Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lets go hunting!

Valentines day is coming soon and there is the cutest hunt going on right now-The cupid heart hunt with Japanese designers. All the hunt items are just soooo adorable. There is 28 stores participating and believe me the hunt is so worth doing! You can get some hints here .
Here are some items you can get... happy hunting!!!

_I heart you_

Outfit from Mocha (dress, leggings, bracelet, shoes and hair bow)
Hair from CriCri (not from the hunt)
Chair from itutu (with some cute poses)
Outfit from C'est la vie!
Shoes from R2
Hair+hat from Love Soul
Letter attachment from AtelierAM
Outfit from *dg*
Love Cake from Love Soul
Socks from Slow kitchen


Outfit from KiiToS
Sunglasses and chocolate from +SPICA+
Shoes from Hoc- not from the hunt
Hair from Cricri
Jacket from MNK*shop
Shirt from *dg*
Pretzels from *MIU*
Skirt from Fishy Strawberry-not from the hunt

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