Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Goodbye August!

SL hates me today! I was finally able to take some snapshots after struggling with SL for more than an hour of crashing and not loading textures correctly. I was about to give up for today when I finally made it. I am not sure maybe SL is busted or my DSL internet connection sucks for some reason.

Anyhow, it is the last day of August today. Is it just me or has this month rolled through realy fast? I had so much fun and just can't believe this summer is almost saying goodbye but I am curious to see what the autumn will bring us!

I will call this look today "The End of summer look".

Jacket from fri.day - Military jacket/silver
Tunic from AddiCt - JerseyRacerback
Jeans - Kalnins/black
Hair - Truth- Keeley/Almond
Earrings- Glow studio (tdrBlue) - Bubbles earrings
Shoes - Slink (tdrBlue) -Aveela Stiletto
Bracelet - Garage Stilit bracelet
Backpack- MayoNaise - Fash rehab special
Skin- JoSje from Dutch touch- vip preview skin
Poses- doll. -Scarlett mini pose collection-Think pink hunt gift

Sunday, August 29, 2010

*Girl next door*


This is my nerdy girl next door look I put together today. I am wearing the awesome new jeans with sculpted belt from Kalnins, yes Kalnins released pants and they look so great! I am gonna wear more of these in my future posts for sure.You have to go check it out! I added this cool new jacket from Zenith with the hoodie. It looks really pretty.

Bag from BareRose
Skin- Dutch Touch- JoSje- VIP gift (joining fee) -available for 2 days only
T-shirt is from Demina design - free gift in store.
Hair from eha (Creators pavillion)
Glasses from NALA- Creators pavillion -Sale
Jeans & Belt-Kalnins
Jacket- Cyan hip Checker from =Zenith=
Sneakers from 2Real

My summer favorite!

What is better than getting a complete summer outfit for 99L$? Ummm maybe getting a REALLY CUTE summer outfit!!!!!! I was pumped when I saw the notecard from BOOM showing off this outfit. It's perfect for lounging around and hanging out at the beach. I'm sad to think that summer is almost over... but then again fall clothing is really cute! ;) I'm in love with Anaphora hair styles. I know this store has been around for a bit, but it's new to me. You should swing down there and take a look. The textures and styles are fantastic!
temperance & Boom

Hair from Anaphora - Douche - (Chestnut)
Outfit from BOOM - My Summer Favorites Collection
Shoes from Medley - Flippy Floppehs

Saturday, August 28, 2010

*Hair fair*

I am so excited about the hair fair starting next week. It is one of my favourite events. This year's Hair fair will be my third so far.
I am really currious how the whole fair will look this year. But I guess we will just have to wait and see it.
The Hair fair starts on September 4 and you will have time for 2 weeks to visit it before it closes its doors.

There is also a group called Hair fair Demo group which I really recommend you to join. I think it is a great idea! Designers will release their Demos earlier before the official opening of the Hair fair and send them out to the group. So you will have enough time to try them and be prepared for what you want to buy at the hair fair. It will save you from many headaches and will help with lag. Here is the group key 2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2 . Copy paste this in to a search in SL to find the group or just look for the group in my profile.

And let's don't forget the charity event behind this. The proceeds of this year's hair fair will be donated to Wigs for Kids, a wonderful charity that helps children in need. You can find information about Wigs for Kids on their website HERE.

Friday, August 27, 2010

*Simply cute*


I really love this look. It is so simple and cute. When I saw these new tops from *Crazy* yesterday It was instant love. They look so adorable. Yay!
I thought shorts would look good with these so I am pairing them with shorts from KCD, one of my favourites.
Have a great weekend everyone!!

Tops -NEW- from *Crazy*-Canet tops
Shorts from *KCD* -Pocket dukes
Boots- Miel- Dandy boots- solid
Hair from LoQ (tdr)
Necklace- SMS -Lily necklace (tdr)
Hair bow- Vanity hair- subscribo gift
Bag- Mimikri-Tussi bag/pink
Skin- Lola from Lelutka

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What's a girl to do?


