Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Today Maitreya was sending out updated Maitreya Gold shoes. So, If you own shoes from Maitreya gold collection and for some reason you didn't receive the updated versions, go to the Maitreya store and click for updates on the terminal because it is an important update. Not only do they include a larger list of skin presets, their scripts have been rewritten to use new commands that do not require a script to be present in every prim. This means less lag and hopefully faster rezzing and TPs yaaay!!!

MaitreyaGold-Esprit-Xtd Lemon
I am wearing the new dress from SK design called Blaine. It comes in 3 different colours-You get all 3 colours by purchasing it.
This gorgeous hair style is a subscribo-gift from Miel. Go to Miel and click the machine. It's sooo worth it. 3 different colours are waiting for you.


Other items:
Leggings from Aoharu
Necklace from Fairy Tail- new1L gift at the store
Skin from Laq

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