Friday, April 30, 2010

Hey Jasmina!

New release at *BD*! Chloe created these sexy little Jasmina dresses in many, many different colours. As she says, she went colour crazy. Haha. I like it!
The dress has a sexy open back, prim sleeves and a lace bust which comes in 2 versions-regular and sheer.
The special colour of this dress- in brown is half- price for a limited time only!
Visit Bebe DoLL!

Jasmina outfit

So, yesterday when LL fixed the issues ( they did?) my friends Temperance, Perky ,Chloe and I were goofing around and decided to make a group photo wearing Jasmina dresses. So, here it is! Thanks girls! :) *group hug*


Other items:
Hair styles from- Truth, Mirai,
Jewelry from MonS, Donna flora
Purse from Mons
Boots from Tesla

Thursday, April 29, 2010

*Look of the day*

So, yes SL is a mess today. Anyhow I had some photos ready since yesterday.
I am wearing the outfits from *LP* design, Carida and Sofia.
I paired these with the cute jewelry (I love it!) from a store, new to me, called MonS. The Skins on both photos are from MonS as well.
MonS- Yasmin skin/cream, *LP* Sofia overalls-black

Skin-MonS-Melissa/cream, *LP* Carida outfit
Visit MonS and *LP* Design!
Other items:
Hair from Lelutka-Jeniffer
Shoes from Pixel Mode

Monday, April 26, 2010

New from Zaara

This is the new amazing outfit from Zaara called Syona Kurta, I love every bit of it. It looks so pretty! Here I am wearing an Aqua set.


Other items:
Shoes and hair from Maitreya
Necklace from Mandala
Picture was taken in one of the NotSoBad houses.

*Beautiful Bliss Couture*

I am introducing you to three stunning new cocktail dresses from Bliss Couture. They are gorgeous and  very glamorous. I love the designs and the colours- it is just wow! Make your fashion fantasies come true! Enjoy!

Nico dress-flaming colorful mini dress with a charming touch of fantasy.

Merlin dress- stunning dress made of petals. A real spring beauty.

Kirsty dress- A very elegant, glittering cocktail dress.
All the dresses come in many different colours.

Other items:
Boots from Bax
Necklace New from Mandala
Hair from Maitreya
Skin Laq

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yummy Ayumi

Ayumi Shinn has rebuilt her store *Ayumi* and released many new goodies for us. Her clothing line ranges from cute casual to hot and sexy designs. These fashionable pieces are a must have in everyone's inventory. They are perfect for mixing and matching. I love it!
Visit Ayumi yourself!

Ayumi Expensive long shirt/dress with new Ayumi jeans-black(torn)

New Ayumi Mikro mini skirt- pink camo and Ayumi jeans black and blue-
You get 2 versions of jeans- torn and regular.

New Ayumi Baseball Tees with Camo Mikro mini skirts

Other items:
Hair style is new from I love olive-Olivia hair-brown colour pack
Necklace from Periquita- Rustic UFO necklace
Bracelets from Mandala
Bag from Milk Motion
Pink scarf from Atelier AM-75L Project Themeory
Shoes from *GF* blogged in my previous post

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Fab design has a new outfit in store! This hot, sexy outfit called Xstreme. It is just amazing how many different looks you can make out of this outfit so I think the name Xstreme is perfect for it!
The outfit, among others, includes three different tops,three different bras, stockings, mini skirt and flexy skirt (with and without the resizing script).....everything comes in all layers.
Visit Fab Design mainstore!
You can find the store in Ambrosia dance club mall as well.!

These awesome shoes are new from *GF*- Short Lace Up boots. There are soooo many colours to choose from and if you join their subscribo-matic, there is one pair in lavender colour waiting for you.
With a menu controller you can change colours of the laces, sole, eyelet. Black and white boots also contain a side/sole colour option. They also include Alpha-mask and non-invisible prim shoes for Viewer 2.0. And what I like the most is there is also a version you can wear with pants (foot attachment only).


Other items:
Hair new from Mirai
Necklace from Earthstones
Skin Laq
I was playing with pose-making again, so i created the poses shown in the photo.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


It is no secret that I absolutely adore high waisted skirts in SL. Every time I see one I need to have it! So, I probably own every high waisted skirt on the grid. Ok, maybe not. LoL.
I was so excited when I saw that Christensia Parkin, from Hyper Culture, has created a bunch of high waisted skirts in almost every possible colour. High waisted skirts paradise, I am telling you! yaay!