I really didn't know what to wear today. I was like in RL, standing in front of the closet full of clothes and screaming I have nothing to wear. And what is a girl to do when she thinks she has nothing to wear? Go shop of course! And I did. I went down to the Creators Pavillion again and bought this cute jacket from Niniko.

I am pairing it with the newest dresses from OuTRage! store called Turning Trixie by Delaynie Barbosa. The dresses are sold together in black and white.

The lovely hair styles I am wearing are the newest from Lelutka and I think they look absolutely fabulous!

All the credits:
Jacket-Niniko- Long jacket /black- Creators Pavillion Late summer sale
Dresses- Turning Trixie- OuTRage!
Socks - Pig- Duotone Socks
Shoes- Pow Pumps from Leluka- black
Bag - Lelutka
Hair-Amanda and Amanda 2 from Lelutka
Skin- Lola from Lelutka/Skissed
Necklaces from Mandala
Headband from Miel

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sugarcube & Dutch Touch

I am wearing this beautiful new Creamy lace dress (sculpted) from Sugarcube. You can get it 40% off at the Late summer sale at the Creators Pavillion. You can get many other discounted items there from many designers for a limited time.

The skin I am wearing is Yri from Dutch Touch- (I was also wearing it in my previous post) I adore the freckles! Here is the close-up.

yri-Dutch Touch Vip Gift-
Other items:
Hair- Truth
Necklace/bracelets- Zaara
Boots- Slink- Marina Boots. (FLF special some time ago)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Two girls and a suitcase...

One suitcase for two fashion crazed girls... What were we thinking? It’s impossible!!! LOL One suitcase could never do either of our wardrobes justice. But when we decided a last minute visit to Cuba was due, we were in a hurry to pack.
We both chose to wear dresses, as we can't seem to get enough of them lately. Besides, we hear the weather in Cuba is HOT!
Temperance style card
Hair from LoQ- Mocha/Siena
Earrings from JCNY-Classic Diamond Stud
Glasses from Role Optic - Enternity II
Necklace from Fushion - Long Chained Charm
Dress from Hucci - Ivana Dress - (Blue)
Bag from Indy&Co - The Ireben Carry
Shoes from Courtisane - Devoue Sandal - (Gray brown)
Lorellai style card
Hair from Maitreya- Moon/Coffee
Necklace from Miel- Yor necklace
Bracelet from Mandala- Takara bangle
Dress from Fierce Designs-Desire outfit
Bag from lelutka- Ruiz bag
Shoes from Maitreya gold- Allure Red
Skin from Dutch Touch- YRI VIP Group gift- Caramel soft (250L joining fee)

Suitcase and pose -from StoRin - Heavy Baggage

Get your own Hucci

O-M-G! I love the newest release from Hucci. This dress screams attention getter! I was so impressed with the textures and design I raced down to Le.Look to scoop it up. I teamed it up with some great deals from The Dressing Room. I love the shoes from Slink, they're a great heeled sandal. The skin I'm wearing was a Thirsty Thursday special (from back in the day). I really like Candy Doll skins especially when they're such a great deal ;)
Hair from LoQ - Con Panna - (Ash Black)
Eyes from Redgrave - DreamyBlue
Skin from CandyDoll - Charlotte - (Tanned HB/CL)
Earrings from Magic Nook - Shimmy Shimmy Earrings - TDR
Dress from Hucci - Cruved Zipper Dress (Black & Turquoise) exclusive at Le.Look
Shoes from SLink - Aveela Stiletto Herringbone - TDR

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dandy- New cuteness from Miel!!


I am so excited about the new release from Miel today. When I got the review pack from Miel Nirvana this morning I was jumping up and down, I really did! Such a great way to wake up on a Monday! haha
I can really say this Dandy outfit is one of the cutest outfits in my inventory. It has a sculpted top and sculpted skirt which are both menu driven where you can play around and retexture  every part of the outfit to either floral or solid pattern. You have to purchase top and skirt separately or just go for a fatpack! The details are just stunning. The skirt has an option with dandelions in the pocket. There is also a dandy included which you can hold in hand  with floating dandies.


And this is not all. Miel has also released these awesome Dandy boots to match the outfit. I think I am in love!

Visit Miel, Now! Hurry!!!

