Saturday, October 31, 2009

Weekend style

Happy weekend everyone! And happy Halloween if you are celebrating it =)
I put together these 2 outfits for this weekend. Some items are new and some are old.

I was playing with layers on this one :)
Jacket layer- shirt from Spork- Olyvia sleeveless shirt (red)
Shirt and pant layer- black shirt from Emery
Jeans from Decoy (underpant layer)- from the Sunny Halloween hunt
Hair from Truth - Lauren
Scarf from Lelutka
Belt from Fishy strawberry
Bag from Ty Zvezda
Shoes from Kookie

This is more sexy, an evening look.
I love the new "Slim" outfits from :SK desings: with animal prints. One word for them- hot!
Black leggings from Truth
Boots from Stiletto moody
Belt from Coco
Hair from Truth
Bag and scarf from Lelutka

Monday, October 26, 2009

Designers united and MORE....<3

YAY, the Designers united event -second edition started yesterday! This time the theme is Crow! So many amazing creators are participating! The event is hosted by the Cupcakes sim and it will last until November the 3rd. Mark down this date!! Each item at the event is an exclusive so it wont be available anymore after the event.
I grabed some of the items there.. and I love every single one of them! I am sure I will go there soon again... well I have time till November the 3rd!

Cardigan from Milk Motion- My crow cardigan/grey
Dress from +mocha+- Crows innocence
Necklace from Milk motion-My pearl feather necklace
Hair from OH- Oh my Crow/brown
Boots from League- Shin boots (not from the event)


Shirt from Milk Motion- my crow loose tshirt
Hair from OH
Pants from Coco- group gift
Scarf from MichaMI (an old group gift)
Glasses from Deco- from 50L Friday.
Boots from League-Shin Boots
I think I need to say something about these new boots from League. They are soooo fantastic! Increadibly well made. Everything is colour change.. so many colours to mix and match! Just awesome. I am wearing these boots for the past 3 days and I am not gonna take them off anytime soon, winks ;)

Miel has refurbished their LO socks, so they are now available in halloween editon and will only be for sale during the "Halloween week" at the Deck sim. I loveeeee theeem! They come in 2 colours. Definitely the hit of this Halloween week. Go grab them before they are gone.

Long cardi from (tangerine)
Hair from Tatum.2 (reds)
Dress from This is a fawn- Deep V neck dress
Shin boots from League
Skin from Lion skins-SU-sun 19
Bag from Miel-previous grup gift.

Friday, October 23, 2009


...Rock this party
Dance everybody
Make it hot in this party
Don't stop, move your body
Rock this party
Dance everybody
Make it hot in this party
Everybody dance now.....
(Bob Sinclar/Rock this party)


This look is so perfect for a great Friday party. I love it! It is sexy but not slutty. Let's dance the night away!
Have a wonderful, rocking Friday & weekend everyone! <3

Style card:
Summer sarong from Boom (black)
Pants from :SK Designs:
Bikini from Armidi
Hair from Exile
Earrings from S&S (Amerie)
Bag from Lelutka
Shoes from Stiletto moody- Katherine

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spanish fairytale

A few days ago I met Sergio Krasopani, the owner of :SK Designs:. To be honest, this was actually the first time I've heard about this store, but when I spoke to Sergio I found out that the store has existed since the early days of 2007! WoW. Pretty amazing if you ask me. I am sure the store has changed a lot since then.
I am so happy to show you some of the creations you can find if you visit :SK Designs:.


I really like the sexy (sometimes a bit naughty<3) touch Sergio puts in to his creations. The textures are awesome. The prices are very reasonable too. For every pocket I would say, winks ;) You usually (if not always) get all the colour variations in one purchase. A really great deal!

I always love discovering new stores (at least new for me). I am sure I will make a trip to :SK Designs: pretty soon again. :) I recommend you do the same!!

