Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You need a hat!


Amacci recently released such cute hairstyles with hats. I think they look gorgeous. The hat is all menu driven and you can change the textures, colours... If you like wearing hats in SL this is something you must have! However you can also take the hat off via the menu. How cool is that! I am gonna stick with the hat for a while. So, if you see me in world I will be probably waving at you with a hat :).
Visit Amacci!


Style card:
Skirt-*Fishy Strawberry* Aragon Skirt - Black - NEW
Hairstyles-Amacci- NEW
Shirt-Emery - Gift at Costa Rica
Bag-Indy & Co.: "Fab" Hobo: White - Free gift at CostaRica
Shoes-*GF* Platform Shoes "Rosette" -black-
Belt-OoEas! Punkstyle spike belt (Soft Black/Silver)
Skin-(AMD) Gaia - Peachy
LipGloss-*Fishy* Kokeshi Gloss - Red-AF II
Poses-Reasonable Desires -NEW

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Same shoes, different ladies...


True story time -> I tp-ed into TFG to pick up the edgy pumps from House of Fox. As I waiting to rez I get an IM from Lorellai "You're here too?" Sure enough we'd both tp-ed to The Fashion Garret event and we were both after the same shoes. Yikes! What happens now? We both want to blog the same thing? So, why not blog the same thing just differently? We get to show two completely different looks while wearing the same shoes!!

Temp's look
Hair from [kik]hair - Loxy - HeadbandA - Black
Skin from Lara Hurley - Leah - Bronzed Tan
Earrings from erractic - hoop earrings - silver
Necklace from artilleri - Corazon Necklace (Group Gift)
Bag from AddiCt - Day Tripper Bag - Sky
Shirt from AddiCt - BoHo Summer Tube Top- Playground
Jeans from - Tyra Jeans - Bleached Blue - Skinny
Shoes from HOF - Edgy Pump - Black/Blue -TFG

Lorellai's look
Dress-[Modavia Exclusive Gift] HouseofFox :: E.James
Scarf-*Fishy Strawberry* Scarf Model 1 Cashmere D- TDR
Hair-Maitreya Milla (incl. bangs) - Chocolate
Bag-[ glow ] studio - Sheep wool clutch bag (blue)- TDRblue
Earrings-[ glow ] studio - White Heart earring
Skin-(AMD) Gaia - Peachy
LipGloss-*Fishy* Kokeshi Gloss - Rose
Shoes- HOF - Edgy Pump - Black/Blue TFG

Poses-Reasonable Desires -NEW

Post by Tempi
Photos by Lorellai

*Summer dreams*

Shall we just skip Spring and have Summer already? Sometimes I really  feel like it and when I see all the brilliant summertime designs on the grid I want summer even more. But usually when the summer finally comes and after too many really hot weeks I wish to have winter lol. I am such a weirdo sometimes. Anyhow I think I am lucky to be living in a place with 4 seasons. Maybe that's why I am so picky haha.

I am featuring a lovely summer look today. I am wearing a skirt from the Secret store which is only 50L in the Euphoria Pre-Spring sale and matching it with the new, cute Tokidoki shirt and of course this pretty jewellery and the hat from*Solidea Little Folies* . I hope you like it!

Shirt-(TokiD) spring shirt (tan)-New
Skirt-The Secret Store - Granny's Roses-50L Euphoria sale
Necklace& rings-*Solidea Little Folies* Barbara II Set -New
Hat-*Solidea Little Folies* Summer hat -New
Bag--[AddiCt]-Day Tripper Bag/Bubblegum - New
Shoes-(TokiD) le ballerina opaque - tan
Hair-[e] Play - Brown 04
Skin-(AMD) Gaia - Peachy
LipGloss-*Fishy* Kokeshi Gloss - Bronze- AF II

Monday, March 28, 2011

Three is trouble

Another Fundraiser is being hosted at the Deck which features different skin creators. Most are only 50L. I picked up a few. I threw together three looks using products from AFII. I think it's amazing how everyone is coming together to really support the victims of the Japan earthquake. It gives me warm fuzzes!!

