Friday, July 17, 2009

It's me

I love this outfit! It is something I wear in RL too. :) Everyday look. Totally a RL me. Casual, simple and sexy :)
The tank from This is a fawn (by OMGWTF Barbecue) is so spicy, dont u think? It makes my back look so yummy! :) And this BF jeans from Maitreya are awesome and so perfect for this look. (I have them for a while now, didnt have a chance to take a photo). And just in case I get cold I have this shirt tied around my waist from Coco.
So... I am ready to go on a date now. Any volunteers? I have cookies in my bag! Giggles
Lorellai's look of the day
Scoop back tank from This is a fawn
Jeans- Maitreya BF jeans
Shirt tied around waist from Coco
Flower necklace and ring - Epoque
Hair- Curio
Bag from DCNY clothing
Sneakers from Cocquette from Xstreet
Skin Laq

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