Tuesday, October 5, 2010

[New] Miel Elle

I am always super- excited when I hear there is a new release at Miel because I know it's amazing before I even see what it is!
Their latest release is this Elle collection. Everything can be bought separately except the belt which comes with the Elle top and like every Miel item all the sculpts are colour change via the menu, so you can play around with all the possibilities. There is also a demo at the store, so you can try it to see how it fits your shape, before you buy it. The Elle line contains pants, two types of tops- a tee and a sculpted top, belts and scarves. Each pack contains dark, medium, light and striped versions.
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Hair- LoQ
Shoes- Maitreya
Skin- Isabel from Laq
Bracelet- Miel AHI bracelet
Skybox-[MAGIC NOOK] Autumn Skybox - Seasons hunt gift

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