--look of the DaY--

I matched these fabulous skirts with the lovely Noir boots from HOC. You get all the colours- that's 7, for just 125L.


Other items:
Shirt from *BD*- 20L per colour
Jacket from Emery
Hair from Truth
Leggings from Aoharu
Necklace from Kookie
Skin Laq

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

*Cute and sexy*

I am loving this Krok dress from *LP* design. It's both cute and sexy at the same time! Depends from which side you are looking at it. Are you brave enough to wear it?haha The back is hot, hot, hot!


I paired the dress with the stunning boots from Mentine <3 in pink suede colours. With a menu controller you can change colours of the boot and the different parts of the boot (like---chain, heel, zipper,sole...). I love it.


Other items:
Hair from Exile
Necklace and bracelets from Fairy tail (group gift and a new 1L item in store)- So CuTe!
Skin from Laq-Elena-Peach

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

*One more!*

I decided to make another post today, because I had these photos ready since yesterday. LoL.
These cute outifts are new from *BD*. They come in many different colours, plain or patterned and can be worn in many different ways. They include 2 different undershirts- one is white and one with a matching colour of the outfit. Of course for a more provocative look you can wear it without any undershirt at all.
The base shirts can be also bought separately for 20L each in a "billion "different colours. A great deal believe me!


This cute hair style- Sarah with flower changing texture is from store, new to me, called RezIpsa Loc.


Other items:
Shoes from *UB*
Necklace from HoD
Prim nails from Candy nail
Skin Elle from Belleza

*Star of the day*

Liberty Shinn from *LP* Design recently released these awesome "believe overalls". There are 4 colours to choose from. They are so sexy. You can wear it alone or add some accesories and I am sure you will be the star of every party.
I paired it with a skirt and a fur jacket. I think it's a great match :).

-look of the day-

Other items:
Fur jacket and belt from Amerie
Shoes from Maitreya
Hair from I LOVE OLIVE- Bella hair. You can only get this hair HERE.
Skirt from Elate
Bag from Lelutka
Necklace from Zaara

Sunday, April 18, 2010

*Sexy Sunday*

I did not mean to blog today at all. Because I am sooo lazy and RL is distracting me lol. But I couldn't help myself but to take some snapshots.
First one is this cute *Crazy* babydoll dress.


Tuli put out a new group gift. Her new skin called Sayuri, it will be released on April 22. This skin is really adorable. As she states, this skin has a strong Asian vibe.

The next outfit is from Boom. It is Project Themeory item. I paired it with some of the other items I bought from the Themeory which are glasses from Urbanity and socks from League. This week their theme is Geek chic.

looK it is BoOm

Other items:
Hair from eha- free gift!
Mini Skirt -photo 1- from Urbanity - Stumblebum brigade.
Glasses-photo1-elysion optic-free .You can get it here.
Shoes from Lelutka
Bangles and necklace- last group gift from Pacadi before they closed.
Poses from Dont freak out.

Friday, April 16, 2010


50l Friday, Thirsty Thursday, 69LHump day... Here are some of the items from these events. I mixed and matched a few of each today. It is always great to get a bargain!! Have fun & happy weekend everyone!

_going shopping_

Jackets from Hyper culture- 69L (both) Hump day
Skirts from Sh*t happens- new release and 50L special colours only today
Bag from Tres Blah- 50L Friday
Necklace from Miel- 50L Friday
Socks from Pig
Poses from [doll.] - Thirsty Thursday
Shoes from Duh- Pink shirt day -free
Hair from W&Y

50L Friday_

Dress-New from Elate/Elle-night- 50L only Today
Hair-!lamb-50L Friday
Boots from Slink
Poses from [doll.]- Thirsty thursday
Skin from Laq

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I can't wait for the Friday date

I love the new mini skirts and jackets from I mixed and matched the brown combination. It looks really nice, somehow sophisticated but I added this cute new Hair style with the cap from Love soul and I think now I look like a college girl going on a date!
Visit  Love soul for more adorable hair styles. I almost melted when I saw the new releases. And when I was there I also received these cute sunflower prim nails with rings- it is a profile picks reward. Put the location in your picks and return after a day or two and hit the board and you will receive it too.


