Friday, June 4, 2010

*cute* gifts*

Oh damn, I really wish Linden lab would provide us with more then 25 spots for groups because I am always in trouble when it comes to joining groups. I am always deleting the groups and then rejoining the groups. Lindens wake up we need more groups!
However if you have space for more groups there are these 2 wonderful group gifts waiting for you.
This cute outfit is a group gift from MNK shop. Join their group and touch the board in the store. There are other colours of this outfit on sale in the store as well.
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The next outfit is a group gift from Saikin- green jumper. So nice! Every week there will be a different colour of it as a group gift. The outfit will be on sale for 300L next month. You have to join Boon and Saikin's group for it.
bloggedJune 4
And while I was at the Saikin & Boon store I also grabbed the new stunning hair from Boon and these awesome clogs from Saikin. (not free)

Other items:
Hair (first photo) from Lamb
Bracelets from Garage and Earthstones
Sunglasses from Lelutka

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