Monday, July 20, 2009

Shopping Spreeeee

Today I had one of my shopping attacks again. I admit, I am addicted! When I start, I can't stop. :O
Anyhow... I bought some awesome new stuff! YaY. I mixed and matched 2 outfits for today. Shirt and pants from Miel-- absolutely stunning, so detailed.. ( I want to scream) and skirt from Sugarcube (so cute!) are just such an adorable combination :) And not to forget the new shoes from Kookie! They are delicious! (Not like I am goin to eat them or anything haha).
LoOK of the DAy

Shirt and pants from Miel.. --> socks are group gift from Miel
Skirt from Sugarcube
Scarf from Maitreya
Shoes and necklace from Kookie
Bag from DCNY
Hair from Truth
Skin Laq

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