Sunday, July 19, 2009

♥made in the 80s♥

Oooh I ♥love the 80s! Thats why I made this- a bit of retro- 80s style look + plus --> Emery clothes were calling me out of my inventory all night long (funny I know :P) so I just had to pull them on me and make a photo! :) I have a special bond with Emery clothing (haha)--- I purchased my first (ever) pair of jeans on SL there when I was still a noob. (called Zoe- still have them!!)
The tank is new from Viva la glam! I am so happy the store reopened (like noone knows it, right? lol) with all the cute new stuff! The scarf is a gift from there. (was 1l or 0l i forgot)
Made in the 80s

Tank and scarf from VG
Skirt, jeans and bag from Emery
Shoes from Maitreya
Hair from Exile
Bracelets from Kookie
Glasses +Mocha+
Skin Laq

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