Three is trouble (Part Five)

This skin by Miamai is great. I love how genuine it looks. I tried to find a kimono to go with it but I got so wrapped up in finding the outfit that I forgot that I was trying to feature the skin. So I decided to forgo the outfit and just take a picture to show the skin.
Eyes from Sakurako - Basic Eyes - Brown
Shape from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Yuki Shape (5L$)
Skin from Miamai - Redhorizon skin (AFII)
Hair from Plume - Sakura - Umber

Three is trouble

So many goodies on the grid lately. I don't even know where to begin. I only recently went to "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang". So many CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP things! Having spent most of my lindens on FLF, SYUS, Project Themeory and Lazy Sunday I was giddy at finding all these cheap finds. I picked up a really cute dress with a sculpted belt. I really love the colours, so bright and festive. I'm really attached to my shape so I rarely change it, but when I saw the shapes at KKBB I decided a temporary change was in order. The faces are so pretty.

Three is trouble (Part Two)

The skin from "Fishy Strawberry" comes with two options w/ the base skin (teeth and no teeth). You can buy the makeup separately and it's definitely worth it. So many great eyeshadow and lipsticks options.

Three is trouble (Part Three)

I've had this skirt from "Rock Me Amadeus" for a while. I bought it and wore it for days! I really love the way it floats around. The tights were also a cheap grab from Jolie! which are only available on Marketplace. The shirt and shoes are from "Absolution". There is a 50L sale going on there right now. GOGOGO!

Three is trouble (Part Four)

LOVE THESE BOOTS from Slink. A great FLF grab as was the skirt from League. Also got the new Spring Camisole. I've seen everyone wearing it! I can't blame them, it's fantastic. The colours are beautiful and the attachments are perfect and blend in so well. The skin was a 25L grab from AMD. Gaia is beautiful! I really like the Seduce makeup. It comes with four options.

Outfit #1
Shape from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Delia Shape (5L$)
Skin from Fishy Strawberry - Kokeshi skin - base (AFII)
Makeup from Fishy Strawberry - Kokeshi Make-Ups - Smokey Plum
Hair from Britnee Hair - Camila Hair - Vino
Necklace & Earrings from Indy&Co - Suha stones - Blue Curacao
Dress from KKBB - Adel Dress w/ Sculpted Belt
Shoes from Indy&Co - Coquette Noir - Chablis Sandals - Gold

Hair from Junwave - Emmy - Black
Skin from Belleza - Alyson - Pale
Eyeshadow & Liner from [AddiCt] - Aki (AFII)
Necklace from Dark Mouse - Chocolate Sparkles
Shirt from Absolution - Leanna Top - White (50L)
Shirt from Rock Me Amadeus - Alice Skirt - Coffee
Tights from jOLIE! - Creamy Fleur tights (5L)
Shoes from Absolution - Bowdorable Flats - Tan (50L)

Outfit #3
Hair from 99 Elephants - Clara - Browns1
Hair base from DeeTaleZ - Shaved Flowery
Skin from AMD - Gaia - Deep Tan - Seduce 1
Earrings from Plume - Tribue - Red
Shirt from League - Spring Camisole - Red
Skirt from League - Buttoned Corduroy Mini Skirt - Cream
Shoes from Slink - Marina Boots Suede - Merlot
Purse from Mentine - Tycoon Leather Pochette (Group Gift)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cute! Yes please!

I love this look. All the pieces I've used came together so randomly but they match well I think!


I adore the shoes from ANEXX and I was looking forward to being able to wear them, so now I am pretty sure I won't take them off anytime soon.
The jacket is from Peqe and It is available for the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser which is still going on. Go get it!

I grabbed the scarf at the Dressing room, the regular one, not the blue one, from Fishy Strawberry, you get 4 different scarves, what an amazing deal!

