Wednesday, June 30, 2010

*Chic look*

There is a new store in town called Coral Chic. I am so happy Coral Monday sent me her pretty creations so I can show them to you. There are some very cute and sexy items to be found, so make sure to stop by her store and take a look.
I am wearing Coral Chic summer shirts and spring miniskirts. I love the colours and textures. Well done!


This cute Paige hairstyle is from *KCD*. I am wearing it in mocha colour.


Other items:
Headband from Miel
Shoes from Maitreya
Necklace from Armidi - Valencia pearl necklace(I tinted it)
Bag from BareRose
Prim nails/rings from Mandala

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Number *200*

This is just too awesome! Today is my 200th blog post! I can't believe it! =)

Yesterday I saw my friend wearing this hair style and I loved it so much, of course she passed the LM to me and I went to buy it. It is from *KCD* store. It is a cute little store- new to me. I also purchased these cool Artsy jeans there.


I added a new Racer tank from OoEas and a jacket from Aoharu.


Other items:
Belt from Maitreya
Shoes from
Necklace from Periquita
Skin- Belleza-Elle

Monday, June 28, 2010

*Heading down to the beach*

Yay, summer! This is a cowgirl beach look haha. I just love cowboy hats! This one is from I am also wearing a Pididdle summer gift! This sexy swim kini in olive. You can get it free at the store.
The cool  sculpted mini shirt is 50L from *RunoRuno*. I am wearing it sleeveless but there is an option with sleeves as well.


Other items:
Hair from Truth- Heidi/sand
Flipflops from
Bag from Berries Inc.- summer freebie
Bracelets- Chuculet - mini hunt gift at the store

Sunday, June 27, 2010

*Sunday mix*

Today I am wearing a new group gift skin from Tuli- Tanya skin. It is beautiful! Maybe a little bit darker tone than I usually wear but I really like this skin! You have to activate your group tag (250L joining fee) and go to the store to get it.


I went down to the Dressing room blue yesterday and bought this cute skirt from -Veschi-. You can get many awesome things there from some of the best designers in SL, for very cheap.
I am pairing it with the open lace sweater from Lark.


Other items:
Black undershirt from
Shoes from Gfield
Bag from Tres blah
Necklace from Chuculet- belle jewelry/pearl necklace-cream
Hair from Exile- Deanna/toffee

Friday, June 25, 2010

*Olive day*

I know I blogged this top before (in a different colour though) but It is just so pretty and what is most amazing, it is free. You can get it (in olive colour) at Gfield's new satellite store location in Icon lifestyle sim. I also bought these matching shoes when I was there. It is perfect.

Also this skirt from Maitreya I've blogged already, but this time I am wearing it with the belt, which is colour change, so it's very easy to match your outfit.


Other items:
Bag from Paradisis
(it was a group gift a few months ago I don't know if it is still there)
Bracelet from Fairy Tail (free)
Hair from Little Heaven
I have got this hair since 2008 I believe and I seriously forgot I have it. I was cleaning out my inventory today and I found it! Super stylish ultra short hair cut. I love it! It looks great with a hairbase underneath.
Sunglasses from
Skin from Laq

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Let's blog

If you don't already know, Glitterati is having an annual sale. I headed down to the store and bought some pose sets for just 100L. While I was there I also grabbed this amazing laptop pose set which you can get free. It contains 5 different poses. Very cute! Perfect for blogging! So, if you need more poses (I know I do, always!) hurry down to Glitterati and get some amazing ones for a discounted price.


 I am wearing this adorable Bloom dress from today.


Other items:
Shoes from Pixel Mode-BabyT-pale pink
Hair attachment and skin- Lola from Lelutka
All poses from Glitterati

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

*Wednesday look*

I am rocking this Jasmina v2 outfit from *BD* today. Thanks Chloe! There are 11 colours available.The romper has sculpted sleeves and pants attachments and sexy sheer back.


I added some accessories to it. Lotus Jewelry is from Mandala, belt is from Coco (a part of the knee length denim pants).


Boots are from Bax
Hair from Lelutka- Ivette hair- natural blond
Skin- Lola from Lelutka

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

*New OoEas*

There is new awesome stuff at OoEas store. They have released some very sexy jeans skirts and tanks in many different colours so you can combine them. So great for the summer!
Visit OoEas!
I decided to go for a walk in the park today!