Other items:
Hair from Truth
Hair decoration- butterfly from Tram
Skin - Tuli- Icon lifestyle hunt.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Princess


Outfit -NEW- Greece dress from Zenith
Hair from Truth- Midori
Jewelry from Zaara
Skin from Tuli

Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's sales week!

Soooo... besides Truth and Maitreya , Lelutka (on all the skins) and Emery also decided to have 50% off sales haha. How do they expect us to have any money left after that. Lets say my balance is in a pretty bad condition at the moment.
There are also new items available at the Dressing room blue.

Look 1
Shirt from Emery -The dressing room blue
Belt from Emery
Skirt from Maitreya
Scarf from Maitreya
Shoes from Gfield - Icon lifestyle hunt
Hair- Yuna's Hair -colour sample- free at the store- in all colours
Skin- Lola from Lelutka
Bag from Bare rose

Look 2
Shirt, belt and leggings from Emery
Bag from Veschi - The dressing room blue
Shorts from Maitreya
Hair from Lelutka- group gift
Skin- Estelle -light from Lelutka
Shoes from Gfield- Subscribo gift

Friday, August 20, 2010

§Friday§ Pretty in white


Outfit- Carol from Miamai- Rocking Friday  50L only today!
DEI Necklace from Miel- 50L Friday
Knee Sheer Socks (white) from Magnifico
Earrings- Glow Studio- AnnMarie Diadem/white- TDR blue
Hair- Midori/java from Truth (sale at the moment)
Skin-Claire/Sunkissed from Dekade- TDR blue
Shoes-Lazies/Desert from Kookie

Thursday, August 19, 2010

... YaaY...


Omg just when I thought this week couldn't get any better I got the info that Truth is having a Sale starting today. The sale runs on two sims. I went to Truth II location and I had a pretty pleasant shopping experience with only 14 people on the sim. Meanwhile the other location was full. (Both locations have same stuff) I am sure the second sim will fill up soon as well though. Hurry down to Truth and get yourself some awesome hairstyles you didn't buy already full price.
Here are the Slurls: Truth and Truth II . The sale ends on September 3.

I am wearing another awesome version of Audrey skin from Tuli. This one is from a hunt at ICON lifestyle sim. Visit Tuli shop there and look around for a small black box.

Dress from Elate- Free gift in store
Necklace was made by my friend Perky Button and if anyone want it just send an IM to her and she will pass it to you for free. It is a very lovely, simple necklace and goes well with my look.
Bag from Duh!- Starlust panty raid- hunt gift
Bracelet from MonS
Shoes- Gos
Hair- Truth- Anise
Shirt, shorts and bag are from Coco- all group gifts.
Jacket from Aoharu- The Dressing room
Shoes- Gos
Hair Truth- Eloise
Poses-Adorkable poses

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday *Look of the day*


Blouse from Shampooo - Furyl blouse (Leopard) group gift
Skirt from Runo Runo -Simple skirt/expresso
Bag from Mimikri-Tussi bag/sand
Shoes from Maitreya gold
Hair from Waka & Yuki -Limited haiti VIP gift
Bangles from Mandala
Earrings from Glow Studio-Verona earrings TDR
Skin-Tuli-group gift

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One more for today...

I am in a styling mood today and I have time in RL, so here is one more look I put together. I love this jacket from CheerNo. It is so freaking cool. I added the hairstyle from a new (to me) store called YunA's hair . All their colour packs are just 100L.
Jacket-from CheerNo Femme-Annie jacket
Jeans and top from Maitreya- 50% sale at the moment
Bangles Kiss kiss bang bang- 1L
Shoes-New from Kalnins- Saleina
Hair from YunA's HAIR- awesome new store
Belt from Coco
Earrings- Glow studio (TDR)
Skin-Tuli group gift in store (joining fee)

*mix and match*

Style card
Jacket from Maitreya- Camden jacket/white
Shirt from LP design-a part of Kykla bodysuit-white
Shoes from Maitreya gold- Allure/sock-Ivory
Hair from fri.day
Skirt from Wrack- MM item
Earrings from Mandala
Bracelet from Dark Mouse- an old hunt gift
Bag from Armidi
Glasses from +mocha+ retro sunglasses
Skin- Tuli-Audrey-tone 2- group gift

Monday, August 16, 2010

*Monday style*

Today I  went through the group notices to see what I missed during my absence and yay new Tuli group gift! Wear the group tag (joining fee) and touch the box in the store to get it. The skin is amazing! I wont take it off anytime soon.