I am still wearing the AMD Gaia skin. It is so pretty I just cant get enough of it :). I added a pinkish lip-gloss today. I purchased the whole range of  them at the Another Fundraiser II event from Fishy strawberry. It is for the Kokeshi skin by FS but it goes really well with Gaia skin as well! All skins and tattoo packs are 50L only and 100% of the proceeds go to Red Cross Relief in Japan. Go check it out!

All the details:
Dress-Ibizarre Melua Dress (Dark Burgundy)
Jacket-Peqe - Pacific/Flora PCF
Socks-Maitreya Moxie Over-Knee Socks * Ecru
Scarf-*Fishy Strawberry* Scarf Model 1 Organic C TDR
Hair-(Milana) Lynn
Skin-(AMD) Gaia - Peachy
LipGloss-*Fishy* Kokeshi Gloss - Rose - Another Fundraiser

Fabulous Red


Aoharu has another great deal out to raise money for the victims of Japan. It's a belted red jacket and it's striking!!!! There is nooooo reason not to get this jacket, especially when it's going towards charity.

Fab-U-Lous has also just released new hairs. I was really drawn to Marsha. I love the short hair with the curly flexi. It only comes in black. If you've never been to Fab-U-Lous it's def worth the visit to see the tons and tons of designs. The hair is very well priced as well.

Also wearing the new skin from Glam Affair featured at TDR. I really like Mary and the lipsticks in the pack.


Hair from Fab-U-Lous - Marsha - Black

Skin from Glam Affair - Mary - MedTan & Lips Tat #4 - TDR

Eyes from L.Fauna - CHAI eyes - Brown 2

Necklace & Earrings from Dark Mouse - Vintage Speakeasy

Glasses from Lavish Couture - Black (Part of an outfit)

Nails from [ Love Soul ] - Devil - Red

Jacket from AOHARU - Dunaree Long Shirt - Red (ThankUPray4Japan)

Shirt from JANE - Intrinsic Tanks - Chocolate

Pants from Zaara - Ishaya Velour Slacks - White

Shoes from NX - Kurvy Ruby Slippers (Hunt item)

Friday, March 25, 2011

{Spirit store} Styles


I haven't blogged things from the Spirit store for a while now. I think it is time to do so again, especially because Spirit Osmus keeps releasing so many nice things all the time. So I put together these two looks for today. I wish you all a wonderful weekend and yeah, visit the Spirit store of course! :-)


Shirt-Spirit Store - Matilda top/gray
Pants-Spirit Store - Binaris pants black
Bracelet-Mood-Dare Eclipse Ebony Bracelet *R*
Hair-[LeLutka]-SCARAB hair - BlondeFun
Skin-(AMD) Gaia - Peachy
Shoes-MIEL Ant flats fatpack- Nero
Bag-NINIKO-ShoulderBAG-an old CSR gift n/a
Shirt-Spirit Store - Tutti Tank black
Skirt-Spirit Store - Zarina skirt gray
Socks-PIDIDDLE - Scrunchy Wool Socks - black
Sneakers-HOC Apparel - Hocs Sneakers - Plain Color Pack
Bracelet & necklace-BB-Jewelry! Rowan Lady for Diamond Hunt
Bag-=IZUMIYA=Tote Bag
Hair-[LeLutka]-RUSH hair - Bournville
Skin-(AMD) Gaia - Peachy

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things I can't get enough of...

Lately I've been bouncing around in the same outfit because I love everything I'm wearing. Cannot get enough of this sweater from Gawk! It's so cute. I picked it up in turquoise but I will be going back for a few other colors. Also, love this hair. I'm pretty sure I've blogged it before, but so has EVERYONE else. It's probably because it's so amazing. If you haven't gotten it you might want to try a demo but you will be sucked in... Likewise I am in love with all things Dark Mouse. I really like how trendy they jewelery is. If you haven't been there you should, loads of group/magic chairs deals.