Here are all the credits:
Racer back tank (Olive) and Denim dream skirt (Heated) and belt from OoEas
Shoes from Surf.Co (Tableau Summer festival!)
Bag from Tres Blah (Summer festival)
Hair from I love olive- group gift
Glasses from Epoque

Photo was taken HERE (Oubliette sim)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Little miss pink

This pink, polkadots, ultra mini skirt with belt is from Acid & Mala. Isn't it totally adorable? There are many, many other cute colours available.
I paired it with this rocking shirt from Emery. I love this hair-style from Posh. Really nice! It is fully sculpted and it looks great in photos. But like always when I wear long sculpted hair in world I can't make it work with my AO. So, for every day use of non flexy hair I prefer short styles.

Other items:
Armwarmers from Maitreya
Socks and necklace from Soup
Sneakers from 2Real
Knee bandaid from Reek, yeah I fell off my bicycle and hurt my knee. It happens...

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Sergio from SK designs  made these sexy little dresses. They can be worn alone or over pants as a long shirt. That is how I am wearing them. I put these awesome new pants from *LP* under it. This super cool hair style is from I love olive- Blow hair. It is made for the Fashion circus event at Le Cirque sim. It looks like it is very windy over there haha.  Go check it out!

bloggedJune 20
Other items:
Shoes from
Necklace from Fishy strawberry- it is a part of the Bon Bon Top (I tinted it)
Bag from Mons
Bracelet from Garage

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Look of the Day- New Maitreya

This is fabulous. Again and again, I am totally stunned when I see all the amazing new stuff  that SL creators make. This new Jacket and skirt from Maitreya are just that. Simply  perfection. Visit Maitreya and see for yourself!


I added this amazing hat from Lelutka to complete the look.

Other items:
Socks from Magnifico
Shoes, bag from Lelutka
Hair from Sixty nine
Ring from Mons
Skin from Laq

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Let's go for a walk

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far! It is almost Friday!
I put together this casual outfit for today. I am pairing the cute bodysuit from *Crazy* with Luck Inc. skirt. I am loving the sunny colours! Sheer socks are new from Magnifico and I think they are a must have in every inventory. They come in many different colours! I know I will be wearing these a lot because they are great for mixing and matching.


All the details:
Bodysuit from *Crazy*
Skirt from Luck inc.
Sheer socks (fatpack) - yellow from Magnifico
Hair from D!va-- Group gift!
Shoes from
Necklace and bracelet from Garage
Bag from Coco- group gift

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

*Fashion is Love*

There is another awesome hunt that started yesterday! It is called the Fashion is love hunt. The items you can get are amazing. Totally worth hunting for!
I am going to show some of the items you can get. The hunt end date is July 15. Happy hunting!


Left to right:
1. Gift from *LP designs*,Necklace- gift from Garage
2. Gift from Sassy Kitty designs
3. Gift from Izzie's
4. Gift from DeeTaleZ


Left to right:
1. Gift from Bebe DoLL
2. Gift from Before sleep
3. Retro dots bikini gift from T Junction

Other items:
Shoes from Kalnins
Hair from
Skin Belleza

Lark Princess

I am totally in love with this Fae dress from Lark, made for Etheria fashion event in a collaboration with Dark Mouse. It is absolutely stunning! The dress comes in three soft metallic tones: Silver, Gold and Bronze.

Get yours here!


I am also wearing a new hair style from I love olive- Lucy!
Bracelets from Zaara
Shoes from Maitreya

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy, happy Sunday!

I would totally wear this in RL.
This cute summer shirt and the hair are new releases from eha store. I discovered this store not long ago. They have some really adorable hair and clothes! Go check it out!


The bag is from gacha machine (30L) at Nocc store. I found this bag  blogged over at the Free*style blog.