I am wearing a sculpted  dress from CheerNo. They are known by making awesome stuff for guys but they just released  their Femme collection and I love it.  Make sure to stop by and check it out.


Dress - Ariadnes dress- ocean from CheerNo
Shoes from Maitreya gold- Aequus-black
Bracelet from Miel
Hair from Beautiful dirty rich-Jodie hair-dark brown
Skin- Tuli-Audrey- VIP update group preview gift

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Guess who's back?

Yay, I am back from my vacation. It was really great. I enjoyed every minute of it. Almost 10 days without internet but I did not really miss it. I think it is good to take a bit of time off from time to time. Now I am trying to keep up with all the stuff I missed during the last 10 days. I am glad Temperance is informing me about everything and she did a really good job with her posts on the blog. Hi5!


Yesterday when I logged in I got informed about a Maitreya sale. I seriously thought they are joking me. Maitreya... sale!? I thought this will never happen. Omg, but it is happening right now! Shoes, hair, clothes... everything is 50% off!! I must be dreaming. So, everything I wear today is from Maitreya.
Here is the tp but be patient because the sim is full and laggy. It took me some time to get in.

PS: Here is one of my vacation photos I took. I was in Croatia at the beautiful Adriatic sea. You can see more photos on my Flickr.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oh, it's a keeper!

Do you have an outfit that you just don't want to take off? This would be my outfit (for this week anyway lol). I really like it. It's simple yet it has a very trendy vibe.
I must say I'm lovin' the hair from Mustache. I found it a while ago and it was buried in my inventory. When I came across it for my Merlotte post I decided to head down to see what else I could pick up. I immediately fell in love with Hilton. I suggest heading on over there to see what else Mustache creator Mae Liamano has.
Hair from Mustache - Hilton - (Brown 3)
Necklace from .HoD. - Mercenary
Top from Berries Inc. - Cozy Top - (Grey)
Jeans from AddiCt - Evie Jean - (Blue Wash)
Shoes from Periquita - Simplest Flats

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ode to True Blood

I've decided to give myself a little challenge surrounding my favourite show. Every week I'm going to make a look based on a "True Blood" character. I know a large percentage of the cast is male, so I'm going to see if I can recruit some of my friends to help me out. I'm really excited about this, as I think it will force me to shop outside of the box.

As a little teaser I took a few pictures of this great shirt I picked up from Young Urban.

Hair - Mustache - Nicole - (Black)
Shirt - Young Urban - Merlotte's Uniform - (Red)
Pants - Dr.Ink - Greaser Jeans
Shoes - UBU - Pornstar Lo-Tops
Stay tuned, it's going to be FANG-TASTIC!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Feel like a Queen

SOOOOO blown away by this new dress by Agnes Finney designer and owner of My Precious. I knew I could never do it justice with my skills in PS so I turned to my best friend and photographer Alessa Adored of CottonCandy Studios.

When I saw the preview for this dress I was stunned. Agnes has always made wonderful gowns that can make any avatar look like a princess, but I feel like she's outdone herself with this one. The prim attachments are wonderfully textured and flexi in all the right parts. It's incredible and I suggest you pick up one for yourself. It comes in white and black.

Hair - !lamb - Breeze - (Powder)
Necklace - Balderdash - MeadowLark
Dress - My Precious - Queen Lucia - (Grandeur White)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sweet Sunday

I love finding new stores! aRAWa and TuttiFrutti are two stores featured on the Lazy Sunday Hunt and I was excited to browse their products. TuttiFrutti has a number of really cute and crazy leggings. While aRAWa showcased different dresses and tats! I feel in love with both stores. Just as I was about to log I got the notice that Kalnins had new shoes out called "Plastique". For a limited time the shoes are on sale for 50%. What I love about Kalnins shoes is that they come with a HUD so you don't have to buy different colours of the same shoes and clutter up your inventory!

