Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Questo è Magnifico

This certeinly is magnificent. I saw these  shoes from Magnifico in feeds last week and I forgot to go there to check them out. But yesterday my friend Dailyn IMed me telling me (in a very excited way) how she is totally stunned by the new  Le plateau Magnifico shoes and that she will even  sleep with the shoes on. So, of course I went to check them out and it is true the shoes are totally cute, adorable, awesome (yay!) and so many colours to choose from! I was sold rightaway.
Here I am wearing them in my favourite  ♥pink♥ (what else) colour. 


Other items:
Bodytank from SK designs
Armwarmers and legwarmers/socks from Maitreya
Hair-new- from I love olive - the store moved to a new location!
Necklace from Miel
Skin from Belleza- Elle

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