Monday, March 1, 2010

**2.0 Beta look of the day**

When I got a group gift from Lelutka last week- 2.0 makeups I just had to download new SL beta viewer and try this new feature out!
When I first started the new viewer I was in shock, like wtf is this?!? I was almost screaming! I turned it off after 30min. But because I have a very curious personality I gave it another try... so now after a couple of days.. I am actually starting to like it.

Well yea it still has many bugs and some things I still do not like for example- I don't like how profiles come up in the side bar... I do not like how the little pictures come up in local chat when we talk (I don't see the meaning of it at all), there is no inspect button (I think they urgently need to fix that!)... but there are so many things that I really like and I think the good things overcome the bad ones in this case...

I absolutely love the new extra layer for tattoos or makeups! It was about time for LL to finally make this option! Remember you can only put this on in the new viewer but residents using other viewers will be able to see you wearing this too! First I thought only residents using 2.0 are able to see it but no, everyone can!
I love the "my outfits" option, it is really easy to save the outfits you mix and match, with just one click and it's saved. The good part is that you can do this with no copy items as well!
I also like that the group chat comes up on the right side of the screen. So it doesn't mess up my local chat anymore!yay!
Of course I also like the sharing media! Really fun!!

Most of the people I talk with don't like this viewer at all. I can understand that. But give it a try! You will have to sooner or later.. I guess!

Ok, here I made one photo wearing Lelutka 2.0 makeups (face tattoos...) which you can get joining their group.


All the details:
Shirts are from *Crazy*- Bologna tops!I am loving these! So sexy!
Jeans and jacket from Emery
Belt from A&M
Hair from Shag
Shoes from Stiletto moody
Earrings from S&S (Amerie)
Skin- Estelle light from Lelutka
Bag from Lelutka

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