Thursday, July 30, 2009

Prim bikini time

Today I will show two of my favourite prim bikinis on the grid :) First one is from Maitreya second one is new from Miel (they even have a Demo in the store!!) Both have something in comon.. both are fantastic!! They both fit so well and have a resizer script so it just has to fit everyone! Maybe if you have huge boobs you will have problems fitting it. I don't know, I do not have super huge boobs. :) The jeans are from League and I just can't stop wearing them, I have been wearing them for the last 2 days (eeew I know). I so love them. They come in 2 versions- Straight leg fit and turn up fit. And they have a pocket with scripted hankie!♥♥
Prim bikinis :o)
First bikini is from Maitreya (sarong top- creme),
second one from Miel ( So retro dots-avocado)
Jeans from League
Hair 1 is from (Posh)
Hair 2 from Truth
Belt from Truth as well.
Bangles 1 from (Posh) group gift
Bangles 2 from Fishy strawberry- freebie
Shoes 1 - Unisex texture change sneakers from ::Duh!:: freebie
Shoes 2 - J's Studded wedge sandals
Bag from Muu -free
Skin Laqroki

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