Wednesday, March 31, 2010

-Wild flowers-

That's it I think, Summer is getting closer every moment! Although it's such bad weather in RL on my side of the world today.. raining, blah. Anyhow, there are some cute, soon to be released, (Today!) swimsuits from Bebe DoLL. Don't you just wish to go on holidays, jump in to the sea and sing.. It's my life, it is now or never, I ain't gonna live forever I just wanna live while I'm alive.. Ahhhhh!!!
_wild summer look of the day_
Bikinis from Bebe Doll- Mali
_wild summer_
Bebe DoLL-LuLu Hawaii, you can wear this as a swimsuit or a top
combined with some cute jeans or a skirt :)

All the credits:
Swimsuits from BebeDoll
Shorts from Aoharu
Hair from Exile-Li/blonde
Necklace from Miel
Prim nails and rings from Mandala
Skin- Curio/Cupid/Sundust/light

PS: If you join the Bebe Doll sub.matic you will receive a wonderful exclusive group gift swimsuit! So Hurry down there and hit the machine!! hehe.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A bit of hunt .. a bit of skins...

ICON Lifestyle fashion district is having a hunt! There are many great stores participating and many awesome free goodies all around for you to find. Here is the LiMo to the hunt. You are looking for a small black Icon box. I went there this morning and look what I found...

Left- Dress from Zaara, Shoes from Heart & Sole
Right- Dress from paper doll, Shoes from (not from the hunt)

Outfit from CCC store, bra from Blacklace, Gloves from Indyra Originals
Right- Outfit from DCNY, bangles from Chop Zuey couture

I am wearing a lovely Alexandra skin from Garage. I always love to find out new skins and a little bird told me Garage store is having a great sale on all the skins until the 10th of April so you can get this wonderful skin for only 250L. That is an awesome deal! Here I am wearing it in all tones.
Visit Garage and try a demo!


Hair from Truth
Lingerie from Blacklace (Icon hunt)

Friday, March 26, 2010

#Friday Look#

I grabbed some of the 50L Friday items and matched them with some other great items from my inventory that I bought recently. Really pretty ♥! I wish you all a wonderful weekend! :Hugs:

Style card:

Dress from 5th&Oxford
Socks from Pig- 50L Friday
Shoes from Pixel mode (Baby Tplain/pale pink)-- I LOVE these shoes!♥♥♥
Hair-new from Truth-Marguerite, I am addicted to hair flowers lately
Front knot shirt/blue from Aoharu
Glasses from Artilleri- 50LFriday
Necklace, bracelet and ring from Miel- 50LFriday
Skin- Lara skins

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring sweetie

Hi! I just had to buy this cute shirt from G fleld. I know it was blogged in many other blogs but it really deserves to be blogged.It is simply beautiful and so well made and sooo many different colours/patterns to choose from.It is really a hard decision, haha. I combined it with Lelutka pants which are not new but I still love them!


Next are these new La sauvage shoes from Courtisane. When I saw them I knew I want to have them!!! I am such a shoe whore... lol. Here they are in brown. They come in 2 versions, one for the regular sl viewer and one for the new v2 viewer. The v2 version has no invisiprims attached to the shoe, instead there is an Alpha Layer that needs to be worn.This means that your shoes will still look perfect when standing or dancing on a semi-transparent floor. This is a major improvement in the 2.0 viewer and has been a long time coming. Yay!
As a bonus they also included a pair without calf as you can see on the photo :).


All the credits:
Off shoulder chiffon top from *GF*
Masha pants from Lelutka
Hair from Exile- Lucia
Necklace&bracelet from Miel-Lun set
La Sauvage shoes from .*Courtisane*.
Skin from Tuli-Eva-tone5-- group gift!

Monday, March 22, 2010


I am loving the new release from Leezu, this Pariizian suit is soo sexy and extravagant! The texturing is amazing. I added a white top from Ohmai (you can get it free)- it is a perfect match. But if you go for a more provocative and shocking look you will wear it without anything just the sexy overall! The suit is available in 3 different colours.


Of course the Bax prestige boots go well to complete this look!


All the details:
Pariizian suit from Leezu/Earth
Bax prestige boots- brown
White undershirt-Ohmai basic tube bra/blank
Hair- I love Olive- Mara hair
Bracelets- Garage
Skin- Lara skin-Ariana

Saturday, March 20, 2010

*Look of the day*

I bought the skin from "Lara skins" yesterday. This one is called Ariana. I love the face and makeups of this skin! It is just stunning!


