Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend memory

It is Monday... again. :( Time to start this week. I had a really FUN weekend.. RL and SL! What could I wish more, winks!
Ok, lets talk about the clothes I am wearing today. The outfit from Boom.. mmm really sexy summer outfit. I had a little problem after I bought this outfit. It was BOOM (perfect name for it) GONE from my inventory. SL can be really silly sometimes I guess it got hungry and ate my outfit :( Anyway... few days later, I run in to Aranel Ah the owner of Boom in Truth store by total coincidence !! Ok I am usually not bothering people while they shop but anyway.. I sent her an IM and told her what happen. She was really nice :)) and she gave me a new outfit! yaaay! Thanks Aranel! :)
Bikini is from Zaara. I ♥ it. Like always the textures and everything is just amazing. Zaara is one of my all time favourite SL stores.
The shoes--- after a long time I decided to visit J's store. WOW they have a new shoes! This Studded wedge sandals are so nice I just had to buy!. Perfect for summer!♥
in the summer day
Outfit from Boom (Amped-sand)
Bikini from Zaara
Shoes from J's /Studded wedge sandals in brown
Bangles (snakeskin)from Armidi
Hair from Truth
Headband from Miel
Skin Laq

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