Sunday, January 31, 2010

*Sunday's mishmash*

I usually don't wear red hair, but I kind of feel to go red today. Haha A few days ago I visited a CriCri hair store, the store is new to me. They have a bunch of new releases. The hair styles are totally cute! And not very expensive. (170L for 4 colours) You have to go check it out!


This cute tutu skirt is from Nylon Outfitters! I could be such a pretty balerina :D

_freaking cute_

All the details:
Undershirt and tutu from Nylon Outfitters
Shirt from SK designs- weekend fever 50L
Leggings from Aoharu
Boots from Hoc - knee boots/grunge colours
Bag from Hoc as well
Hair from CriCri-2wave04
Necklace - Candyset Haiti made by June Trenkins

Friday, January 29, 2010


I just realized it is my 100th post today! Awesome! YAY!
Anyhow here is my today's styling put together with some of the super great items from today's 50L Friday event.
Have a wonderful rest of the Friday and a kick ass weekend everyone!

_Its Friday,yay_

Shirt from Tres blah- 50L Friday
Hair from Maranna- 50L Friday
Socks from League- 50L Friday
Boots from League- Shin boots
Shorts from Maitreya
Belt from Earthstones
Necklace and rings from Epoque
Skin from Lelutka /Ife-Light


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Far boots for a cute Look

Far Boots, from Miel, are out in the store now! Oh, wow!! The colours and the details are just amazing! There are plaid and solid versions and they are multi- colour, you can retexture the boot part and socks in a very simple way! By purchasing them you don't just get 1 pair of boots but many, many more. I did not do the count, but there are so many- 8 boot textures and 9 socks textures....(/me uses the calculator... ohh. I am so bad at math LoL.)

I started this outfit with the boots and I paired other things very randomly and it came out as a very good match, I think! The new jeans- Molunkos jeans from SK designs are the killer! I so love the texturing!

_Mix and match_

And a close up on the boots....

_Miel boots

All the details:
Jacket from Kyoot - Tiny collar Cropped jacket/dark brown
Turtleneck top from Maitreya/bronze
Jeans from Sk designs
Belt from Luck inc.-wide leather belt/Desert camo
Gloves from A & M -A part of Reaction outfit
Hair from Truth- Alannah/chocolate
Skin from Belleza
Far Boots from Miel

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

*Cosy day!*

I like wearing cosy things in RL and my SL isn't any exception! Moddishh (from Modd. g) sent me her latest release-- Cosy dress jammies! They are so cute! Each dress contains a tintable bag so you can tint the bag the way you want, to match your outfit! The end result is a very cute Look!
These jammies come in 6 different jummy colours plus there is a free gift for you at the Modd.g store, the dress in 3 exclusive bright colours which will be there for you to grab for 1 week only. Here is your limo.

_Look of the Day-wednesday_

All the details:
Cosy dress jammies from Modd.g (in blue and purple colours)
High socks from Sk designs- a part of Aishak bodytanks outfit
Necklace - Horoscope necklace from Modd.g- gacha machine
Shoes-NeW from Periquita- Acid drops
Glasses from Duboo- an old
Hair from Truth
Skin from Belleza/Alyson- group gift
Poses from EverGlow

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

*ShOPpiNg sTyLe*

I am ready to go shopping! This look I put together for today is perfect for that!
The jacket I have on is new from *Crazy*-Corduroy jacket and it is breath taking! The details are amazing! If you like wearing jackets in SL (Like I do) you will love it!

Kookie released Armarda boots last week! I ran there and picked up a pair of brown ones. They come with socks option too, love it!!

_style for today

All the details:
Jacket and Sigul dress from *Crazy*
Lace Leggings from This is a fawn so many colours to choose from!
Bag from BareRose- Crescent/black
Hair + hat from (Posh)- free gift in store!
Glasses from Duboo- subscribo gift!
Skin is a new group gift from Belleza - Alyson/Med/cleavage! I loveee this skin! Join Belleza group, it is not free to join but so worth it!! This skin comes in all tones and with cleavage, hair base options.
Boots from Kookie- Armarda/dark Choc - Kookie mainstore moved to a new sim- Cheesecake sim! Update your Lms!
Poses are from EverGlow- 50% sale going on right now on all poses!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Woot, My second post today!

I took a visit to Anuenue store today. I've not been there for a while now. I saw a gacha machine and I just had to play... it is 30L only. So, what I got is this cute muffler and arm warmers. All together 60L. Yay!
I matched them with some of the Anuenue previous releases. This awesome salopette denim(black).