All the details:
Clothes are all from :SK Designs:

1st photo: (left to right)
1.--> Hair from Truth
--> Scarf from Decoy
--> Belt from Earthstones
--> Shoes from Stiletto moody
--> Earrings from Creamshop
--> Bag from S&S (AMERIE)
2.--> Hair from Truth
--> Bangles from AtelierAM
--> Boots from Shiny things
3.--> Hair from ETD
--> Sunglasses from Epoque
--> Scarf from Maitreya
--> Belt from Truth
--> Boots from Bax

That's all for today. *Hugs* from Lorellai

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pssssst... I have a date

I invited my friend to participate in these photos. Thanks Pablo =). Aren't we cute?<3


Pablo is wearing a jacket and sweater from Aoharu and black jeans from ce_ cubic effect.
Shoes are new from Kalnins- Terra and I absolutely adore them. Thats right you guys, something awesome for you too, winks. Shoes come in 11 colours, (YES, eleven!) everything is menu controlled including resize, glow and shinnines options. Make sure to go and check it out. TP to Kalnins.

Here are some of the colours (click on the photo for a larger view):

I got a notice for another event this morning called "Fall in to fusion sale". Many stores are participating. I went there and grabed some of the bargains. yay!
Here is the sculpted dress- (Gilli dress/lemon) from Malt, 50%off. It is gorgeous! Everything can be resized and it even includes the AO. I love it.

The bag is a Halloween gift from Tres blah . Hair from Truth. Boots I wear on the first photo are from Bax.

The outfit I wear on this photo I put together totally random but I was sooo happy with the results!
---> Shirt from Coco- Sleeveless blouse & cuff/white
---> Jacket from Niniko
---> Jeans from Fishy strawberry (from 50L Friday event)
---> Belt from Coco
---> Shoes from Kalnins
---> Hair from Truth
Hair from Uncleweb studio
Sunglasses from HOC Industries

Sunday, October 18, 2009

---T O D A Y---

Hiyaa! I am still here.. kicking.. altho I didn't post anything for the past 4 days :O hehe. Sometimes RL can be really busy... BoOoOoo! :(
As u know in SL things go really fast so If you don't pay attention on stuff for a few days it feels like u missed sOoOo much. Anyway, I will make it short...

---->Atomic has a new group gift, skin in 2 makeups and freckles/no freckles. The group is not free, but worth every Linden, I promise. =) As you can see on the photos the skins are really stunning.<3
----->Lelutka has some awesome gifts in their notices. Go grab them :)) And some amazing new releases.. I need to take the time to go and check it out,yay!
----> Albero Autumn fair just started.. there are things discounted outside stores. I have to go back today and look around some more.



Sweater from Fishy strawberry-- 50% off at Albero autumn fair
Skirt is new from Kookie
Leggings from MAiiKI
Boots are free from *ordinary design*-- click the sign with the boots for a free copy.
Belt from Maitreya
Hair from Fishy strawberry
Muffler from Creamshop

Dress from Lelutka- group gift
Leggings from Amerie- Sugar&Spice
Hair from Maitreya
The fur shoulder jacket is from Boom-warm shoulders/black
Boots from Stiletto moody

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My 50th post! yay!

It is time for a little celebration! Weeeeee! I started this blog on July 13th and now 3 months later this is my 50th post! =) crazy! Time goes so fast when you're having fun! Thanks everyone for reading and thanks for the great feedbacks. Cheers!!

Anyhow, I also put 2 outfits together for today. More sexy elegant looks---> something I would sooo wear in RL too.

__going shopping__
Shirt from Lelutka
Vest from Ohmai- Tomomo loose vest
Jeans from Woe
Boots from Bax
Hair/hat from Argrace- Fedora hat/Glamorous wavy
Necklace from Dahlinks- It was a gift in Fashion trend group.
Bag and sunglasses from Lelutka
Bangles from *Ticky Tacky*- sub.matic gift.