I was taking pictures for this post when two of my good friends popped in. They were going on and on about these new prim attachments they had gotten. I wasn't really paying attention and I didn't catch on to what they were talking about until I really took a look at them. And my reaction was : "Oh my... those are some HUGE knockers."
I'm not quite sure how popular these boob prim attachments are but I think they're hilarious. However, this is not one of the trends I will be following, so I asked my friends to pose for me. I can always count on my friends for a good laugh, and I can never get enough of them. Thanks ladies for everything.
The ladies with the big knockers

C - on the left

Shoes from (TokiD) - le ballerina - opaque

Band-aids from Reek - Ouch! Bandaid Knees

Skirt from C'est la vie! - Flared skirt - bird charcoal grey (Group Gift)

Skin from Belleza - Erika (Group Gift)

Huge knockers from Lolas! - Natural Breasts 2.5

Shirt from TavWear - Busty Buttonup - White

Earrings from [ glow ] studio Bitterness Earrings Black (TDRb)

Hair from Mirai Style - Jumpy - Darkcherry

Temp - middle

Hair from vive9 - Bruna - Edge

Skin from Belleza - Melissa - Med (Group Gift)

Necklace from Dark Mouse - Mussed Up

Ring from Holli Pocket - Rock Candy Ring

Sweater from Gawk! - Baggy Pullover - Turquoise

Undershirt from Jane - Intrinsic Tanks - Salmon (Freebie)

Pants from {mon tissu} - Denim - Lou Lou - Light

A - on the right

Hair from TRUTH - Krystal - browns (Mahogany)

Prim boobies: Lolas! - Push-Up 2.5

Top from ** - Loose Tank-top - Retro (with prim boobies add-on)

Skin from -Belleza- Melissa (group gift)

Belt from [SC] Surf Couture - Brass Rings Belt - Brown

Glasses from [SC] Surf Couture - Brass Rings Belt - Brown

Bracelet from *League* - Wanderer Jewelery Set

Earrings from TFG - Gift Group 4th Edition

Gum from The Jersey Shore - gatcha

Shorts from {mon tissu} - Shorts - Greta - Used

Shoes from [SC] Surf Couture - Freedom Flops - Yellow

Oh, soooo Pink :)


Jeans-*TuttiFrutti* Pure Shocking Rag Low Jeans- for Pure Juicy Event 
Shirt-*TuttiFrutti* Tie-Dye Top- Pure Juicy Event
Belt-(TokiD) ribbon belt (pink)- an old group gift
Shoes-BM Cynthia Pumps Pink
Hair-*Simply Britnee *Camila 2/Media Noche
Necklace-MIEL BER SET - necklace
Bag-!!KKBB!! Jenette Purse - Kissy Purse free HERE
Skin-(AMD) Gaia - Peach -base skin - 25L limited time only!!! Hurry!
Eyeliner-Cheap Makeup Liner + Lashes #3

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

{NEW}CheerNo Femme Spring collection

I am so happy that spring is officially here and I am also very  excited because CheerNo has started releasing new awesome spring goodies for the ladies. I am presenting some of them today! I am totally loving it. The collection looks perfect. Most of the things are sculpted and you can adjust the size via the menu. I had no problems with the fitting.
The textures and designs look  fresh and  total must-haves for this spring season.

Visit CheerNo and look for yourself!

(Left to right)
Dress-[CheerNo Femme] Stravaganza
Top-[Cheerno Femme] Fiori Top
Skirt-[CheerNo Femme] Misti's Skirt Medium Denim
Dress-[Cheerno Femme] Oliviera Dress- Brilliant Blue
Top-[CheerNo Femme] Farfalle Top Coral
Skirt-[CheerNo Femme] Misti's Skirt Medium Denim With Feathers

Bracelets-::MOOD:: MOXIE - Diamond is Mine Hunt 2 - Gift
Sunglasses-ROLE OPTIC glasses ESCUDA-Diamond is Mine Hunt 2 - Gift

