Monday, April 5, 2010


I went to Laqroki this morning to check out the new Laq Elena skin everyone is talking about. I wanted to grab the demos and go back home to try them on. But... messy as I am, my fingers were too quick and instead of buying a demo I purchased the skin, LoL. Yea it was a shock. But anyhow I loveeeee the skin! Like my friend said when I told her what I did... "It was meant to be". haha. So everyone be careful when you are buying something and check twice to see what you are actually purchasing!
The new Elena skin is simply beautiful! I love the sweet and softy face, makeups and juicy lips. Yummy!

Laq look
Elena- with Laq cleavage enhancer

This mini dress is a new sexy release from *Crazy* called Shock. It is sooo damn hot comes in 3 colours and all layers. If you are brave enough you can wear it as a mini dress if not you can always put some jeans underneath and have it as a sexy long shirt.

A Shock dress from *Crazy*
Other items:
Hair from Truth
Necklace and bracelet from A&A
Shoes from Kalnins

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