Shirt from Malt fashions- Allyn Shirt---> I am in love with this blouse!!! It is beautiful! It comes in 2 versions-- short sleeves or long (as you can see on the photo).
Pants and bag from Lelutka
Shoes from Maitreya
Hair from Dernier Cri

Sunday, October 11, 2009

New sweetness

Moddishh GossipGirl from Modd.G store released these cute Emma darling dresses -->They come in 5 different colours. Oh, and a bunch of new stockings, perfect for colder days =). Everything comes in every possible layer. ♥

The hair is new from ::69:: and is totally sweet! They have a bunch of new releases but for the next few days the store will be open to group members only. If you are not in the group, you will have to wait :P or join the group which is not free but really worth it. :)

Mufflers are October group gifts from Niniko :). Sweet as always.


All the credits:
Photo #1:
Emma dress from Modd.G
Scarfs from Niniko
Gloves from Emery
Hair from ::69:: (Jadore30)
Headbands from Miel
Skin from Rockberry- Uma

Photo #2
Jacket from MichaMi
Emma dress from Modd.G
Stockings from Modd.G
Boots from Kalnins
Hair from ::69::
Glasses from Epoque
Skin from Curio

Friday, October 9, 2009

I have a new addiction!

(click on the photo for larger view)

Yay! That's right! These Fall boots from Kalnins are my newest addiction. They come in 11 colours but that is not all... the boots are set on 3 seperate areas where you can change colours through the menu ... so I would say mix and match until you faint! They also have 2 metal options (silver and gold) and you can resize them. Awesome, huh? But that is not all! These cute boots also have shininess and glow options,you can simply turn these functions on or off. You can easily wear pants with prim cuffs with these because they only use 1 attachment point. I am showing some of the combinations I mixed and matched. These ankle boots are really a must have this autumn!

<3 Of course the boots were inspiration for this styling. I hope you like it as much as I do. :) Skirt is new from Niniko ♥so cute! I matched it with Tuxedo jacket from Coco.


All the credits:

Skirt- Niniko/pleats skirt(black)
Jacket- Coco (gray)
Fall boots from Kalnins
Hair- Truth- Mavi
Necklace- Zaara
Glasses- Artilleri onyxia sunglasses (red)
Bag- Septem Essentia

Friday specials

For today's looks I grabed some of the items from 50L Friday event and digged in to my inventory for some older stuff and yay I like♥it =)
Omg, I love this top! Ladybug ladies and gentlemen haha. I love the name! It is from Scribble (50L today). Hair with the mask---> from Tiny Bird (50L). Socks are freebie at Tyranny designs :)
Other items:
Shoes from Miel
Shorts from Gigi Couture
Necklace from Kawaii
Skin Belleza- group gift.
The skin I am wearing is a group gift from Freespeerit- Fiona. Sweater is from Tyranny designs (50L today). Shoes are from G field special halloween colour for only 30L. Such a cute shoes!!!
Other items:
Shorts from Zaara
Hair from
Necklace from Mandala

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sugar cuteness <3

I think TekuTeku has some of the cutest hair on the grid. And the latest release is no exception. I was melting when I saw the new hair. Totally adorable!! Make sure you stop by and check it out!
I mixed and matched the first outfit with the new sweater from Leezu- Woolstock Pullover in Pink. So cute.

Here are all the details:
Sweater from Leezu
Skirt from Maitreya/black
Boots from Kookie-Pomski boots/snow white
Leggings from Fishy strawberry-Fisher leggings/wood
Hair from Tekuteku -Churi/choco
Earrings and bracelet from Earthstones- it was free for group members at the mainstore. Dunno if it is still there.

The second outfit is from Sugarcube and it has the perfect name "Sugar".. :) I love it. It has a resizer script in it so you can adjust it as you want. But if you don't like the scripts you just unpack the special bag included which has the same outfit without the scripts.
Dress from Sugarcube- Sugar dress in beige
Hair from Tekuteku- Patty in black
Boots from Decoy- free fat pack at the moment.
Bangles from Zaara-Suvarna bangles

Monday, October 5, 2009

Manic Monday

Monday? Boooo!