Hair styles- Maitreya
Shoes-Bax, Gfield, Maitreya Gold

Skin-(AMD) Gaia - Peachy - Seduce -New

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My daily mix


Jacket-"NINIKO" Long jacket (Black)
Shirt-*Crazy* Sea Top Green
Hair-**Dura**  for Help Japan!
Bag-::: B@R ::: Blanca Green - PCF
Socks-*BOOM* Folded Wool Socks cream
Necklace-.:* LOULOU&CO * - Necklace :: BLING BLING -DIMH2 hunt gift
Skirt-[AB] Lea jeans skirt
Shoes-:: Kookie :: Lazies/ Desert
Ring-[ glow ] studio - Rose with Dew Ring (I tinted it) TDR
Skin-[LeLutka]-Gem/GOLDEN-Makeup7/DBrows with Breast Enhancer
Rosy cheeks-Tuli



I'm in love with this new jacket from LeeZu - the pattern is so festive and colourful. I haven't been able to take it off. Paired it with a pair of high waisted shorts from R.icielli. There is a 50% sale on right now. I'm not sure how long the sale at R.icielli is going on for so make sure you get down there ASAP. Loads of great stuff. Also really liking jewelry from Dark Mouse. Loads of different designs. Make sure you swing by to check out the different stuff.


Hair from Maitrya - Lotte - Cacao
Necklace & Earrings from Dark Mouse - Sweet Hethr
Jacket from LeeZu - Arabesque Blouse - Pink
Undershirt from Fri. - Basic Cami - Orange
Shorts from R.icielli - Eleanor Highwaist - White
Shoes from Maitreya Gold - Foxy Champ - Pearl

Monday, March 21, 2011

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser [Aoharu]


I purchased this awesome red, sculpted tunic from Aoharu at The Pacific Crisis Fundraiser for the victims of Japan disaster. My thoughts are with you Japan!<3

Tunic-[PCF] AOHARU_OffShoulderGauzeTunic_Red
Jeans-[AB] Smexy jeans indigo
Hair-Exile Reva/harlow mix- TDRblue
Bracelet-Zaara : Patra silver wire bracelets *clear*
Shoes-[e] Move Pumps - Powder (FFL Exclusive)
Bag-*LpD* - *Summer Girl* Bag- group gift
Skin-[PF] Elly - Spotted Love (ltbrow)- Hunt gift
Beauty marks-[Tuli]
Poses- GLITTERATI -> Pre-Pose Fair 100L Sale!


Love the new outfit at Indy. I really love this prim top. The top can work with so many different pants. It comes with really cute shorts, but I paired it up with the bloomer pants just for a different option. I also think it'd look cute with capris. The top comes in a wide range of colors, each beautifully sculpted and textured. Also featured is a great jewelry set to go with the Suha outfit. I really love the details in the necklace. I'm a big fan of shells and I really like how they're worked into the design. I showed the complete Suha outfit beneath.


Hair from Mirai Style - Paum - Darkbrown

Skin from Belleza - Melissa - Med

Shirt from Indy&Co - Suha - Peony

Pants from HC - Bloomer Pants - White

Necklace from Indy&Co - Suha Stones - Peony

Ring from HolliPocet - Rock Candy Ring (Gacha)

Shoes from [Gos] - Espadrilles - White


Indyra Originals - Suha in Honeysuckle, Noir & Peony

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

* Pose from Frozen.Panty - Lift (PCF)*

As many of you already know Japan experienced a devastating earthquake. An emergency fundraising effort for the victims of Japan disaster called The Pacific Crisis Fundraiser is currently running until April 10th. Many designers have contributed items with 100% of the sales going towards relief.

I picked up some amazing things, that I wanted to show. Please go down and contribute to the fundraising efforts.


All poses in this post are from a pack I got from PCF. It's a united effort from different pose makers on the grid. 500L with 100% going towards PCF.


