Thursday, February 25, 2010

**Hello Sasha!!**

Hi everyone! After a week of a terrible SL experience, I am back! Since last week I've been suffering with horrible packet loss and that practically disabled me from doing anything other than sitting in a corner and feeling sorry for myself... haha. I don't know exactly what caused my problems because both the LL and my ISP said the problem is not with them. (go figure!) But I know everything started after LL rolled that sim update last week. Maybe it is just a coincidence that my problems started on that day. Anyway, yesterday evening all went back to normal! yay! I just hope this will last!

Finally I was able to take some snapshots! The beautiful Christensia Parkin from Hyper Culture sent me her newest release. This super sexy Sasha lingerie collection! The textures are just amazing. There are many colours to choose from. The panties can be worn with or without the garter. Stockings included!


I paired these hot lingeries with Bax Prestige boots and the new Exile hair styles. The short- Micah hair style is free in all colours.

_too hot_

All the credits:
Sasha lingerie from Hyper Culture
Boots- Bax (Red Suede)
Hair- Exile/Micah and Lucia
Earrings from Creamshop
Prim nails from Mandala
Skin from Curio-- I finally bought the Curio breast Enhancer at Luck inc.

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