Monday, April 12, 2010

*New Pacadi*

The new Pacadi Kreatura collection is simply stunning and very high fashion. They did an awesome job again! The sculpties are amazing.
The collection contains two beautiful dresses for the spring season, a stunning high fashion bodysuits and woolen skirts.
I 've heard that Pacadi Jasha is closing due to the designers being busy in RL. This made me so sad when I heard the news.
Anyhow, there is a huge closing SALE. Everything is between 20-100L$. The KREATURA Collection is set at 130L$ (from 300) . So hurry down there and get yourself these stunning pieces.

Riffle dress comes in 3 colours. It is a poofy, silky dress with a black collar.

Naala dress-I loovee the transparent top, it looks so sexy and extravagant.

Aditi bodysuit contains an amazing high fashion skirt.

Nedei wool skirt- You can buy it with Yada top- shown on photo or single.

All the details
Hair- Ambrosia from !lamb
The Hat called Russian tears is a stunning release from Glow Studio for the Fashion circus event!
You can buy it here.
Shoes- Kookie
Necklace and bracelet (last photo) from Monkee- 50L at the Copley Square- Spring sale
Glasses from DECO
Skin -ELLE-Belleza group gift


  1. a key thing about pacadi today, is that they are closing