Skin from Glam Affair - Eva - MedTan

Beauty Mark from L.Fauna - Crawford

Hair from Magika - Paisley - Browns

Stole - Tyranny/Grixdale - Rustic Draped Stole - Tartan (PCF)

Vest from Tyranny/Grixdale - Millers Wife Vests - Dirt (PCF)

Shirt from Izzie's - Silk Top - White (PCF)

Shoes from TokiD - Tassel Boots - Yellow


Skin from Glam Affair - Eva - MedTan

Beauty Mark from L.Fauna - Crawford

Hair from Truth - RiRi - Chocolate

Dress from E! Eclectic Apparel - Anna Mini - Red (PCF)

Bracelet from Erratic - Cuffs - Silver

Shoes from [PM] - Baby T's Plain - Blood


Skin from Glam Affair - Eva - MedTan

Beauty Mark from L.Fauna - Crawford

Hair from Truth - RiRi - Chocolate

Shirt from Grixdale - Dryer Fuzz Scoop Neck - Dirt (PCF)

Necklace from Statique - HOPE Necelace (PCF)

Pants from COOL BEANS - Bean Jeans - Black (Group Gift)

Shoes from KAO - Suede Fringe Boots - Khaki


Skin from Glam Affair - Eva - MedTan

Beauty Mark from L.Fauna - Crawford

Hair from vive9 - Freja - Edge

Necklace from GaNKeD - Something Old Necklace

Dress from [Insatiable Fashions] - Lia - Black (PCF)

Nylons from No.9 Nylons - High Pantyhose - Black

Shoes from [Gos] - Posh Bootie - White (PCF)

Friday, March 18, 2011

FFL- Nyte'N'Day & more...

Visit Nyte'N'Day @ Fashion for life

Dress-Nyte'N'Day - Pop Dress (FFL Edition) - Hot Pink/White
Shoes-::Duh!:: Silk Floral Booties - Silver-FFL
Bag-{SMS} Squary Little Bag Grey
Hair-""D!va"" Hair "Dia" (Mercury)-Diamond is Mine Hunt2 gift
Shirt-Nyte'N'Day - Henley Tee (FFL Edition) - Salmon
Pants-** [ Riddle ] ** Corduroy Pants - Pale Pink - FFL Edition
Shoes-::Duh!:: Floral Linen Flats Sand-FFL
Hair-""D!va"" Hair "Dia" (Garnet)-Diamond is Mine Hunt2 gift
Outfit-Nyte'N'Day - Affinity II (FFL Edition) - White/Black
Necklace-::Duh!:: Pounds of Pearls Black/Silver -FFL
Shoes--::Duh!:: Floral Linen Flats Sky-FFL
Hair-""D!va"" Hair "Dia" (Gold)-Diamond is Mine Hunt2 gift
Skin- Erika from Belleza
Eye-makeup-Miamai -old group gift

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Look of the day- Vanitas Vesture


Look 1
Dress-Vanitas Vesture - Languid Party Dress - Auld Blue -New
Shoes-BM Cynthia Pumps Nude -new
Necklace-Glamourous.-Necklace. White
Hair-"LoQ Hairs" Pure Beauty - Brown
Skin-[PF] Elly - Spotted Love (dkbrow) -DIAMOND IS MINE HUNT2 gift

Skirt-Vanitas Vesture - Meticulous Pencil Skirt - Olive -new
Shirt-Vanitas Vesture - Nervous Blouse - Gold-new
Hair-"LoQ Hairs" Turkish Coffee - Brown
Earrings-[MANDALA]:SENJYU Earrings/MULTI METAL- SL Marketplace
Ring-[ glow ] studio - Rose with Dew rings- TDR
Shoes- BM -Cynthia Pumps Steel
Skin-[PF] Elly - Spotted Love (dkbrow) -DIAMOND IS MINE HUNT2 gift

Poses- EverGlow

St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day (Part One)

I nearly forgot about St. Patrick's Day. I'm currently an expat and the country I'm living in doesn't celebrate the holiday. If it hadn't been for the great St. Patty's stuff being offered on the grid I wouldn't have remembered! I got this outfit from G Field. It's a freebie!!!!! I think it's terrific for the holiday theme. Paired it up with super cute flats from Hucci, and hair from LoQ. Another wonderful St. Pat's gift is from Glam Affair. It's the Mary skin with green eye shadow! It's beautiful.

