Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's Fab!

Hey all! I was so happy when I saw Fabienne Larson from *Fab designs* released new clothes after a very long hiatus and I was lucky enough she sent them to me and I am sure there is lots more to come. Yay!
I am sharing 2 oufits with you today.

This outfit is called Maggie. I lovee the baseball cap attached to belt. A fantastic idea! It looks soo cute! However you have an option without the cap too and there is also a cap you can actually wear on your head.

Maggie- Fab Designs

Next one is called Oops. It contains a jacket, jeans, belt and 2 version of the shirt. One is "normal" other is "Oops" haha.

Oops- Fab Designs

Here you can see the "accidental exposure shirt". I added a bra.

I like both of these outfits very much. They are very easy to mix and match with other items from your inventory and also for those of you who want an easy way out these are perfect because they contain everything you need to look perfect.

Other items:
Hair from W & Y
Earring from A&A
Sneakers from 2Real, shoes from Courtisane
Skin- Curio

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