Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vilada look

I am showing this Intact outfit from a store, new to me, called Vilada. It has that ballerina look but more glamurous. Thanks Belen Clarrington for these. I think they look lovely. Visit Vilada and don't forget to click the subscribomatic because I think there is a lot more to come from this designer.
I am pairing them with new Dante shoes from Kalnins.
Other items:
Hair from Cassidy-Jaded Blond
Headband from Tee*fy Albero Gatcha
Necklace from Miel

Friday, July 30, 2010

*Friday mix*

Happy Friday!
I was running around the Friday events and Albero gatcha festival this morning. The gatcha festival has new items out.  And because I spent too much at the previous one I decided to buy just one item from each machine  (the ones I liked) and then see if I can match them. Surprisingly almost all of the items I got matched each other. Let's  call it  Friday luck.
Skin- Lelutka 50L Friday (woot, Lelutka is participating this week!!! You get the skin in 4 skin tones, with eyelashes, dark and light eyebrows & hairbases and even the breast volumizer and eyes!!! An unbelievable deal for just 50L!)
Cardigan- This is a fawn - Albero gatcha- Yes I tried only 1 time and I got the rare item LoL.
Shirt from Scribble- Albero gatcha
Shoes from *mijnt* - Albero gatcha
Bag from *MayoNaise* - Albero Gatcha
Hairband- Miel- 50L Friday
Glasses - Artilleri- 50L Friday
Bangles - Mandala- Rocking Friday
Hair (an old Designers united item) and poses from Waffles
Jeans from Armidi- 50%sale

Thursday, July 29, 2010

*Thursday style card*

Tunic NEW from *Crazy*- Tijuana dress
Shorts from Phoenix rising- group gift
Leather Bag from [BUKKA]- subscribo-matic welcome gift
Shoes: kerocs-Chabinns - gatcha
Hair from Eha
Necklace from Zaara
Skin-Belleza Alysson

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

*Wonder day*

These Wonder shoes are the newest release by Maris Kanto from Kalnins. They have new, remodeled toes.  Like every Kalnins item, Wonder shoes also have a hud to recolor different parts of the shoe.  I am sure you will have fun with these. Visit Kalnins!

Look 1:
Outfit NEW from *LP* Ibiza dress/black white
Black half stockings from Luck inc.
Necklace from Mandala
Bag from Miamai
Hair from D!va -group gift
(wear the group tag and touch the board in the store)
Look 2:
Dress NEW from =Zenith= Black Evelynn
Leggings NEW from House of fox- Celtic Scale knit leggings
Bag from Armidi- 50% Sale (Look at the previous post)
Necklace from Zaara
Hair from D!va -group gift
Look 3:
Shirt from Coral Chic
Miniskirt NEW from Coral Chic- Naughty extra miniskirt/patern
Necklace from Kookie
Bracelet from Fairy Tail
Bag from Lelutka
Hair from D!va -group gift

Everyone loves a good sale...

Hello! For those of you who may not know me, my name is Temperance Seerose and I use to blog on my site Vanity Circus. Unfortunately RL has been too demanding and I wasn't able to keep my blog going full time. My dear friend Lorellai Kondor approached me about appearing on her blog as a Guest Blogger and I jumped at the offer. I'm very excited and honoured to be part of SL Fashionation.

For my first post I decided to talk about something we all love... SALES!

If you haven't heard Armidi is having a FIRST & FINAL sale. There have been many speculations on just want that means... are they going out of business? Or... are they just retiring some of the collection to make way for new stuff. I guess we shall have to wait and see. 'Til then you can take advantage of this awesome sale at The Warehouse. The sim is group entry only, so you're going to need to join the group. Here's the key -> f290e9ed-82fc-9664-ca92-d22ac85ff256.

I went a wee bit crazy and scooped up some really neat outfits. My favourite was one called “Italia Creme”. Having recently visited Italy, the outfit resonated with me. It definitively sings the Italian fashion trend, very classy with a touch of scandalous.

Skin - League
Hair from Truth - Annie (driftwood)
Necklace from Armidi Gisaci - Pearl Egg Necklace
Earrings from Ticky Tacky - Every Girl Must Have Pearls
Bangle from Ticky Tacky - Hoopty Hoops of Love Bangle - (Dream Angel)
Outfit from Armidi Gisaci - Dans la Ville - (Italia Creme)
Shoes from Armidi Gisaci - Dhali Bow Platforms - (Chiffon)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I know I said it so many times before but I will say it again, I love discovering new stores. And a few days ago Khesha Daldry, the owner of WRACK sent me a few samples of her new items which are pretty neat, worth checking out.
Visit Wrack!