All the details:
Jacket- Tourist jacket and Skirt- Vacation mini from
Sweater- brown warm top from *CRAZY*
Hair and prim nails from Love Soul
Shoes- Not boot- from Miel
Skin - Belleza-Elle-group gift
Poses from LAP

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

*Pink shirt day*

April 14th-SL's Pink Shirt Day - An Anti-Bullying Campaign. Show that you care and wear a pink shirt today!

pink Shirt day

From the notecard I received:
"Pink Shirt Day started in a Nova Scotia high school, where a 9th grade boy was being bullied over wearing a pink polo shirt to school. A couple of grade 12 boys decided to take a stand against the bullying and wear pink in sympathy for the boy who had been so mercilessly prodded at. They went to a local discount store and bought 50 pink shirts, and distributed them amongst the other boys in their high school. They stood up for their fellow classmate and against the bullies, and made a real difference in someone's life.

In a place like Second Life, Cyber Bullying runs rampant. In a virtual world where it is so easy to be anonymous and hide behind your pixels, many people find it the perfect environment to attack and belittle others. Unfortunately, this can lead to real life emotional distress, even to those who "disconnect" their Second Life and first life.

It is time that we all take a stand against bullying in all its forms. Why, in a community so small, should there be so much vitrol and mudslinging, when, if we band together, we become stronger?

This year, Pink Shirt Day falls on Wednesday, April 14th, and we are asking that anyone who share a passion for peace and a hatred for bullying, stand up and make a difference! "

Photo details:
Pink shirt from BOOM- you can get it free at the Boom store
Skirt from Maitreya
Hair from Clawtooth by Clawtooth ( There is a sale going on, on fat packs)
Leggings from This is a fawn
Socks from Miel
Shoes and black undershirt from
Necklace- free sub.matic gift from Periquita
Prim nails from CandyNail- group gift
Skin from Belleza

Monday, April 12, 2010

*New Pacadi*

The new Pacadi Kreatura collection is simply stunning and very high fashion. They did an awesome job again! The sculpties are amazing.
The collection contains two beautiful dresses for the spring season, a stunning high fashion bodysuits and woolen skirts.
I 've heard that Pacadi Jasha is closing due to the designers being busy in RL. This made me so sad when I heard the news.
Anyhow, there is a huge closing SALE. Everything is between 20-100L$. The KREATURA Collection is set at 130L$ (from 300) . So hurry down there and get yourself these stunning pieces.

Riffle dress comes in 3 colours. It is a poofy, silky dress with a black collar.

Naala dress-I loovee the transparent top, it looks so sexy and extravagant.

Aditi bodysuit contains an amazing high fashion skirt.

Nedei wool skirt- You can buy it with Yada top- shown on photo or single.

All the details
Hair- Ambrosia from !lamb
The Hat called Russian tears is a stunning release from Glow Studio for the Fashion circus event!
You can buy it here.
Shoes- Kookie
Necklace and bracelet (last photo) from Monkee- 50L at the Copley Square- Spring sale
Glasses from DECO
Skin -ELLE-Belleza group gift

Sunday, April 11, 2010

*Fashion circus*

Another great event called Fashion circus started yesterday. Yay!!!
Many designers have worked together and made exclusive items for this event. The stores participating are: (OMFG) I Love It, Bliss Couture, Sh*t Happens, AtomicBambi, !Ohmai, 3636, Hucci, Indyra Originals, Posh, [ glow] Studio, (Elate!), MiaMai, Nardcotix, Nushru, SiSSi, Sonatta Morales and Opa's Boutique.


So lets go crazy and have a big fabulous CIRCUS!!! The event will end on April 18th. Mark down the date on your calendars and make sure you don't miss it.
I am showing some of the awesome exclusive items available there, at the Le Cirque sim where the fashion circus it taking place.


All the credits:
The awesome bangles and earrings are from *BOOM*- Big Top Jewelry set (Thanks Aranel!)
Outfit- !Ohmai/Clowning around-Monochromatic
Hair and hat from Posh - Rah Rah Oh La La
Other hair is from Maitreya (not from the Fashion circus)
Shoes from Kookie - Yuki supreme heels (not from the Fashion circus)
Skin from Laq-Elena

Thursday, April 8, 2010

*Pretty Thursday*

I have been using AnaLutetia windlight since.. forever lol. But I was playing with my windlight settings today -so here is the result.
I think it looks nice! yay!

I was mixing and matching. Mini skirt and top are from a new (to me) store called Paradisis creations. It is a sub.matic group gift. I matched them with new denim tights from *BD* and the awesome jacket from So Many Styles.

