Saturday, April 30, 2011

Have you seen Lorellai?

Missing Lore (Part One)

I haven't seen Lore in some time now. Usually we catch each other online. I'm guessing she's off gallivanting in RL. I find myself loading her site daily to see what look she's put together - only to be disappointed. Dear Lore, where are you?! I miss you :(

Missing Lore (Part Two)

This hair from Dura is just perfect. I bought it a while ago and I haven't been able to take it off. I made a trip to the Gacha Festival and was very excited about all the goodies. I'm only showing a few in this post but there are so many!! Make sure you visit!

Hair from DURA - Hair 01 - Type 2 - Brown
Skin from L.Fauna - Lola Tan 1 - Fresh - FR - 00
Shirt from +mocha+ - Blossom Promenade - White (FLF)
Jeans from This is a Fawn - Pegged Jeans - Floral (Season's Hunt)
Nails from Rezlpsa Loc - Bubble Bee Nails (Gacha Fest.)
Earrings from +>A&A<+ - Spacer Earring - Leo (Gacha)
Shoes from TokiD - Le Ballerina Shines - Grey

Pose for sign from Exposeur - Use Your Words 3
Additional pose from [LAP] - KB - Prissy PR4


  1. Temperance, I 'heard' that Lorellai had gone to the Royal Wedding as a VIP fashion blogger :D
    Hopefully she will be back soon (if she is not locked in the Tower of London).

  2. Pablo!
    Now you've just made me jealous. ;)