Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just an ordinary day...or not?

That was fun--->Puting this outfits together! I randomly found this Long dress from M+M. I went there for the Lucky Board but my stupid L letter just never came up. (I have no luck with that... ever.. or maybe I am just not patient enough, who knows) So I just gave up and bought the damn dress haha. (Lucky board has the Yellow version of this dress) And I am glad I did! I am not actually a fan of long skirts in SL but this one is great! It moves really nice when I walk!♥ The short skirt is new from Tuli and it is so adorable.
JuST AnOther Look Of tHE dAY
on the left:
Skirt from Tuli,
Shirt from Artilleri
Socks SOM gift from Miel
Shoes from Miel
Hair flower from Miel
Hair from Dernier Cri
Bag free from Muu- I tinted it a little bit
On the right:
Long dress from from M+M


  1. Lorellai, you really are a fashion genius. I am glad you are around to help me get dressed or else I would look terrible ;-) Thank you for giving me so many good shopping ideas!!