Thursday, May 6, 2010


Colours.. and more colours.. yay! It feels like summer! These wonderful colourful summer shirts and dresses are from Kawaii store. Thanks Anoushka!
There are soooo many colours to choose from. I am only showing a few of each. They are so pretty! Everything comes in all possible layers, so you can mix and match it very easily.
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Kawaii camisole 40L each, 280 for a fatpack

Kawaii Loose summer dress 75L each, 550L for a fatpack
Other items:
Shoes- NEW from Slink- Mikaela silver -They are amazing!!<3
Hair styles from Exile
White capri pants from MNK*Shop
Skin Laq
Sunglasses from


  1. those tops are really cute... at first I thought the model was you and then I realized its a doll!

  2. Hi! This is from a game, a virtual world called Second Life :D