Tuesday, June 1, 2010

*Shooting star hunt*

I got a notecard for an adorable hunt which started today called Shooting star! Some cute Japanese stores are participating. In this hunt you don't actually look for the items but you are catching the stars. In each of the stores there are stars (light) flying around and you have to catch them. So, when you see they are flying towards you or near you, you just type /7 catch in the chat and then it will give you the prize and the LM to the next location. It is very easy and fun! The end date is June 15.
I took some snapshots of some of the items I got from the hunt.♥♥ There are 20 stores all together.

shooting star Hunt
Outfit from + HONEY+
Necklace from Fairy tail

shooting star-hunt-
Shirt from Izm
Jeans from Euclid & AnA

Left- shirt/tunic from Ronsem*
Right- Outfit from Shampooo
Necklace from Ruchica

Other items (not from the hunt) :
Hair from Sixty nine
Skin Lelutka-Lola
Shoes- NEW-from SSUS- Leopard Sling back Wedges

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