Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Look

Today's look is more like a city chick look. The new dresses from *crazy* are very easy to wear and very easy to mix and match with other stuff.
I paired them with Mojoti sunglasses. This is a new eyewear store. They just launched their first summer 2010 collection and have some really awesome styles to choose from! For both men and women. The owner Drupal Kirax told me there is a lot more to come. I can't wait! yay!♥ Hit their subscribo-matic to be first to hear about their new features and products.
Visit Mojoti Luxury Eyewear store!



Other items:
Boots from J's
Necklace from Mandala
Hair from
Bag from Milk motion
Skin- Lelutka-Lola

Thursday, May 27, 2010

*Pink*Blue* look of the day

Lamb released this cuteee "Lost" hairstyle yesterday. I love it. I am sure this one will go to my "all time favourite hairstyles" folder♥.
Liberty Shinn from *LP* put a few more dresses in to her "discounted" room, one of them is this sexy little Malina glitter dress.



Other items:
Necklace and earrings from Garage
Shoes from Stiletto Moody
Pants from Emery
Belt from
Skin- Laq-Elena

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

*I Love group gifts*

Isn't this just stunning? This dress is from Malt. There is a gift in their subscribo-matic which I am wearing here. The dress can be worn in 2 different ways- as you can see in the photo. The sculpties are amazing.

purple beauty

Hair from Mirai
Shoes from
Skin from Belleza

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

*pretty in black*

I got this Lily v2 skin  from Exodi subscribo-matic (in all skin stones) . ♥I totally love this skin!♥ It is an absolute cutie. Get yours by visiting Exodi and touching the s-o-m.


I am pretty in black today. The skirt is a gift from Coco. I paired it with the new black shirt from *Crazy*. Loan is sooo great with the texture work. Make sure to go check out all of her beautiful designs.


Other items:
Stilettos from Maitreya
Bracelet from Zaara
Hair from Miel- s-o-m gift.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Natasha look

Another new outfit from *BD* by Chloe Platini. This one is called Natasha and it comes in two versions. One is with long pants and one with shorts. It looks really pretty! I picked out a few colours to show you.


This cool bag is a new group gift from *COCO*. YaY! I love it! Join the group and touch the board in the store. You will get 2 bags- black and ♥pink♥!

I decided to put on one of my old time favourite hair styles from Slink called Nicole. Gosh, I still love this hair style.


Other items:
Shoes from Kookie- 50L Friday item
Bangles from Mandala
Glasses from Artilleri
Belt from A&M - I am not sure if this belt is still available or not
Poses from dfo!- Stumblebum exclusive

Feeling sporty

Christensia Parkin recently released two unique, very sexy and very comfortable sporty outfits. Blaze and Ryker. She did an awesome job again!
Visit Hyper Culture and check it out!

blogged-hyper culture

Do you feel sporty today? So, what are you waiting for? Slip in to this Blaze outfit and hop on your bicycle and explore SL!


Other items:
Sneakers from 2Real- Pure
Hair from Love soul
Bag from Niniko- I don't know if this is still available
Bracelet from Mons
Skin from Laq
Cruiser bicycle from karakuri, you can get it on xstreet Here

Friday, May 21, 2010

I feel summer!

Another complete outfit from Fab design. I sooooo loveeee this outfit. It is totally adorable and perfect for a sunny summer day, for walking down the beach or for running around the meadow behind your house. I feel summer!!
Here you can see a Beach party outfit in yellow and red. It contains everything you see in the photos- except the hair, even the matching earrings.


Visit Fab Designs and get yourself this cute outfit!


I took the photos in Ode sim. It is absolutely stunning there!


Other items:
Hair from I love olive
Skin from Lelutka- Lola

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dark Plastik angel

I am having such a busy week in RL. So, just a quick post today.
The Plastik store is having a great sale! Everything black- or close to black is marked down to 50L! Yay! Hurry!

dark angel

Outfit from Plastik-50L
Tattoo from Plastik
Boots from Shiny things
Pamp Necklace and earrings NEW from Garage & LP designs
Hair from Maitreya
Lip ring from Earthstones
Poses from doll.
Skin Lelutka-Lola

Monday, May 17, 2010

Vesna- the spring goddess

These two dresses I have to show you are from Vesna store. Both come in numerous colours. They are really well made! I love the textures. If you haven't been to Vesna store before, well let's say now is the time to visit! The brand is all new and shiny.

I also must mention that I really like the name "Vesna". I don't know how the owner came up with this name but Vesna is actually a very popular female name here in my country (Slovenia) and it means an ancient Slavic goddess of spring.