The high waisted skirt is from Ingenue. I actually went there to buy shoes and then couldn't resist buying this skirt as well! It looks adorable. I think I won't take this off any time soon.hehe
The jewelry is from a store called Garage, hair from I love olive store. Both stores are new to me. Make sure to go check them out!


All the credits:
Shirt from Zaara - Kavi top/pink
Necklaces, bracelet and tears with diamonds from Garage
Shoes- Ingenue/Lilium-Chocolate&blush
Hair from I love olive/Doris-black
Skin- Lara skin/Ariana- tan pink

Friday, March 19, 2010

--It's getting hot in here-

Is it summer yet? Not in RL.. but I have a feeling summer is coming in to SL haha. Many SL designers are starting to release summer/beach outfits. I ♥love♥ it!
This new Lana outfit from *Bebe DoLL* is just too cute and perfect for a beach party! The bright *happy* colours are sooo yummi and make me smileee!! I miss summer!


The shoes are from Kalnins, mixing and matching the colours is so fun and Kalnins shoes are perfect for it!

I want summer!

All the credits:
Outfits-Lana- *BD*
Sunglasses- Epoque -Urban shades
Bangles- Creamshop- Glam bangle
Earring- Zaara - Hiral earrings*shell*
Hair- Truth
Shoes- Kalnins- Dragoness
Skin- Lelutka

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I love these new tops from *Crazy*. Loan did an awesome job again. yay!
The new Exile hair style is amazing! I was playing around, matching the colour of the hair band haha. It looks so perfect!

_i love it_

I paired these cute tops with a skirt from Emery and new awesome sneakers from 2Real---> I am addicted to these!


The other new cute top is from Ohmai! I picked the blue one. Really adorable! I love bright sunny colours!

All the details:
Tops from Crazy-Vita shirts and Ohmai- Sunshine Medley/Marine
Socks from Amerie
Hair- Exile/Clara
Skirt from Emery- Fast car
Sneakers from 2REAL- Pure
Skin Lelutka

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

*I am late!!!*

Wow I can't believe it is 6 days since my last post. Time flies when you are busy. Some snapshots I took have been waiting since last week and I didn't have time to publish :/. Ahh well, here we go...


I love the latest clothing release from Truth. These jeans with the zippers are sooo cool! I decided to buy the black combination. But there are lots of other colours to choose from!
I thought I would go and take a look at waka&yuki hair store after a pretty long time and I bought this cute hair with the hat&bow! It is adorable. It is something I've been looking for for a long time. Everything includes the colour change script which you can eventually remove if you don't like scripted items.
Other items:
Shoes from Miel
Necklace from Earthstones
Skin from Lelutka-Ife

_it's a match_

I made this photo last Friday :O when I bought this top from Surf co. for 50L Friday. So I don't know if it is still on sale for a regular price now or not. But I love it. The shirt is same colour as the shoes- Boardwalkers I bought there a few weeks ago haha.♥ Cute, isn't it?
Pants from Truth
Hair from Tiny Bird
Glasses from Surf co.
Necklace from Earthstones
Bracelet from Zaara
Prim nails and rings- Mandala

Thursday, March 11, 2010

**Golden princess**

A few days ago I purchased this amazing dress from Zaara. I am a huge fan of her work since I first walked in to her store a long, long time ago. Her latest release is this stunning Mahari dress. It is all hand drawn and it comes in many different colours.
Here I am wearing *apricot*.

_golden princess_

I paired this dress with Kalnins Orchid shoes- The shoes match really well! You can play with colours via menu. The skin texture was really easy to adjust!
I really like the new hair styles from Mirai. I usually dont wear such a "huge" hair but I really like this one! The hairband is colour/texture changeable via script.

*all the credits*
Mahari dress from Zaara
Glasses from Epoque
Shoes from Kalnins- Orchid
Hair-Mirai -Paum/beigebrown
Skin from Lelutka-Ife/sunTan

Sunday, March 7, 2010

*Sunday trip*

_go with me_

I want to make a quick post today, just to show you this outfit I put together today. I sooo love it. I feel warmer days are coming... so this styling is perfect for a warm day in spring or summer. I took these photos on the Amerie sim.


