Friday, December 11, 2009

*Me, Miel and Emery*

I love this look! It looks like something I would wanna have in my RL closet!!

*look at my boots* <3

These boots from Miel- Nit boots are just too cool! Perfect for this time of the year! They only use 1 attachment point so you can easily wear them with pant prims!Love it! They only cost 375L and you get all colour variations because everything is colour changable. There are 7 colours you can mix and match and 2 metal colours. A really very good deal! And if you are like me who likes to play with her clothing... mixing and matching, you will love these for sure. winks ;)

The other pieces of clothing I put together are from Emery.

__ miel and emery_

The necklace and the ring are from Miel- from today's 50L Friday! So hurry down to Miel and grab these goodies!!!

Oh, and one more thing--> I am wearing the jacket attached to chest (collar) and spine (bottom of the jacket). So, because I am using Emerald viewer I was able to attach the necklace on chest as well. But in normal LL viewer you wont be able to do so. This may not look right to anyone not using Emerald. They will not see you correctly. The item on the secondary attach point may be on the floor when viewed with the Linden viewer.

Hair from Truth-Bailey
Skin-Curio-Winter2- SundustFrex/light -Black ice 1

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