Other items:
Hair from Shag
Shoes from Maitreya
Earrings from Morantique

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Black and white

Hi! I hope everyone is having a great weekend! It is such a rainy day here on my side of the world. I hope we get some sun soon!
For today's look I matched the new black shirt from *Crazy* called Gham with the very lovely white pants from Zaara. I added the belt from Emery and the Maitreya scarf on top of it.


Other items:
Shoes from Maitreya
Earrings from Miel
Hair from lamb
Skin-Lola from Lelutka
Poses from doll. (Sofia collection)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Red - hot Saturday

I decided to wear red today. I do not usually wear red. I really don't know why. LoL. It is a great colour. But I checked my inventory today and I seriously do not have many red things!
Anyhow, This hot, red outfit is new from Fab designs. (Thanks Fabienne!) You can wear it in many different ways. It contains a bolero jacket and an option with the hoodie. Or you can wear it as a sexy swimwear!


Poses which I am using today are new from [doll.] - Sofia by Suri Christen. You can get the whole pack of 11 poses for 60L- only this weekend. I love these poses! Hurry and get yourself a bargain! Thanks Suri!


Other items:
Boots from Bax
Bracelet and earrings from MonS
Skin- Lelutka-LoLa worn with a hair base and a hair attachment

Friday, May 14, 2010

Lola day

I am wearing the latest skin from Lelutka- Lola. I really love this skin. And what is so special about it? Well by purchasing just 1 makeup (I didn't buy the fatpack) you also get 11 different lipstick colours you can wear on the tattoo layer in 2.0 viewer. It also includes eyelashes, light and dark eyebrows+ hair bases with 2 hair attachments (not shown in this post but I will wear it in one of my future posts for sure) and a cleavage option. When I saw all these possibilities I just had to go and buy me a Lola!
Visit Lelutka and try a demo of the sweet Lola skin!

Lelutka-Lola- makeup4-Skissed with BubbleGum lipstick

Hair -new from Sixty nine -ME-light Mocha
This sexy little black dress is from *LP*- discounted price!!
Bracelet and earrings from Zaara

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Today Maitreya was sending out updated Maitreya Gold shoes. So, If you own shoes from Maitreya gold collection and for some reason you didn't receive the updated versions, go to the Maitreya store and click for updates on the terminal because it is an important update. Not only do they include a larger list of skin presets, their scripts have been rewritten to use new commands that do not require a script to be present in every prim. This means less lag and hopefully faster rezzing and TPs yaaay!!!

MaitreyaGold-Esprit-Xtd Lemon
I am wearing the new dress from SK design called Blaine. It comes in 3 different colours-You get all 3 colours by purchasing it.
This gorgeous hair style is a subscribo-gift from Miel. Go to Miel and click the machine. It's sooo worth it. 3 different colours are waiting for you.


Other items:
Leggings from Aoharu
Necklace from Fairy Tail- new1L gift at the store
Skin from Laq

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sweet Candy Doll

This is the latest Candy Doll skin named Sylwia. The skin is adorable. I am loving the lips and the make-ups. I adore the beauty mark on the face. (Ssshhh I have same in RL). The body is really soft and smooth.♥♥


Each skin contains hair base and cleavage option. There are 4 skin tones available pale, tan, tanned, dark, each with 6 makeups. I am wearing it in tan. If you don't like colourful shading around your eyes there is also Sylwia smokey which has 1 eye makeup (smokey) and 6 different lip colours.
Visit Candy Doll and try on the demos!

Candy Doll- Sylwia- Tan
Candy Doll- Sylwia Smokey Tan
Other items:
Truth Hair
OoEas Lingerie

Monday, May 10, 2010

*Monday Exercise*

Chloe from BeBe DoLL just released this cute Sporty outfit called Vika. It includes a tank top with a matching bra and shorts with a bow attachment. It comes in numerous colour variations.
Head down to *BD* and pick your favourite! There is also a dollarbie in the store, May giftie of Vika outfit in blue-white combination (not shown in my photos). You can see it HERE .


Hair style is new from *Sixty nine*-MOA2. Really pretty! I love the new textures! I am wearing it in Mocha colour.


Other items:
Beach pass bracelet from Surf.Co
Anexx Sneakers
CriCri "staff" strap
Laq skin

Sunday, May 9, 2010

*Sunday Soup*

I was a bit bored earlier and I was randomly TPing around with the LMs I have. I found this cute store (new to me) called [SOUP] and I bought this adorable two-in-one shirt!


I paired it with jeans from another new brand called Vesna. Then I jumped over to Boom store for this lovely bag. There are so many different patterns, colours to choose from. ♥
This outfit totally suits my mood right now.


Other items:
Sneakers from 2Real
Hair from Love Soul
Skin Laq

Morantique Lush

Today I am presenting to you Morantique Lush, the newest, stunning jewellery brand. I was lucky enough to get a preview of these beautiful earrings (Thanks Mo). The textures and the designs are just fantastic, unique and very realistic. I am sure these are a must have in every fashionista's inventory out there!
Visit Morantique Lush and see for yourself!