All the details:
Upper shirt from Ce_cubic effect (beige)
Undershirt from Milk Motion-My cropped tank (not available anymore)
Skirt from Couverture- Spongy dots
Boots from Kookie
Socks from Pididdle
Hair from rbcg.-raquel
Necklace -Mandala/peal rain necklace-cream gold
Bag-group gift from Tres blah
Skin from Curio

Saturday, March 6, 2010

**Little free birthday goodies**

I just love when creators in SL celebrate their RL birthdays. There is always something fun going on when that happens!
Chloe Platini from *Bebe DoLL* is celebrating her RL birthday tomorrow. ♥Happy birthday Chloe! So, for this special occasion she made a little hunt at her store. You can get 3 awesome items if you find them. (its not very hard lol) You are looking for little cupcakes. There are 7 but only 3 contain gifts! I guarantee you will have lots and lots of fun!! The hunt ends on March 8. Hurry!


The cute little shirt-Ninja tee and Nadia dress from Bebe DoLL hunt
Shorts from Cupcakes
Heels (+socks)from Urbanity- Extreme plum heels-new!
Hair styles from !lamb
Necklace and bracelet from Miel
Glasses from Modern Gypsy


Dress- Lore dress from Bebe DoLL- Bday hunt gift
(yes it is named after me!! yay)
Hair from Tiny bird
Shoes from Stiletto moody
necklace from Miel
Skin is a group gift from Lelutka- Ife SunTan

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

*Cutie honey bug hunt*

My friend Chloe, all excited, IM-ed me yesterday telling me that she is hunting with a net for the most adorable things ever... I did not understand what she meant at first LoL. So of course I went to check it out and ended up hunting as well!! Haha. This was so much fun!!! They have a freebie version 'Cutie Honey Net' and a commercial version.
Here is the deal- you buy the set (you get 'cutie honey bug cage- empty' and the 'Cutie honey net').
Wear the Cutie Honey Net and Cutie Honey Bug Cage. Cutie Honey Net includes AO (which is soo cutee) and script for hunting bugs.:)The prizes are totally adorable and they are all transfer so if you get a duplicate you can give it to your friends! You gotta try this out! haha

Read more about this adventure HERE. (you can also see a photo of Chloe and me hunting lol)

Here I am hunting for bugs =) The sim is adorable!♥♥ VISIT Cutie honey store HERE

_bug hunting_

When "Click me for bug hunting!!!" message comes out, click on Cutie Honey Net, then you can hunt. You will see "Missed chance" or "You got something" message. If you see "You got something" message, Click "keep" button and get stuff.


Style card:
Skirt from Sugarcube- Lightly flared skirt
Shirt from Tuli (an old group gift)
Hair from Truth- Melinda
Necklace from SMS
Skin- Curio/light-Cupid, Crave2
Hair flower attachment and Ladybug mouth attachment
(2 out of maaany hunt gifts) from Cutie Honey

Monday, March 1, 2010

**2.0 Beta look of the day**

When I got a group gift from Lelutka last week- 2.0 makeups I just had to download new SL beta viewer and try this new feature out!
When I first started the new viewer I was in shock, like wtf is this?!? I was almost screaming! I turned it off after 30min. But because I have a very curious personality I gave it another try... so now after a couple of days.. I am actually starting to like it.

Well yea it still has many bugs and some things I still do not like for example- I don't like how profiles come up in the side bar... I do not like how the little pictures come up in local chat when we talk (I don't see the meaning of it at all), there is no inspect button (I think they urgently need to fix that!)... but there are so many things that I really like and I think the good things overcome the bad ones in this case...

I absolutely love the new extra layer for tattoos or makeups! It was about time for LL to finally make this option! Remember you can only put this on in the new viewer but residents using other viewers will be able to see you wearing this too! First I thought only residents using 2.0 are able to see it but no, everyone can!
I love the "my outfits" option, it is really easy to save the outfits you mix and match, with just one click and it's saved. The good part is that you can do this with no copy items as well!
I also like that the group chat comes up on the right side of the screen. So it doesn't mess up my local chat anymore!yay!
Of course I also like the sharing media! Really fun!!

Most of the people I talk with don't like this viewer at all. I can understand that. But give it a try! You will have to sooner or later.. I guess!

Ok, here I made one photo wearing Lelutka 2.0 makeups (face tattoos...) which you can get joining their group.


All the details:
Shirts are from *Crazy*- Bologna tops!I am loving these! So sexy!
Jeans and jacket from Emery
Belt from A&M
Hair from Shag
Shoes from Stiletto moody
Earrings from S&S (Amerie)
Skin- Estelle light from Lelutka
Bag from Lelutka