St. Patrick's Day (Part Two)


Hair from LoQ - Tiramisu - Jet Black

Skin from Glam Affair - Mary - Green - Tan E/BR/B

Necklace from Armidi Gisaci - Pearl Egg Necklace - Platinum

Dress/stockings & Earrings from G Field - St. Patrick's Day Gift

Shoes from Hucci - Tiffany Flats - Forest Green

Monday, March 14, 2011

[Lotd] New Mentine & Ibizarre

Woot, Tycoon boots from Mentine are now available in *pink*! I think they look gorgeous. Like other Mentine boots these are  fully menu driven as well. You can play with the settings to fit your needs or your daily mood :-).Visit Mentine!

The outfit is also a new release from Ibizarre. The leather shorts and the top. There are other colours of the shirt print available but I am wearing the pink one to match the boots! The outfit is perfect for  the first sunny days outside!
Shirt-Ibizarre Oleta Tunika - pink
Shorts-Ibizarre Oleta Leather Shorts
Boots-Mentine TYCOON Boots  - Pink Leather
Bag-Mentine TYCOON Soft Leather Pochette - Pink
Hair-[LeLutka]-GEMMA hair - Overcooked
Necklace-Dark Mouse Sweet Hethr Necklace - Silver-Fashion for life GATCHA
Skin-*CandyDoll* Skin -Jennifer Natural Tan CL
Eyeliner-[:T:] Eyeliner 4

*Colorful FFL *

Dress1-** [ Riddle ] ** Spring Has Sprung - Dragonfly-Fashion for life- Donation vendor
Dress2-** [ Riddle ] ** Spring Has Sprung - Funky Floral -FFL
Pants-** [ Riddle ] ** Corduroy Pants - White+ Blue-fashion for life- Donation vendor

Necklace1-*JD*DESIGN-*JD* necklace Fantasy Pink -New
Necklace2-*JD*DESIGN*JD*necklace Cool Blue -New
Shoes-Slink Achillia Gladiators Silver
Hair-(Milana) Amber -New
Eyeliner-[:T:] Eyeliner 1

Sunday, March 13, 2011

[Fashion for life] LeeZu and more...

Today I am wearing two cute outfits from LeeZu which you can get at the Fashion for life event. When I was there I also grabbed these Move pumps from the Elikatira donation vendor. You get two pairs - Powder and Near black as FFL exclusives. Really awesome!
Dress-[LeeZu!] Catch Lily Dress /black - FFL- Donation item
Shoes-[e] Move Pumps - Near Black -FFL Exclusive- Donation item
Hair-(Milana) Olive - Fat Pack - GROUP GIFT-New
Bag Lelutka

Outfits-[LeeZu!] Lizz Flexi Dress /gray FFL (you get both-short and long versions)
Shoes-[e] Move Pumps - Powder (FFL Exclusive)
Hair-(Milana) Lynn [Roots] -New


I really enjoyed Project Themeory this week. I picked up a few items that I wanted to show with a new skin.

Estelle (Part One)

Pants from vive9 - Tweed Highwaisted Chinos - Tan

Top from vive9 - Blossom Bustier - Blush

Shoes from LpD - EcoPais

Hair from Magika - Tessa

Skin from Republic - Estelle

Bag from Dantel - zure bag - brown

I'd like to introduce Estelle a brand new skin by creator Teresa Republic of Republic. Estelle comes in 3 tones, Snow, Porcelain, and Cool Bisque with 21 makeups options, from natural to dramatic! Each makeup comes with a cleavage and no cleavage option.

The skins are 699L individually or 3499L for a fatpack containing 1 entire tone. HOWEVER to celebrate the launch of Estelle there is a sale until the 14th with fatpacks 50% off!!!!!!!

Estelle (Part Two)
*Here you can see both the no cleavage and cleavage option. *

Estelle (Part Three)
This is just a sample of the makeup available:

1 - Porcelain - Glamour, 2 - Golden Rose, 3 - Pink Frost, 4 - Seductress, 5 - smoked, 6 - Vamp

Hair from Shag - He Loves Me Knot - Starlight

Lingerie from Doppelganger Inc - Coquette Bra - Lilac