Artilleri and Fishy Strawberry in this post. Both stores released some gorgeous new stuff.
Antonia Marat from Artilleri released two new dresses! I am a huge fan of hers, so I run down to Artilleri and bought a Kitty dress in black. It is really cute! The skirt has two options- with poof and without it. =) I lovee polkadots hehe.

I am sure Lucille oh'Doll dress from Fishy Strawberry is one of the best baby doll dresses I have. It moves so well and like all clothes from FishyS.--> the textures are just amazing.
___double shot

Dress from Fishy Strawberry
Hair from Truth
Shoes from Kalnins
Necklace from Miel (from 50L friday last week)
Dress and glasses from Artilleri
Hair from Truth
Necklace from Epoque
Bracelet from Miel
Shoes from Kalnins

Shirt and jeans from Fishy Strawberry
Hair from Truth
Belt from Earthstones
Sandals from Slink

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I am ready for autumn!

That's it. I am ready for autumn!!!

autumn look

I was searching the google for some cute autum lyrics and I found this heheh...
You know it's autumn when it's dark when you get out of bed
You know it's autumn when a conker falls on your head
You know it's autumn when the weather starts to turn cool
You know it's autumn when everyone goes back to school
Birds migrate,hedgehogs hibernate, leaves turn brown
And all fall down
You know that everyday nature is trying to say
The summer is over
And winter is on it's way...

(The song is from the Bbc webpage lol)

ready for autumn

I just love this new Jacket from Coco! It looks so real it's scary!!
And The Prestige boots from BAX! I wanted these boots for so long... and few days ago I received them as a gift from my dear friend! I love them so much.. actually I haven't taken them off for the past 3 days so no wonder I am wearing them for this blog post. ;)
And another thing I totally adore is this black jeans with lace from GiGi couture. Really sexy! I am a fan of Gigi Couture for over a year now and I am always amazed with new releases. Love it. ♥♥
All the credits:
Jacket from Coco- Flight jacket/black
Plain white shirt (I believe it is a freebie in the store!) and Jeans from GiGi couture/black
Belt from Earthstones- leather and laced belt/coal
Hair- new from Truth/Peaches
Boots- Prestige boots from BAX
Bag from Emery
Glasses from Kalnins- Stargate

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I love Mixing and matching <3

I have a feeling summer is gone for this year, at least in RL. I am sure you (we) will keep some wonderful memories... and the best thing is in SL we can have summer every day, right? :)
Anyhow.. Niniko released new clothes!YAY! So, like always I mixed and matched. I am really happy with the results :). Some pieces are old, some are new, some are free, some are discounted.... but the best part is..they go so well together hehe.
Skirt is new from Niniko- Hickory overall miniskirt. Isn't it just adorable? Love it!!
Shirt is from Modd G./Runched offshoulder- blue.
Sandals from Slink- Jolie pied Achillia Gladiator/silver- Discounted price at the moment.
Hair from Miel- Sunday hair
Necklace- Sophisticated long necklace/white from Twosome

Top from Emery
Blouse from Niniko (from previous release)- Retro blouse/open (black)
Pants with belt from Niniko- GROUP GIFT!! Join the Niniko update group and click the sign in the store to get them.
Hair from
Necklace from Amerie's naughty (S&S)- From a "party girl" outfit.
Bandgles from Creamshop


Jacket is new from Niniko- Cotton jacket (carmine) I have to say one of the best jackets I saw in SL. Everyone should have it in their inventory.
Timeless knit dress from Stellar /grey- This is Xstreet special for only 30L. You can get it HERE .
Belt from Truth- Hipster belt/pewter
Ankle boots from J's /black
Socks and hair from Miel

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

All neeeew!!

I am so excited! First of all Miel released new hair! 3 brand new styles! And of course like every Miel release is, the hair are gorgeus! They all have colour changing hair accessories with endless colour options. Everyone who knows me knows I love hair accessories so these hair are sooo perfect for me! But if you are not fond of having a ribbon or a flower in your hair you can simply remove it through the menu. Hurry down to Miel and try it yourself!♥

The next awesome news is September release from Modd.g... Maddishh GossipGirl released sooo many new clothes! You have to go and check it out! I am showing only a few combinations today! Just a sneak peek in what you can expect if you visit Modd.g store. The clothes come in all possible layers so they are perfect for mixing and matching. Just the way I love it. ♥♥

Natalie blazer and Carrie sculpted skirt from Modd.g
Hair- Miel Sat hair
Bag- Tres blah
Necklace from Mandala-Soul Jewlery set/rose pink
Bracelet from Artilleri
Hannah Frill dress from Modd.g
Hair- Miel Fri hair
Shoes from Kalnins- Morning dew
Kalnins has 58% shoe sale right now!! So you better hurry and get some for you!!!
Glasses- Epoque


Jacqueline high waisted dress(grey) from Modd.g
Hair from Miel-Sat hair
Belt from
Necklace from Mandala
Shoes from Kalnins

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I feel yellow....

