Saturday, April 2, 2011

A dash of vintage

Post by Temperance Seerose

A dash of vintage

Visited the TDR-Blue today and picked up this dress from Tee*fy and bracelet from [glow] . I paired it with a hat I've had in my inventory FOREVER. I didn't even know it was there. Maybe that's hint that I need to clean my IV? The necklace & ring and other bracelet are NEW from Dark Mouse. So impressed with Mouse Mimistrobell and the work she does. Cannot wait to see what else she comes out with.

A dash of vintage (Part 2)

Hat from Wretched Dollies - Purloined Peridot Hat
Hair from vive9 - Donna - Edge
Skin from Lara Hurley - Leah (Tan) - Bronzed Gloss 
Necklace & Bracelet from Dark Mouse - Vintage Thirft (NEW)
Yellow Bracelet from [glow] studio - Ribbon and Pearls (TDR)
Ring from Dark Mouse - Statement Ring - Brilliance
Dress from Tee*fy - Orelle Dress - White (TDR)
Shoes from Hucci - Tiffany Flats - Iron

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