Thursday, February 25, 2010

**Hello Sasha!!**

Hi everyone! After a week of a terrible SL experience, I am back! Since last week I've been suffering with horrible packet loss and that practically disabled me from doing anything other than sitting in a corner and feeling sorry for myself... haha. I don't know exactly what caused my problems because both the LL and my ISP said the problem is not with them. (go figure!) But I know everything started after LL rolled that sim update last week. Maybe it is just a coincidence that my problems started on that day. Anyway, yesterday evening all went back to normal! yay! I just hope this will last!

Finally I was able to take some snapshots! The beautiful Christensia Parkin from Hyper Culture sent me her newest release. This super sexy Sasha lingerie collection! The textures are just amazing. There are many colours to choose from. The panties can be worn with or without the garter. Stockings included!


I paired these hot lingeries with Bax Prestige boots and the new Exile hair styles. The short- Micah hair style is free in all colours.

_too hot_

All the credits:
Sasha lingerie from Hyper Culture
Boots- Bax (Red Suede)
Hair- Exile/Micah and Lucia
Earrings from Creamshop
Prim nails from Mandala
Skin from Curio-- I finally bought the Curio breast Enhancer at Luck inc.

Friday, February 19, 2010

**Snap away**

I was having so much fun with these Profile photo poses + mobile phone from Glitterati. Have you ever tried to take a photo with your mobile phone? I am sure you did and I am sure that's how it looked. haha.

I am so happy to show you some items from the latest release by Modd.G. These cute clothes were made for Existence lantern festival. They will be moved in to the mainstore at the end of the month.

_snap snap_

Tiger-print puff tops from Modd.G. There are 6 colours to choose from. The shirts are adorable! One version (see my previous post) you can get at the Red packet hunt.
Shorts are new from Surf co. I am loving these!
Shoes are also from - 50L Friday
Hair from Tiny bird- 50L friday.


Dress from Modd.G - Mini lace dress
Necklace and bracelets from Mandala
Glasses from Lelutka
Hair from Truth


Chiffon tier blouses from Modd.G. so cuteee!!! Come in many colours! I am showing only 2.
Pants from Scribble- Drops jeans (50l Friday exclusive)
Shoes from Lelutka

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I have a red packet..

After I saw some photos on flickr I could not help myself but to go hunting myself too! Red packet hunt is on! You have until march 1st to collect all the free goodies! yay!

"The Spring Festival is here!
This event is celebrated by various Asian cultures in many different ways.
In Chinese tradition, on Spring Festival unmarried folks visit their elder's homes to pay their respects, in return they get rewarded with Red Packets containing money.
In Secondlife, you pay your respects to stores and in return get Red Packets containing gifts!"


Shirt from Modd.G
Hair from Couverture
Pose and cards- Red packet hunt participating gift
Jacket from Oyakin
Shirt and pants from Kenzie &Co
bag from mocha
Chinese takeout with chopstix and animation from rcbg.
Hair flower- Chinese headpiece from AtelierAM
Gem earrings from Dustarrz
Jacket from Tomoto
Scarf and necklace from LG Concept

red packet hunt

China doll Flats from Lark
Jeans from Surf.Co - not from the hunt
Skin from Curio/Cupid- Sundust

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines day!

This post will be very colourful haha. Red, pink... it's Valentines day! Spend it with someone special!
Here are some cute items I found- Valentines specials... free or special price.


Hair from Posh- 50L only this weekend
Dress from Elate- free Valentines group gift
Boots from Slink- special Valentines boots- 150L
Belt from A&M- Stumblebum brigade
Cupcakes & poses from PinkFuel - free -SNS hunt
Skin-Curio-Cupid/Sundust dark

_it's red_

This amazing outfit is from Indyra Originals. (Chloe/flame) There is a sale going on this weekend on all red items! So, you gotta check it out! I got this outfit for 99L.
Bag is from Indyra as well (99L)
Boots from Bax
Hair from Truth
Skin from Curio/Cupid

**Hugs & kisses & chocolates***
Happy Valentines day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

**Pretty, pretty...**

Loan Jogiches from Crazy recently released these cute little Tula skirts and Bird tops. They are sold separately but they match so well! Really pretty! I can't stop wearing these!

crazy cute

The hair style is from Cricri and its perfect for this outfit! Little bow colours (you can change via menu) match the clothes like they were made for each other! Yay! I love it!