Hair from Armidi Hair - The Ginza - (Chocolat)
Earrings from Glow - Pure Rain Earrings - TDR
Tattoo from aRAWRa - Our Dreams
Dress from aRAWRa - Make Cupcakes Not War
Pants from TuttiFrutti - Candy Hearts
Shoes from Kalnins - Plastique

Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Flashbacks

My favourite SL shopping day has always been Friday because of the FLF sale. I always look forward to seeing what the designers will have on discount. This week my favourite was Surf Co's Somer Dress. It's retro and cute and comes in two different colours (red and yellow). Also on this week's FLF list is a great deal from Tiny Bird. Their greatest hits collection (Vol. 2) in four different shapes. I made a pit stop at TDR to grab the ring I'm wearing, and then it was off to the studio for some pics! Enjoy your Friday!! :)

Skin from League - Taylor
Hair - Tiny Bird - Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (Sandy Blondes) FLF
Ring - Russet Gems Ring - TDR
Necklace - Shiny Things - Knotted Bead Strand (Mother of Pearl)
Dress - Surf Co - Somer Dress (Goldenrod) FLF
Shoes - fri. - Basic Pumps (Cream)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday Twins

I'm still trying to decide how I feel about highwaist pants. I'm thinking I like them... lol

Lore was nice enough to let me know Narwhal was having a sale. All of their items are marked down to 50L. So, having never shopped there before I might have taken advantage of such an awesome sale. Like I said, I'm a sucker for a good sale. I picked up two pairs of highwaist pants and matched them with tops from W&B and K&CO. I really like how my first outfit turned out, it's nice and bright and a great summer outfit.

Hair from MIRAI - Sely (Darkbrown)
Pants from Narwhal - Turquoise High Waist Jeans
Top from K&CO - Zipper Racerbank Tank (Hippie)
Undershirt from BD - Tube Top (Yellow)
Jewellery Set from Luc - Vintage Love Letter (FREEBIE)
Bangle from LC - Jasmine Bracelet (Blue/Teal)
Shoes from DIRAM - Scarlette Stiletto (Yellow)
Pants from Narwhal - Dark High Waist Jeans
Top from [W&B] from Rachelle Cropped Bustier (Alabaster)
Undershirt from BD - Tube Top (Red)
Hair from MIRAI - Sely (Darkbrown)
Jewellery Set from Luc - Vintage Love Letter (FREEBIE)
Bangle from- LC - Jasmine Bracelet (Blue/Teal)
Shoes from IA Eternity - Classic heels (white)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Fun

Just a quick post today as the lovely summer weather is calling my name...
I was so excited when I got a NC about the new bikinis at Doppelganger. I feel in love with the textures. Apparently, I was so excited that I didn't read the notecard correctly because when I got there, it was a mystery dispensing system. Which meant I didn't get to choose my colours. This might have been my saving grace, because sometimes I can't make up my mind. I'm happy to say that the colours I got were perfect. I paired the swimmers up with some older hair from Truth, and my simple summer fun look was ready to go.

Bikini - Doppelganger Inc - Gatcha (Olive & Seaform)
Hair - Truth - Giada (java)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vacation time

This is my last post before I go on vacation in RL.  So, I decided this post has to be full of bright colours because that's how I feel right now. Sea, sun, beach... here I come!!! Yay! See you when I get back. My friend Temperance will be posting a few of her goodies while I am gone. So, stay tuned.

I am wearing the amazing new shirts from Modern Gypsy and new hair from Vanity which has a colour changing hairband.
All the credits:
Shirts from Modern Gypsy
Pants from Zaara
Ring from Zaara
Shoes from Nardcotix
Hair from Vanity- French connection
Earrings from Glow studio
Sunglasses from Elate
Skin- Lola from Lelutka

Sunday, August 1, 2010

*Casual Sunday*

Skin from Glam affair/Leona natural skin- The dressing room
Blouse from Aoharu- The dressing room
Shorts from Aoharu
Shirt and bag from Armidi
Shoes from Bukka-new
Necklace from SMS- Chain necklace-silver