Photo 1:
Black top and tiger skirt from Wrack
Bag and necklace from Armidi
Hair from Posh-free
Glasses from Epoque
Sandals from AtelierAM
Photo 2:
Dress/hoodie from Wrack- 1L July gift in the store!
Jeans from Armidi
Undershirt from Miel
Boots from Kookie
Hair from Posh-free

Tuesday look with Stiletto Moody


I've been a Stiletto Moody fan since 2007 when I first discovered the store. I was stunned back then and I am still stunned now every time I see a new release. Today I started to build this look with these gorgeous Stiletto Moody bare- Robin shoes. Aren't they just simply beautiful piece of art? There are two options for wearing these, with the zipper down or up. I am showing them in Zebra black.
Visit Stiletto Moody! And don't forget to join the group to be the first to know about their special offers!
Style card:
Denim jumpsuit/dark NEW from Amerie
White blazer, belt, bag and necklace from Armidi-- 50% SALE!!!!
Hair from Posh- Free!
Glasses from Lelutka

Sunday, July 25, 2010

*Weid dress*

BloggedJuly-25- New Crazy
Visit *Crazy*!

Other items:
Boots from Truth
Hair from Exile- TDR blue
Necklace- Glow studio- TDR blue
Skin- Dekade- TDR blue


These  loose summer dresses  are new from Hyper Culture. Thanks Christensia for dropping them on me!!They come in many different textures. So pretty and colourful. I decided to pair them with new cuties from Kookie, these Bonnie shoes in desert colour.

Other items:
Hair from Maitreya- Apple/Caramel
Necklace - TDR-blue special/Simple necklace 30L.
Hair accessories from -fd-
Skin from Dekade- TDRblue-70L
Bag from Lelutka

Friday, July 23, 2010



It is Friday again!  So for today's look of the day I paired some of the 50L Friday items. There are some really great items to get this week. So make sure to stop at this week's 50L Friday stores and check them out.

Hair style is NEW from Truth name Christina and I sooooo love it. It is just a perfect hair style with a bit of curls and a headband with flower which are both colour change. Get the demo Here.

All the credits:
Pants and bag from Milk motion- 50L Friday
Shoes from Kookie- 50L Friday
Shirt from MichaMi  -Samara tee/pink
Necklace from Milk Motion (an old item from Designers united event)
Prim nails from Mandala
Hair -Truth
Skin Laq

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fab day!!

I haven't blogged Fab designs for a while now. I was so happy yesterday when Fabienne sent me her latest release. It is so cute and it just screams summer and sun! It contains a mini skirt, a top and it even includes the bracelets and necklace. What a great deal! So when you wear all these you are ready for that awesome beach party or a pool party at your friend's house.
Visit Fab Designs and treat yourself with these.
I am also wearing these lovely sunglasses from Elate. They are sculpted and look very stylish.
Bag is from M.R.M Factory - clear tote bag *mint green*
Shoes from Nardcotix
Hair from Maitreya

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

*Purple Summer*

Style card:
Outfit NEW from Zenith- Purple summer
Bag from Miel- an old group gift
Sneakers from HOC
Hair from Curio
Earrings from Glow studio (TDR blue event)
Skin- Lola from Lelutka

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

*It is ready to wear!*

Micah from Modern Gypsy released more  goodies for us. As I  promised in my previous post I am gonna show more today.
 "Forever Gypsy" Ready to Wear Line has new apparel in store. Visit Modern Gypsy and get yourself some new cuties available there. This line is full of awesome colours and patterns.

Here I am wearing a Mud cloth romper.
And here I am wearing a bunch of tanks with such fun prints on them combined with the shorts. Fun, Fun, Fun and perfect for the summertime!
Other items:
Hair New from Lelutka- Gwyn/dark red
Jewelry from Miel
Bag from Lelutka
Hat from Gfield
Shoes-Dowlais Sandal / Coral from {theosophy}

Monday, July 19, 2010

Candy Doll- Denisa Skin

Here is the new skin from Candy Doll called Denisa. It has such a lovely cute face. I just can't stop looking at me. I wanna lick it  lol I am sure it tastes like Candy =).
The skin comes in 4 tones each tone contains 6 different makeups, cleavage option and a hairbase. Go down to the Candy Doll store and try it on and don't forget to hit the subscribo-matic because there is a free  version of Denisa skin waiting for you.


Gaga Americana tank and River crosser shorts NEWfrom Modern Gypsy 
(I am gonna blog more about it later)
Shoes from Kalnins- Yolanda
Hair from !lamb
Necklace from Zaara

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I saw this Lumiere dress on Flickr today. It is a new release from Couverture and I thought that I just have to blog it because it is stunning. I hope you will like it as much as I do =)
Visit Couverture!

Suede sandal/long from Atelier AM
Flower basket from DCNY (it is a part of Hariette outfit)
Hair from Truth
Headband from LG Concept
Earrings from Morantique
Skin from Belleza

Sunday beach look

G field released this amazing Floral bikini. So cute! It comes in numerous colours. I am wearing it in yellow.