I guess everyone knows by now that is having a Labor day tag sale! All items (clothing, shoes, accessories, hair, furniture.. everything) are either tagged with a L$50, L$75, or L$100 price tag. And what does this mean?? Of course SHOPPING time. :)) The sale ends on Thursday, September 10 at 12 Noon SLT. So I recommend you to hurry!!! I mixed and matched a few outfits for today... I could not resist buying some yellow stuff! I never wear yellow, actually I only have a few yellow items in my inventory! So I think it is time for some yellow :)) hehe
yellow sunday
Necklace is from MANDALA, Pearl rain jewelry set/cream gold. This is a store I found recently. They have AMAZING stuff! I want this necklace in RL!!!!!♥
Everything else I wear is from

weekend style
Hoodie/blue with hair from
Shorts and belt from Maitreya
Socks from Amerie's naughty
Sneakers from Soulphoniks/unisex chucks,abstract blue (I bought them from Xstreet)
Bag is a new s-o-m group gift from Miel!!! It is adorable!♥♥
Everything I mixed and matched is from
Hair from Clawtooth by Clawtooth/Timeless Glamour (from 50l Friday)
Bracelet from Zaara (old group gift)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A bit of retro...

Hiya! A bit of retro look for today! Lezuu released this Emma swings pantsuit yesterday! I loveee it!♥ hehe the sculpted ruffles on the ass give it a really unique look!
I don't usually wear tattoos but, for this look I think this tattoo was the right choice! :) I have had this tattoo for a veeeeery long time. It's from Canimal. I don't even know if they still sell it.

Outfit from Leezu- Emma swings pantsuit/champagne
Hair from Artilleri-Sabina hair/cinnamon
Sunglasses from Artilleri-Onyxia/red&green
Shoes from Maitreya gold- Salience/golden brown
Necklace from Noir Lolita/Summer navy necklace
Tattoo- Canimal/Body grafiti- suicide girls
Cigarette from FNKY!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hunny, No!

I am not perfect I know, I do things wrong too! But there are some basic rules you need to know if you wanna look at least decent. So I made a top 10 list of what I think it is wrong.

1. Do NOT wear bling. Bling is ugly and looks really cheap. Believe me people will notice that ring on your finger or a necklace you just bought WITHOUT annoying bling. It makes you look like a christmas tree. Trust me.

2. Never wear a body oil. and when I say never I mean NEVER. Body oil is something what belongs to the past. You do not need a body oil with the new gorgeus skins in SL nowdays. It makes you look very ugly!

3. Face light- Some people I see walking around sl are totally excessive with it. Shining way tooo much!!! Why do you need a face light anyway? You do not need it. If you think you need to look brighter... change settings on your windlight. It will help and people around you wont go blind when you walk in to the room. It is annoying!!! Plus- it makes you look stupid when u walk in to the room and you are not rezzed yet with all the grey balls (I call it a solar system) floating around you. Funny!

4. Make sure your prim attachments are placed correctly. It looks damn funny if they are not. So what you have to do is edit it and simply check "stretch" in the menu and u will see little grey boxes around the item u wanna resize and just move them as you like. Sometimes this doesnt work.. so if u want more detailed resize check edit linked parts and then stretch again and you will see red, blue, green boxes. just move them and resize as you want. :)) Before you do so make sure u made a copy of the item you are resizing. So, if you f*** up something you always can go back and start again. Many times the item has a resizer script in it so u can resize it by simply clicking on the item. If the item is no modify and has no resizer script then do not buy it because it sucks.

5. There are outfits for different occasions. So please do not go shopping in your underwear... would you do so in RL? I do not think they will even let you in wearing underwear only. I guess they will lock you in a mental institution instead. Just because we are in Sl this doesn't mean it is OK to go shopping half naked. It is bad and it makes you look like a slut.

6. Never wear your belly ring over your shirt. It looks really funny and....really painful.

7. Be careful how to use layers. So your tattoo won't end up over your shirt. ugh...

8. If you wear prim feet shoes, make sure you don't wear socks with them!

9. Don't forget to change your prim feet colour if u change your skin because the skin on your feet won't change itself when you put on another skin.

10. Do not wear that instant "smile" attachment. It is creepy and it makes you look like a lunatic.

Credits for the photo:
Outfit from Sugarcube- Fringe tunic
Hair from Exile