Other items:
Leggings from Tutti Frutti (free gift from the Deck sim a month ago)
Bangles and necklace from Zaara
Shoes from Lelutka (blogged in my previous post)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

=Saturday=Look of the day

You can get this awesome bodysuit de la Ruche from Maitreya at the Dressing room for a very low price! Go here and get yours!
I decided to wear leggings underneath. I remembered I have a pack of leggings from This is a fawn and I dug in to the folder and I found the colour which is a match.

blogged June12

I am loving these new Pow pumps from Lelutka! Oh,wow!! There are so many colours to choose, I had a hard time picking one out so I went for black.
Other items:
Hair from
Pearl Necklace from Acid & Mala

Friday, June 11, 2010

This time for Africa

Yay! It is finally here, the football World cup started today! Everyone is going crazy lol. Me too! So, 1 month of football madness is here.
I am especially excited because my country qualified on this big event. Slovenia baby! The smallest country or nation participating.  Good luck guys! And good luck to everyone!!!


 My friend Chloe Platini made me this special shirt. LoL. I love you Chloe!!


I also found out today that there is a hunt   GO 4 GOAL going on! You are looking for a (what else) football ball.  I got this Vuvuzela horn as a hunt prize at the Action store. A vuvuzela,  is a blowing horn,  commonly blown by fans at football matches in South Africa. They require some lip and lung strength to blow and emit a loud monotone like a foghorn or an elephant. So now you can have your own vuvuzela in SL. It makes noise when you click on it. haha.
The football sneakers I am wearing are from the hunt as well- from Duh. The football pose with ball is from Milestone creations.

Other items:
Hair from I love olive and Sixty nine
Shorts from Armidi
Socks from Pididdle


This cute Maxine dress I have on today is from Mimikri. It's a very comfortable look for the summer which is already here at least in my RL. I am melting today at 34 celsius (around 93 degrees Fahrenheit- thanks google). I love the pockets!
I am also wearing new Margot boots from Mayden Couture in blue colour.Thanks Maika! I need these in RL. hehe♥

Other stuff:
Hair-new- from Truth-BoHo
Skin from Inaya- Maeva, makeup6
Bangles and necklace from zaara

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

*It is hot in here*

I am so excited about my look today. I really ♥love♥ it! I decided to wear a bit darker skin than usual. I think it goes good with a summer look.
I went shopping to Lelutka yesterday. I've not checked their clothes releases for a while now. I am happy I went there.


I am loving these Lelutka highwaisted Nora jeans I paired with Ahura top from Lelutka as well. So sexy!
I added some jewelry from Zaara which I totally adore (still 50% off sale).


Other items:
Hair from new release -summer sale-75L
Sunglasses from Mojoti- Spring
Pink rainbow bag from DCNY
Shoes from Maitreya
Skin -Elle from Belleza- tan

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

*Pink cowgirl*

I am going from black to pink today haha! I saw my friend wearing these cowboy boots from Gfield yesterday. I knew I want to have them rightaway. They are adorable and for a very reasonable price of 190L! I bought the pink ones but I am sure I will go back and buy more in other colours soon!
This awesome hat is also from G field. You can change colours of the hat and the ribbon via menu! The shirt is a G field free subscribo gift. Cute, huh?


Other items:
Skirt from Djinn and tonic - Strawberry festival-50L
Hair from Maitreya
Bangles from Mandala
Skin- Lara skin

Sweetie in black

I am wearing a cocktail dress from Lurani by Gisele Mubble. It is a little dress with a poofy top. I paired it with the Geisha belt from Fishy strawberry. It is a great match!


I am also wearing Maiisha skin from a new skin store in town called [inaya]. I like the freckles!
It comes in pele skin tone only, with and without the blond hairbase and with and without the freckles. 9 makeups available.

[inaya] Skin -Maiisha

Other items:
Hair from Maitreya and Dernier Cri
Boots from Bax
Bracelet from Zaara

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My name is Bethany

Hi, hi! No I did not rename myself in to Bethany, nope I am still Lorellai. Bethany is the latest dress from *BD*. It is a cute summer dress available in 12 different summerish colours. The skirt is sculpted. I think it looks great.


There is also a June special dollarbie in the store. Go get it!


Other items:
Hair from -Summer sale
Necklace from Zaara - there is a 50% off SALE going on as well!!! OMG!
Skin TULI- The Dressing room special release

*Sunday party*

I went down to the Dressing room late last night and this outfit from R.icielli caught my eye. It is a perfect party outfit!
I also bought the skin from Tuli there and the bag from YS&YS. Everything goes so well together and you can get everything for a very low price!
Go to the Dressing room!


