Saturday, November 28, 2009

*colourful day*

It is the weekend and I am really in a good mood today! I was sick for a whole week and in a pretty shitty mood. But that is all in the past yay! Thanks to the antibiotics! I feel so much better today! Thats why this post will be all colourful and happy! A perfect chance to show some of the latest releases from Pididdle!

First are these cute Racerback tanks. They have a sculpted bottom and come in 6 different colours. Pretty comfy if you ask me! I matched them with the mini skirt from Kyoot I grabbed at the black 50L Friday yesterday and the shoes from Anexx- Lace up boots- I bought at the shoe fair, I am obsessed with them. I so want these in RL!


Other items:
Hair from !lamb
Skin from Curio- Winter 2 collection, Sundust
Scarf is a gift from Vive9- Moody Autumn shawl
Bracelet from Miel (50l friday)

OoH I love these leotards and wool socks with sculpted tops from Pididdle, so cute and sexy and soooo colourful. Love, love, love these. You can choose out of so many colours. Look, they are so delicious.


Other items:
Necklace from Epoque (50l friday)
Hair- free gift from Nouveau Miranda -you get all the colours!!!
Skins- curio, winter 2, sundust
Shoes from Maitreya

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