Sunday, February 7, 2010

Meet Liz, Emi and Maya!!

After a few months of designing hiatus Chloe Platini from Bebe Doll returned... and what a great return this is! She released 3 new outfits which I adore so much!

Left to right are Liz, Maya and Emi. And yea, these are the names of the new Bebe Doll outfits! hehe.
All the outfits come in all layers and in several different colours. Liz is a super Sexy little dress with a chain detail down the middle. Maya is a sweater dress and comes with a belt and prim shirt cuffs. Emi contains a sculpted skirt and 2 different shirt colours. Really chick!

_bebe doll_

I matched these outfits with the cute little bags from Couverture gacha machine (30L per 1) and these adorable new scarves from Couverture as well!! The green scarf is a part of the Weekend fever so it is only 50L this weekend!


All the details:
Outfits from Bebe Doll
Hair from Shag
Bags and scarves from Couverture
Shoes from KooKie (yuki supreme heels and Armarda)
Bangles from Artilleri

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