Other items
Hair- from Shag- only 75L this weekend
Bangles from Mandala

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Hey guys! Sienia Travellion from Lark released a bunch of new stuff. This makes me so happy! She is an amazing designer! You can get all of these new releases at the Strawberry festival for a discounted price together with lots of freebies and cheapies from many other designers as well! Do you like strawberries? I know I do!

This is a small celebration of warm weather and yummy
strawberries from June 5th – June 19th.

I paired these new goodies with shoes and hair because as you all probably know, is having a summer sale! (My poor wallet *sigh*... hahaha.)



Other items:
Necklace from Mandala
Glasses from Epoque

Friday, June 4, 2010

*cute* gifts*

Oh damn, I really wish Linden lab would provide us with more then 25 spots for groups because I am always in trouble when it comes to joining groups. I am always deleting the groups and then rejoining the groups. Lindens wake up we need more groups!
However if you have space for more groups there are these 2 wonderful group gifts waiting for you.
This cute outfit is a group gift from MNK shop. Join their group and touch the board in the store. There are other colours of this outfit on sale in the store as well.
blogged June 4

The next outfit is a group gift from Saikin- green jumper. So nice! Every week there will be a different colour of it as a group gift. The outfit will be on sale for 300L next month. You have to join Boon and Saikin's group for it.
bloggedJune 4
And while I was at the Saikin & Boon store I also grabbed the new stunning hair from Boon and these awesome clogs from Saikin. (not free)

Other items:
Hair (first photo) from Lamb
Bracelets from Garage and Earthstones
Sunglasses from Lelutka

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm walking on sunshine... with new Miel hair

This is a new hairstyle from Miel- Wed hair. It has a colourchanging glitter net (black, silver and white). It is so  pretty! Thanks Miel!
Go to Miel and grab the demos!


I went down to Atomic this morning to buy this sweet sunny skirt. You can get it for only 100L. For a limited time only I believe, so hurry before it is too late!
I matched it with Aoharu front knot shirt which also contains a grey undershirt I am wearing.


Other items:
Sunglasses from Mojoti-Wonder
Shoes from Maitreya
Ring from Elate- you can get it free here-- Sunny sim

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Questo è Magnifico

This certeinly is magnificent. I saw these  shoes from Magnifico in feeds last week and I forgot to go there to check them out. But yesterday my friend Dailyn IMed me telling me (in a very excited way) how she is totally stunned by the new  Le plateau Magnifico shoes and that she will even  sleep with the shoes on. So, of course I went to check them out and it is true the shoes are totally cute, adorable, awesome (yay!) and so many colours to choose from! I was sold rightaway.
Here I am wearing them in my favourite  ♥pink♥ (what else) colour. 


Other items:
Bodytank from SK designs
Armwarmers and legwarmers/socks from Maitreya
Hair-new- from I love olive - the store moved to a new location!
Necklace from Miel
Skin from Belleza- Elle

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

*New Dernier Cri*

I was so happy when I saw the notice that Dernier Cri released new hairstyles after a pretty long time. So, there are 4 new styles waiting for you.
All four hairstyles are soooo very cute. I prefer short hairstyles in SL. Maybe also because it is easier to take a photo. When wearing a long hairstyle I always have to look for the right pose so the body doesn't "eat" the hair. Ahh, maybe I am just lazy (Oh wait, I am lazy) haha.
Visit Dernier Cri and grab the demos!

new dernier cri hairstyles

*Shooting star hunt*

I got a notecard for an adorable hunt which started today called Shooting star! Some cute Japanese stores are participating. In this hunt you don't actually look for the items but you are catching the stars. In each of the stores there are stars (light) flying around and you have to catch them. So, when you see they are flying towards you or near you, you just type /7 catch in the chat and then it will give you the prize and the LM to the next location. It is very easy and fun! The end date is June 15.
I took some snapshots of some of the items I got from the hunt.♥♥ There are 20 stores all together.

shooting star Hunt
Outfit from + HONEY+
Necklace from Fairy tail

shooting star-hunt-
Shirt from Izm
Jeans from Euclid & AnA

Left- shirt/tunic from Ronsem*
Right- Outfit from Shampooo
Necklace from Ruchica

Other items (not from the hunt) :
Hair from Sixty nine
Skin Lelutka-Lola
Shoes- NEW-from SSUS- Leopard Sling back Wedges