_pinkish mixup_

Oh, I love these new Boots from Miel. I know they were blogged in many blogs today, but I just have to show them too! They are 50L today. And all proceeds will go to the Red Cross for Haiti. They only use 1 attachment point, so no worry you can wear your capri pant cuffs with them!

Hair style is new from TRUTH called Patrice. I absolutely adore all of this week's release. You can also get all the demos and this week's hair styles on Xstreet! That I think is a great idea! Because everytime I go there it is laggy, really hard to try on the hair and buy something. Now you can shop out of your house :) without lag!!You can get the demo and hair I wear today --- HERE.

Other items:
Shirt from Hal*hina- cotton blouse
Skin from Lelutka-Ife/light- for Haiti

Good deals!!!

Ok, It is Friday and 50L Friday is going on right now. But there are some other great deals too. If you want to help Haiti, go here - there are some awesome things to buy and all for a good cause.


This beautiful purple dress is from Leezu (Virage flexy dress/mauve)-for Haiti
Hair from Exile
The Skin is a group gift from Atomic!
Bracelet from Miel
Green dress is from Elate- 50L Friday
Hair from !lamb - 50L Friday
Necklace from HoD- Costumed pearls/Crush- 50L friday
Poses from (pda)-50l Friday

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

*Today's perfect mix*

You seriously have to get these hair styles from Maitreya- Pre-Released Sasha hairs. They are 50L each and its for a good cause, the money from purchases goes to the Red cross for Haiti catastrophe. So, everyone go to Maitreya and get yourself these cute hairs! Go, go, go!!

I paired this newly released sweater from Emery which I love, love, love... with the sweet little black dress from *Crazy*- Cape dress.

_Lorellai's mix

The boots from Gos already blogged in my previous post, but I made a close up this time. I discovered the store just a few days ago (grrr I am late!) They look so realistic that I just wanna grab them and put them on my feet in RL!!

_I ♥ mix

Other items:
Leggings from Aoharu -Sale
Gloves from Emery
Sunglasses from Kalnins
Skin from Lelutka- Estelle light


Monday, January 18, 2010

*Sale time*

I can't help but show some photos of stuff I bought at the 50% Aoharu/Anexx sale! I am sure everyone knows about the sale by now. If you don't know, well you do now haha. The sale end date is January 24. So, If you ever wanted to buy something at Aoharu in the past but you thought it was a bit too pricey for your wallet, now is your chance because everything is 50% off. I went there yesterday. It was hard to get in because the sim was full but I made it. So, keep trying.

_aoharu look
Clothes from Aoharu and Boots from Anexx
Hair from Lelutka
Skin from Curio

rock star
Jeans+ belt are from Aoharu, I paired them with a cute little shirt from Emery and my latest love--> Docs boots from GOS
Skin is a Christmas group gift from Belleza
Gloves from Picnic
Hair from Lelutka
Cig. from FNKY!
Black stole is a part of "simple women" outfit from S&S (Amerie)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pink and Purple way

Milla Michinaga from MichaMi store released new stuff! Sweaters and leggings in so many different colours! I am wearing Maisie in plum today. The combo can be used as pyjamas, but I think it looks great for just everyday use too! You can mix and match it with so many other items. Everything comes in all layers.
Please update your Lms because MichaMi store has moved to a new location.

_Pretty Purple1_

I added a new sculpted coat from Aoharu- Tweed feminine coat. Oh my, I love it! It has a resizing script so it is easy to make it the right size to fit your avatar and again so many colours to choose from. I decided to get me the pink one. What can I do, I like pink. haha

_It is adorable

Other items:
Belt from Miel
Hair from Truth
Necklace from Pacadi Jasha
Shoes from Maitreya
Skin from Curio

Sunday, January 10, 2010

N-e-w and p-r-e-t-t-y

If you are subscribed to League subscribo-matic you probably received this cute little multi- stripe skirt and matching gloves as a gift! I added the suspenders from League which are not free but a really cute match.

_rainbow sweetie_

Miel and Mika from Miel store did a kick-ass job again by releasing these Not boots. They are really amazingly done- like every Miel item. They come in 2 main colours- black and brown. The boots can be resized via script and have plaid textures that have 4 different combinations in 9 different colours! So fun, fun, fun!!!! :D Grab the TAXI and look for yourself! :P


I am wearing new hair from Shag - Under the thumb and Just like heaven. Such a cute hair styles with such adorable names haha. Go check them out and try on a demo! You will fall in love like I did :))).