_mix 'n match_
Pretty pinkish
Here are some other new cute items you can buy separated at *BD*.
_mix 'n match2_
Shirts, skirts and tights from *BD*

Other items:
Hair from
Jacket and necklace from SMS
Bikini from Aoharu
White cardigan from Coco
Shoes from Pixel mode
Bracelets from Mandala
Skin Laq-Elena/peach

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

-It is Diram-

Some time ago Diram store was brought to my attention. They have such a hot and sexy clothes. The quality is really exceptional! If you have not been there yet, I really recommend you to go visit it!

diram gaga
I love this "LadyGaga" outfit. I paired it with Epoque Fame glasses.

Diram-Sasha Attire-black

Other items:
Hair1 from !lamb,
Hair2 +hat from Lelutka- group gift-worn with the hair base!
Boots from Bax- gold
Glasses- Epoque
Shoes from Lelutka
Earrings from A&A
Skin- Laq/Elena-peach

Monday, April 5, 2010


I went to Laqroki this morning to check out the new Laq Elena skin everyone is talking about. I wanted to grab the demos and go back home to try them on. But... messy as I am, my fingers were too quick and instead of buying a demo I purchased the skin, LoL. Yea it was a shock. But anyhow I loveeeee the skin! Like my friend said when I told her what I did... "It was meant to be". haha. So everyone be careful when you are buying something and check twice to see what you are actually purchasing!
The new Elena skin is simply beautiful! I love the sweet and softy face, makeups and juicy lips. Yummy!

Laq look
Elena- with Laq cleavage enhancer

This mini dress is a new sexy release from *Crazy* called Shock. It is sooo damn hot comes in 3 colours and all layers. If you are brave enough you can wear it as a mini dress if not you can always put some jeans underneath and have it as a sexy long shirt.

A Shock dress from *Crazy*
Other items:
Hair from Truth
Necklace and bracelet from A&A
Shoes from Kalnins

Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's Fab!

Hey all! I was so happy when I saw Fabienne Larson from *Fab designs* released new clothes after a very long hiatus and I was lucky enough she sent them to me and I am sure there is lots more to come. Yay!
I am sharing 2 oufits with you today.

This outfit is called Maggie. I lovee the baseball cap attached to belt. A fantastic idea! It looks soo cute! However you have an option without the cap too and there is also a cap you can actually wear on your head.

Maggie- Fab Designs

Next one is called Oops. It contains a jacket, jeans, belt and 2 version of the shirt. One is "normal" other is "Oops" haha.

Oops- Fab Designs

Here you can see the "accidental exposure shirt". I added a bra.

I like both of these outfits very much. They are very easy to mix and match with other items from your inventory and also for those of you who want an easy way out these are perfect because they contain everything you need to look perfect.

Other items:
Hair from W & Y
Earring from A&A
Sneakers from 2Real, shoes from Courtisane
Skin- Curio

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Amazingly free

There are some awesome free easter gifts to get all over the grid at the moment. Wow, just wow!
Mimikri sent out an amazing easter gift to her subscribo matic. This Julie outfit in olive. Super cute! Visit Mimikri.


I was also hunting a bit at Mixed up Bunneh hunt. According to their note, over 40 stores across 6 sims have come together to make this Easter a little bit sweeter for everybody. You have to find easter eggs- what else? haha. And when you find the egg, wear the egg and tp to the location you get together with the egg. Then you click the basket there and you get a present!! yaay! I love presents!♥ It is really fun, fun, fun! The hunt will run until Tuesday, April 6.
Here is a sneak peak of what you can get.

Zaara- Larin skirt &Mishti tank set

Elate- Joy Easter dress and Ohmai Easter bunny leggings

Other items:
Boots from Bax, shoes from Ingenue
Jewelry from Armidi
Hair from Tiny Bird and I love olive stores
Skin- Curio

Slurls for the main locations to the Mixed up Bunneh hunt:

Ps: Have a happy Easter everyone!!! <3

Thursday, April 1, 2010

*Pink and yellow*

A few days ago I found out about the OoEas store. It is totally new to me! They have some really hot new releases and some gorgeous free exclusive items are waiting for you. Go and check them out!

And I was so excited the last few days... waiting for the new Bax boots in metal colours to be released and it was worth the wait! I love them!

Here I am wearing this gorgeous OoEas Framboesa Minidress.
This is a current Midnight Mania item.
Available for purchase if you can't wait for the MM Board.

This beautiful "Peeps" Sugar Rush Dress by OoEas is an exclusive
group gift on April 1,they will only leave it in the subscribo 
for 3 days. Then it is gone forever.

Other items
Jacket from Niniko
Boots -new- from Bax- Silver and Gold
Sunglasses from Kalnins
Bag from Miamai
Necklace from Earthstones
Both Hair styles from Posh- 50L (Thirsty Thursday item)