Thursday, January 28, 2010

Far boots for a cute Look

Far Boots, from Miel, are out in the store now! Oh, wow!! The colours and the details are just amazing! There are plaid and solid versions and they are multi- colour, you can retexture the boot part and socks in a very simple way! By purchasing them you don't just get 1 pair of boots but many, many more. I did not do the count, but there are so many- 8 boot textures and 9 socks textures....(/me uses the calculator... ohh. I am so bad at math LoL.)

I started this outfit with the boots and I paired other things very randomly and it came out as a very good match, I think! The new jeans- Molunkos jeans from SK designs are the killer! I so love the texturing!

_Mix and match_

And a close up on the boots....

_Miel boots

All the details:
Jacket from Kyoot - Tiny collar Cropped jacket/dark brown
Turtleneck top from Maitreya/bronze
Jeans from Sk designs
Belt from Luck inc.-wide leather belt/Desert camo
Gloves from A & M -A part of Reaction outfit
Hair from Truth- Alannah/chocolate
Skin from Belleza
Far Boots from Miel

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