_shag hair_

Other items:
Necklace from Miel
Shirt from Surf co.
Skin from Curio/sundust June-Doe

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Look of the day

I just have to show you this look I put together today. I like it a lot. The dress is from :SK Designs:- Aishak dress. It comes in 2 colours- red and grey. It is a cute little dress. I matched it with a new release from *Crazy*, this sexy little "Peru sweater".

The hair style is new from Truth called Zara and these adorable hair bows are free! You get all the colours! Go to Truth and get yours and you can look Gaga with every hair style from Truth. haha I love it!!! Just note that the bow attaches to nose by default and it will take off your lashes if you dont put either the lashes or the bow to another attachment point. That happened to me lol and I noticed after I already took the snapshots, so today I am not wearing any prim lashes.

__Look of the day Jan9

Boots are new from Reek- Autumn boots. Sooo comfy!! You can change the lace and fur colours.

__Look of the day Jan9_

Other items:
Corduroy Treggings from Fishy strawberry
Belt from
Skin from lelutka

Friday, January 8, 2010

.... Looking back......

Sophia Harlow posted a blogger challenge on her blog. I think its a great idea to show some of our early looks. It is a good laugh and lots of fun!!

I dug in to my inventory to get out some of my very early photos of 2008. I joined SL in December 2007, but I was a total noob and I don't have any photos from 2007. My first photo is from early 2008. I discovered ETD and Amerie's naughty stores. The skin on the left is a noobish freebie. I don't have these skins or shapes anymore in my inventory.

Photo on the right is where I am wearing a skin from Nyte 'N' Day- Evolution skin. Its actually the first skin I bought. I didn't know any skin stores LoL. Everything changed when I discovered blogs in spring 2008. I don't remember where I bought the outfit. I don't have it anymore. Hair style is from Amerie's naughty, bangles from Atelier AM. Still one of my favourite bangles. (But on the photo you can see some adjusting should be done rofl)


Around April or May 2008 I got a free subscribo gift skin from Chai. It was my favourite skin for a looong time. I later bought many other makeups and I stuck with this skin for around 6 months. Hair style on the left photo is from Deviant kitties, the one on the right is from Armidi.


It was a long road to 2010. But I would do it all again if I had to! :)


Feeling sexy with Pacadi Jasha

I feel really comfortable wearing this "soon to be released" lingerie from PACADI Jasha called Oona. It looks so amazing, don't you think? It is a part of the Euphoria collection which will be officialy released tonight! yay!!! I could not resist taking some snapshots to show you my new favourite lingerie.

PACADI Jasha rocks!!!

This amazing sculpted Mairey leather belt is also part of a new release from Pacadi Jasha. You can mix and match it with almost everything. It looks great also with just lingerie!! It is scripted so you can adjust the size really easily. I did not even have to adjust anything, it fits perfectly right out of the box. :)

To make this sexy look complete I added this Verandi necklace and matching bracelets from Pacadi Jasha as well. It comes with the hud so you can change the colour of the chain, gems and stones. A really fun piece of jewelry and so gorgeous!


Other items:
Hair from and Maitreya
Shoes from Kalnins
Prim nails and rings from Mandala
Skin from Lelutka/Estelle light-makeup5

Sunday, January 3, 2010

*Warm me up*

It is snowing in RL here and it is freaking cold on my side of the world today, so I just feel I have to wear something warm in SL too, am I weird? And yesterday when I was thinking what to wear to warm me up, the sweet Sienia Trevellion, the owner of Lark and Agent orange stores, sent me her latest release, the amazing Trapper hats. Acording to her these hats are "So ugly they are cute". LoL. I think they are just cute! They come in 6 different patterns. The corduroy one you can get in SL Discovery Toque hunt for free.

_I love this_

Hat- Swirl Trapper hat from Agent orange
Jacket from Coco- Down jaket/brown
Sweater-a part of Elate "Tuli"- Navy sweater dress
Pants from Niniko- Crease-crease pants
Boots from Shiny things- Chunky ribbon boots
Belt from Truth
Hair from !lamb- 50L Friday

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Let's start this year in 50L style

Most of the items in today's post cost me 50L. There can't be a better start to the year haha.
So, here we go!! My first post of 2010!


Dress from SK Designs- 50L Weekend fever
Hair from !lamb- 50L Friday
Hair flowers from Glow studio- New year 50L special
Necklace and bracelet- 50L each from LaGyo- Weekend fever
Shoes from *G Fleld*


Dress from A&M - 50L weekend fever
Scarf from Lelutka- group gift
Slippers from Surf Co.
Socks and glasses from DUBOO - 50L Friday

Poses are from [PDA] -50L Friday
*Before I posted this I went to look and all of the 50L Friday items are still up in stores.
**Weekend fever items you can get until midnight on Sunday