I am also wearing this cute Yann`s le Coeur Babydoll dress from LeeZu which is actually a subscribo gift. I am loving it!


Other items:
Boots from Bax
Hair-Siri-new-from Maitreya
Poses from [doll.] by Suri Christen
Skin Laq

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ilsa and Padma

These dresses I am wearing today are new creations from Bliss couture.They are perfect, both sexy and elegant. They are revealing a perfect amount of skin. Not too much and also not too little. I think they are a little bit naughty and that's what I love!
Both dresses come in various colours. Go check it out to Bliss Couture!

Bliss Couture- Ilsa dress-white

Bliss Couture- Padma dress

Other items:
Shoes from Stiletto Moody
Bag from Septem Essentia- Kelly bag
Hair from Shag (Project Themeory- 75L for 3 colours)
Hair flower from Colorful x Chaos (by Hatsuharu Magic)- gacha machine
Necklace and bracelet from Garage
Poses from [doll.] - Ella set- you can get the whole pose set (10poses) for 60L only this weekend!
Skin from Belleza-Jesse

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Colours.. and more colours.. yay! It feels like summer! These wonderful colourful summer shirts and dresses are from Kawaii store. Thanks Anoushka!
There are soooo many colours to choose from. I am only showing a few of each. They are so pretty! Everything comes in all possible layers, so you can mix and match it very easily.
Visit Kawaii!

Kawaii camisole 40L each, 280 for a fatpack

Kawaii Loose summer dress 75L each, 550L for a fatpack
Other items:
Shoes- NEW from Slink- Mikaela silver -They are amazing!!<3
Hair styles from Exile
White capri pants from MNK*Shop
Skin Laq
Sunglasses from

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


No, I am not getting married, doh!haha I just want to show this beautiful white dress from Phoenix Rising, which you can get for only 10L. It is really stunning!
Grab the box at the store!

Phoenix rising- White Coco Chanel tribute
Necklace from Mandala
Hair from
Skin from Laqroki


I decided to wear this Miamai- Amanda skirt today. It was a subscribo gift a few days ago. I had no idea what to wear with it. Humm.. I dug in to my inventory and pulled out this white Coco blouse, one of my all time favourite white blouses. Yay, It looks good!


All the credits:
Skirt- Miamai-sub.matic gift
Shirt from Coco
Socks from Tuli
Shoes Kookie
Belt from Lelutka
Hair-hat fromTruth
Skin Curio

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

-Look of the day-

I randomly put together this outfit and I really like the results!


The scarf is a killer, you can get it free at Mr.Poet store. Great huh! I am loving it! You can change the colour of it via menu.
Hair is also free from Wot?, join I <3 the Starlust group and check the notices.
Other items:
Shirt New from Emery- Tank B&B-pure
Bag from Emery
Leggings from *Crazy*
Shirt tied around waist and Boots (group gift) from Coco
Bangles from Creamshop
Sunglasses from Shade Throne
Skin from Garage- Sheryl-Tone2, make-up-3

Monday, May 3, 2010

Garage- Sheryl

Slava Parkin from Garage store released new skins. Meet Sheryl! It comes in 4 skin tones, each skin tone has 10 make-ups. I am wearing it in my favourite tone2. ♥It is cute!♥
Go to Garage and grab the demos!

Garage- Sheryl skin

Lingerie from Fishy strawberry- Polka Tulle lingerie/blue
Hair - new from I love olive- Jolene- brown colour pack
Bracelet from Fairy tail

Prestige Monday

These new Prestige dresses from OoEas are fantastic! The textures and the details are amazing. I am pretty sure I will wear these a lot because these Prestige suede dresses match the Bax Prestige suede boots perfectly. Visit OoEas now!

For this post I paired the Pink dress with Mentine's pink suede boots which is a stunning match as well.

pretty in pink

The lovely jacket is new from Emery. It is really cute!
I can't stop wearing this new Hannya necklace from Mandala .
You can see a close up. Yep, It even has a shadow. I am wearing a double version here.


Other items:
Hair NeW from Exile- Roselle/dark browns pack
Belt is also NeW from OoEas (Thanks Joie)
Skin from Lara skin

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pretty Sunday look

I matched the new release from Fishy strawberry which I totally love. The shorts come with the belt. The cute mini cardigan can be worn alone or with a matching  shirt under it. A really nice, comfortable look, perfect for a lazy Sunday! Visit Fishy strawberry and check out all the super newness.
I added a new awesome Hannya necklace in silver from Mandala!


Other items:
Hair from :::LiNe:::
Shoes from Maitreya
Skin- Alyson from Belleza