All the details:
Clothes from *Crazy*
Shoes from Slink
Hair from Cricri- Bon06-D
Belt from Earthstones
Skin- Curio-Elf/Acorn/light

Monday, February 8, 2010

New Miel Tary outfit

I am so excited every time I see the new release from Miel. I was speechless when I put this new Tary outfit on, the sculptie work is amazing! Wow! The top can be worn in 2 different ways, as a long shirt or as a short shirt! The outfit is fully modifiable but it also contains a resizing /retexture script which can be easily removed via the menu (If you don't like to wander around with too many scripts on you). The outfit comes in 4 different colours and there is a demo for you in store to try it on!

_hot new Miel_

I especially love this pencils attachment around the leg. It is just too adorable! Of course there is also a version without the pencils.


All the details:
Outfits - Miel Tary outfits
Shoes- Kookie/ Athena
Hair- Truth/Kenzie
Skin- Lelutka/Estelle-light

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Meet Liz, Emi and Maya!!

After a few months of designing hiatus Chloe Platini from Bebe Doll returned... and what a great return this is! She released 3 new outfits which I adore so much!

Left to right are Liz, Maya and Emi. And yea, these are the names of the new Bebe Doll outfits! hehe.
All the outfits come in all layers and in several different colours. Liz is a super Sexy little dress with a chain detail down the middle. Maya is a sweater dress and comes with a belt and prim shirt cuffs. Emi contains a sculpted skirt and 2 different shirt colours. Really chick!

_bebe doll_

I matched these outfits with the cute little bags from Couverture gacha machine (30L per 1) and these adorable new scarves from Couverture as well!! The green scarf is a part of the Weekend fever so it is only 50L this weekend!


All the details:
Outfits from Bebe Doll
Hair from Shag
Bags and scarves from Couverture
Shoes from KooKie (yuki supreme heels and Armarda)
Bangles from Artilleri

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sexy little dress

This is for all you hot ladies out there! You need it in your closet!
I am very pleased Christensia Parkin, the owner of Hyper culture sent this gorgeous little lace dress to me. I was wearing it yesterday at a party and I got so many compliments! hehe


Make sure to visit Hyper culture for some hot stuff!! There is a gift terminal and also gift cards, so with Valentines day around the corner this is a prefect gift! You guys, make your ladies happy!:D

The Zebra dress I am wearing was 69L - Hump day special, I am taking a visit to the store as I write this and it is still there!


All the details:
Outfits from Hyper culture
Hair from !lamb
Necklace from Mandala
Skin from Belleza

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today my name is Rhia

I think this Pink Fuel skin looks so adorable on me. It is actually 50L at the Valentines bazaar! Go check it out, some bargains to be found.
The dress is new from MichaMi- Rhia! It comes in every possible layer... even the skirt comes in 4 different sizes-Large, medium, small, extra small, plus there is also a system skirt. I am wearing medium size. I didnt know I have a medium size butt LoL.

_snap me_

The belt is from Fishy strawberry. There is a huge sale going on! Everything is either 50L, 100L or 250L (thats the price of all fat packs).

All the details:
Dress- Rhia in beige from MichaMi
Jeans from Maitreya
Geisha leather belt/beige from Fishy strawberry
Hair with hat from Exile
Necklaces from A &M
Bracelet from Zaara
Shoes from Stiletto moody
Skin from Pink Fuel

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lets go hunting!

Valentines day is coming soon and there is the cutest hunt going on right now-The cupid heart hunt with Japanese designers. All the hunt items are just soooo adorable. There is 28 stores participating and believe me the hunt is so worth doing! You can get some hints here .
Here are some items you can get... happy hunting!!!

_I heart you_

Outfit from Mocha (dress, leggings, bracelet, shoes and hair bow)
Hair from CriCri (not from the hunt)
Chair from itutu (with some cute poses)
Outfit from C'est la vie!
Shoes from R2
Hair+hat from Love Soul
Letter attachment from AtelierAM
Outfit from *dg*
Love Cake from Love Soul
Socks from Slow kitchen


Outfit from KiiToS
Sunglasses and chocolate from +SPICA+
Shoes from Hoc- not from the hunt
Hair from Cricri
Jacket from MNK*shop
Shirt from *dg*
Pretzels from *MIU*
Skirt from Fishy Strawberry-not from the hunt