Monday, December 21, 2009

Modern Gypsy style

A few days ago I made a trip to the Modern Gypsy store. I liked it so much that I decided to share some of my favourite things I found there with you. The owner Micah Kanto was so nice and gave me a guide around the store together with some delicious champagne and strawberries! Yum!!
If you want to stand out from the crowd you definitely have to visit Modern Gypsy. There are definitely some unique pieces of clothing to find!

_Its snowing outside

Glasses, bag and Coat (-Segwick esmeble) from Modern gypsy. I Loove this so much. I got so many compliments the other night hehe.
The coat comes with white shirt and pants but in this photo I am wearing pants from Ce_cubic effect-Flare trousers.
Hair style is from Maitreya- Nimue (black pack)


This look I love sooo much too. Looks elegant and glamorous and it is perfect for upcoming Christmas and New year's celebrations.
- Outfit- Urban chic dress #2 from Modern Gypsy
- Bracelets and prim nails together with rings (the rings and nails are linked together) from Mandala- Takara bangle.
- Earrings from Modern Gypsy (Statement jewelry/silver)
- Shoes are new from Kalnins- Digna. Omg I love these ankle boots! Amazing work! I Did not take them off my feet for the past 2 days haha. Endless colour options :)
- Hair- Pony up comes with Estelle skins from Lelutka. Looks perfect!


I adore retro 80's stuff! The latest release from Modern Gypsy has some amazing things for my 80's style collection! Bags, skinny pants t-shirts... I was drooling when I put these on me. The textures are so great! You can see in the photo!

- Clothes, bags and necklace (Statement jewelry) from Modern Gypsy
- Shoes from Kalnins
- Hair and scarf from Maitreya
- Bangles+rings+ prim nails from Mandala
- Skin from Lelutka- Estelle light-make up 7