Monday, December 6, 2010

Remember me?

It has been quite some time since Lore or I posted. For that we are truly sorry. RL has been very hectic and it didn't help that my computer crashed on me! For now posts might be spread out a little, but after the new years expect a huge improvement. Since I will have my new computer! :)

You might not know this but I am a huge jean addict. I love em! I have so many jeans in my inventory, that I could probably wear a new pair everyday for a long, long time. haha. Needless to say I really didn't need a new pair of jeans. But, I couldn't resist. I've been waiting for BeBe Doll to release jeans. I knew it would happen eventually but I couldn't contain my excitement when it actually did.

I'm really impressed with the texture and rise of these jeans. I've noticed that most jeans fit way too low to be considered tasteful, so it was nice to see a healthy compromise. Creator of BeBe Doll Chloe Platini has released different shades in the normal jean variety, and then mixed things up with a very cute leopard print. I love them ALL!

I dug out a few items from last year's winter collection and remember I had these great boots from KAO! I had gotten the fatpack last winter but failed to blog them (cause I'm great like that). Great group gift from Exile and Belleza. Thank you for the wonderful freebies!

Remember me?

Hair from exile - Rina - chocolate swirl - group gift
Necklace from dustarrz - gem necklace - purple
Skin from Belleza- Erika - group gift
Sweater from BeBe Doll - Plum
Jeans from BeBe Doll - Jeanie Jeans - Denim
Shoes from KAO - suede fringe boot - ash & black

Temp & Snowman

I have to apologize because I used a jacket in this post that is no longer available. I'm SORRY! Pheonix Rising announced its going out of business sale some time ago, so I'm not sure if anything is still available. Nevertheless this is a great jacket and I thought it was the perfect match for the look.

Hat from Maitreya - Unisex Beanie - Knit Red
Earrings from JCNY - Classic Diamond Stud
Jacket from Phoenix Rising - Bree Jacket - mud
Sweaters from BeBe Doll - Hazel Sweater - Red
Jeans from BeBe Doll - Jeanie Jeans - Leopard Print
Flats from - basic flats - red
Snowman from {what next} Parson Brown - Snowman
House from nordari

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