I am matching it with the new hat from GOS. Omg I love this hat. The most perfect hat ever. It is scripted so you can change the texture of the hat, the scarf and the ring and  you can also change the shape of it. There are 3 different shapes available. It is like an all-in-one hat. And it also matches the new Espadrilles perfectly. Yay! You must have it!
 I purchased the hat via Xstreet. Take a look HERE.
I love hats
Other items:
Bag from Ibizarre- beach bag-50L I got from Xstreet HERE
Glasses from Epoque- Urban shades
Hair from Sixty nine- ME- Dark Mocha
Espadrilles from Gos

Saturday, July 17, 2010

*Saturday style card*


Dress - Dina dress from Bebe Doll- 60L ONLY TODAY -Super Bargain Saturday
Espadrilles from GOS
Hair from Truth-Audrey- Pecan
Sunglasses from Reek-Ramesh aviators
Necklace and bracelet from Zaara
Starstruck Boombox from Katat0nik (Albero Gatcha festival)
Skin LAQ

*Zenith style*

I am so happy to be able to show you some of the new releases from Zenith store. I have known this store since the early beginnings of my SL.The store grew a lot since then. Everything is so well made! It is really worth checking out If you haven't been there before. The prices are very reasonable too.
Visit Zenith!


All the clothes are from =Zenith=
/left to right: Tiffany dress, Pink layer dress and Megan blue
Shoes from Lelutka, boots from Bax
Hair from Kin
Necklace from Zenith (comes with the outfit) and Pacadi
Bracelets from Pacadi

Thursday, July 15, 2010

It is so hot!!!!!!!!

I am melting here in RL. This heat in the last few days has been exhausting. I am not even in the mood to log in to SL!
Anyhow I managed to take a few snapshots today yay!  This is a very summerish look which fits the weather I am experiencing in RL.
I mixed and matched new shirt and shorts from Very pretty and very easy wear, perfect for my mood today!

These espadrilles from GOS are my latest addiction. They are so well made and so cute! You buy one pair which costs only 295L and then you can buy other colours for 100L. Pretty good deal I would say.
Other items:
Necklace from Mandala
Hair from Truth
Bag from Kookie-50L at their current sale

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

*Tuesday* Style Card


Dress from Vesna-Lona(silver&gold)-new
Leggings from Aoharu- Leopard leggings-normal 1
Boots from Slink-Marina FLF special
Belt from Truth-Hipster belt (pewter)
Hair from Tiny bird-KissyKissy (brownie)
Bag from ty zvezda- Ugery bag-brown

Monday, July 12, 2010

*Monday cutie*

When I saw this week's Tres Blah Stumblebum exclusive item (Vintage Floral Shrug), I started to melt. Seriously. It is simply adorable. I am wearing this since yesterday. I just can't take it off of me.

I put on  this cute Hairstyle from Kin in brown called Oralee.
The bag is a new group gift from YS &YS. Join their group and touch the sign in the 
store to get it.

Other items:
Necklace from Loulou &co - Albero gatcha festival
Bracelet from IZM -free gift
Socks from Magnifico
Clogs from SAIKIN
Popsicle from Miel- Albero Gatcha festival

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Starwind Home!

My friend Fleetwind Soulstar is a brilliant builder.  She just opened her own store called Starwind. Her newest release is this cute Summer  home. It is a sunny cottage, perfect for some lazy summer days when you wanna get away from the crowd and just relax. Well I am no expert in building but I think this house is adorable. She did a really great job.

You can get this house for just 99L Today! The regular price is 400L. Hurry down to Starwind and get yourself a new home! You can also buy it HERE on Xstreet.

I decided to move in there. I made me an office  so I can blog in peace.Yay! Have a great weekend everyone!


Style card:
Sweater from Emery- The dressing room blue
Jeans from Coral chic
Belt from OoEas
Shoes from Nardcotix- free gift in store
Hair from I love olive- Luani New
Skin from Atomic- Faith- group gift (joining fee)

Friday, July 9, 2010

*Friday look*


Style card:
Pants from Hyper Culture-Bloomer pants-Ice Blue- New
Hair from Lamb- Sleepyhead 50L Friday
Shirt from Vesna- Li shirt-New
Bikini- Pididdle- New
Shoes- Kalnins-Yolanda New
Bag- Miel- 50L Friday
Sunglasses- Kalnins
Earrings- A&Ana
Bangles- Zaara
Poses- doll.- Sara collection- New
Skin- Lelutka-Lola

*New-Hyper Culture summer collection*

I think Christensia Parkin rocks with her summer release at Hyper Culture. I am loving the designs, colours and patterns. There are soo many to choose from. I am showing Bloomer pants and Summer tunics today. You buy tops and pants separately and mix and match the colours as you like. It looks so great!
Visit Hyper Culture!