"It's just another manic Monday
I wish it was Sunday
'Cause that's my funday
My I don't have to runday
It's just another manic Monday"
(The Bangles- Manic Monday)

Monday or no Monday...
Zaara released Larin skirts! They are high waisted skirts and they look totally cute. There are many colours to choose from. I picked one with art prints on it.
I love this Sheared Mink Shrug from *Coco*. You can easily mix and match it with many clothes in your inventory. I think it will look good either with more elegant look or more casual look.
Oh, and the new Maitreya Gold release--->The Esprit heels! I couldn't resist buying a pair! Beautiful shoes! Run to Maitreya and try on the Demo!

__New week
I was drooling when I saw Bax released their Prestige boots in Brown leather shades! yay! You actually buy 1 pair but u get 4 different brown colours (Camel, Cognac, Mocha and Chocolate) which you change through the menu. It is awesome! Really worth the price. I am wearing them with denim tops :)
Outfits and hair I wear are from Decoy! There is a huge sale going on. Everything is heavily discounted or even free!! But I bet everyone knows it by now. hehe.

All the credits
Picture #1:
Skirt from Zaara- Larin skirt/silver-lilac
Shirt from Gigi Couture- Plain white tank
Heels from Maitreya- Esprit/Pearl
Sheared Mink Shrug from *Coco*
Necklace from Twosome- Sophisticated necklace
Hair from Atomic- Emma

Picture #2:
Sheared Mink Shrug from *Coco*
Baby doll dresses from Decoy- Zafrina free/fat pack
Jeans from Decoy-free
Boots from Bax- Prestige boots in brown
Necklace from Atelier AM/Long necklace
Hair from Decoy/free fat pack

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday party LooK

(click on the photo to make it bigger)

I feel like partying today! It's the weekend! Time to party! If you see me today on the grid I will probably be wearing this same outfit and acting like crazy. Yeah. *lol* Don't blame it on me, blame it on the weekend!

These Promenade Boots are new from Kalnins and are sooo awesome! They have a colour changing script.. so you buy not one but 11 different leather colours with 2 metal options. Go to Kalnins and try on the demo :)
The skin is a new group gift from Cupcakes- Daydream. It is really cute! It comes in 7 different tones. yay! I <3 Cupcakes

All of the credits:
Jacket from Milk Motion (it was 50L at 50L Friday event few weeks ago)
Skirt from Emery
Socks from Hal*hina (pink)
Bracelet and necklace from Miel (yesterday's 50L Friday)
Earrings from Creamshop
Bag is a s-o-m gift from Miamai- Silver leather bag
Hair from **Amrita**

Now, Lets have a rocking weekend everyone! *kisses*

Friday, October 2, 2009

wow, It is October!!

I can not believe it. Time goes so fast! It is October already! 2 more months and I will have my second rez day! Yay!
My look for today is something I would definitely wear in RL too. Leather jacket is from Muism, they have a sale at the moment. So I just had to buy this jacket I wanted for so long hehe :) The dress I wear under this jacket is from MichaMi and it is totally stunning! It comes in 3 options. I am wearing the "low" version. It goes so well with the jacket! =)
The skin is a group gift from Belleza! OMG, I love this skin! It is a preview of the new Belleza skins. If you want to have it you need to join Belleza group but it is 250L joining fee to pay. The skin comes in 2 tones- sunkiss and deep tan and with a hair base and cleavage options. I love the hair base option!

Quote for today:"The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind" (Freud)

___look of the day--

Leather jacket from Muism
Dress from MichaMi
Boots from J's
Bag from Lelutka
Necklace from Earthstones
Earrings from Zaara
Hair from Laqroki -Tasha hair
Skin- Belleza-Jesse Deep tan with a hair base