Sunday, May 9, 2010

*Sunday Soup*

I was a bit bored earlier and I was randomly TPing around with the LMs I have. I found this cute store (new to me) called [SOUP] and I bought this adorable two-in-one shirt!


I paired it with jeans from another new brand called Vesna. Then I jumped over to Boom store for this lovely bag. There are so many different patterns, colours to choose from. ♥
This outfit totally suits my mood right now.


Other items:
Sneakers from 2Real
Hair from Love Soul
Skin Laq


  1. stuff looks nice but the skirt i bought is no mod, umpossible to get a good fit.

  2. That's strange because the things I bought were all modify. But It's true I didnt buy the skirt. Maybe you can contact the owner.