I am using new poses from doll. Sara collection. I am loving it! The collection contains 10 cute poses. Make sure to go check it out!
This lovely hairstyle is new from D!va. Have you ever tried on their demos? You will have so much fun! They have the most inovative demos on the grid. I am sure haha. I will shut up now and let you see for yourself when you try them on.
Other items:
Bag from Amerie
Shoes from Maitreya
Necklace from Mandala

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday Cutie *LoTd*

This cute outfit is new from *LP* called "Cutie outfit". It is very cute indeed. Another perfect item for this summer! There are 5 different colours available.

I am also wearing the hairstyle from I love olive- Maya. It is so freaking cool. I am wearing a hairbase underneath. It looks perfect.

The Boombox and the Sweethearts boots are from KatatOnik gatchas at Albero gatcha festival. I tried twice and both times I got white boots.haha I don't know if this is a coincidence lol. Maybe I will go and try one more time. And if I get white again then I am probably cursed. Anyway the boots are sooo cute!!! :)

Other items:
Necklace and sunglasses from Miel
Skin- Lelutka lola/skissed

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

*Gatcha here, gatcha there, gatchas everywhere...*

Albero gatcha summer festival started today. It is just so much fun and very addictive I can tell. I remember the event from last year which was really, really fun. The event ends on August 11th.
Visit Albero and have fun with all the millions (lol) of gatchas all around and you can get some really adorable stuff for a low price. I am sure I will go back and play some more soon.

Here are some of the items I got.


Stripey dress and earrings from Doppelganger
White skirt from Yozoh*
Headpeice from LG Concept
Flats from loveme
Little tote from Tee*fy
Scarf from {theosophy}
Hair from TinyBird
Mouth Tulip from A.D.D Andel!

*Wednesday mix*

I am in loveee with these two looks I am presenting today. So, so pretty!
I visited Modern Gypsy store yesterday for a breakfast party. So, while I was there I looked around and purchased a few things.

Here I am wearing a Modern Gypsy blouse which I paired with new jeans from Coral Chic. I also put on this gorgeous new headband from LG Concept.


I love flowers and everything flowerful lol so when I saw this dress I just had to have it :) This is Forever gypsy floral dress -grape. Belt is included.


Other items:
Shoes- Lelutka- Pow pumps
Bag -Orta- sub.opening gift
Bangles from Zaara
Hair from Truth
Skin Laq-Elena

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

*Newbie Style Challenge*

I loveee challenges!That's why I decided to do the blogger's challenge that Gogo came up with over at the JuicyBomb blog. You can read about it here.
So, can we make a pretty avatar with no or very little money? This is my attempt. 


Of course  most noobies don't know where to look for good free things. I think they are excused for a while until they catch up with what is going on in SL. But what I do not understand, and there is no excuse for it, are avatars which are on SL for  a very long time and still look like noobs. There really is no need for looking like a noob even if you do not have any money.


My freebie style card:
Skin- Lelutka Lola- opening gift from ORTA- join the sub.matic
Shirt- free from -fd-
Skirt  from Black owl - lucky board gift
Flipflops freebie from Black owl
Bag from Chuculet-5L
Necklace from Chuculet- free
Hair from UncleWeb- free
Glasses -Adjunct -superstar sunglasses freebie
eyes -free  from xstreet HERE

Saturday, July 3, 2010

*Love notes*

Suri Christen from doll. made these sweet love notes which can be worn on the mouth. This is seriously adorable and a great way to express love to someone. They are transfer so you can give the note to your boyfriend or girlfriend. You can choose between 12 different notes. A pack is just 60L this weekend. Visit doll.!


I am wearing the dresses from Acid & Mala. Each of them is just 50L for a limited time. I know Americans are celebrating the 4th of July and these two dresses are just perfect for that.


Other items:
Shoes from Nardcotix
Jeans from *KCD*- Rose jeans
Necklace from Garage
Hair by Clawtooth
Bag from Veschi

Friday, July 2, 2010

*Sexy summertime*

I was like whaaa when I saw these new long shirts  with matching belt from Aoharu. I need this look in RL!  I am sure I can improvise with my existing RL clothes haha. I am going to try this out today.=P
These summer Mana wedges from Nardcotix are a killer too. I sooo love them.


The dress I am wearing under the shirt is new from *BD*. There is a catch when designers make dresses with patterns because it is hard to line up the pattern on the prim with the rest of the dress. But  Chloe made this look very nice. Each dress contains 2 sizes of the skirt prim, small and big depending  on  the size of  your shape. I am wearing the small prim.


Other items:
Hair- D!va- free group gift in notices
Bag- D!va - gift in the store
Glasses from Urbanity (Project themeory a few months ago)
Necklace from Zaara