Tuesday, March 2, 2010

*Cutie honey bug hunt*

My friend Chloe, all excited, IM-ed me yesterday telling me that she is hunting with a net for the most adorable things ever... I did not understand what she meant at first LoL. So of course I went to check it out and ended up hunting as well!! Haha. This was so much fun!!! They have a freebie version 'Cutie Honey Net' and a commercial version.
Here is the deal- you buy the set (you get 'cutie honey bug cage- empty' and the 'Cutie honey net').
Wear the Cutie Honey Net and Cutie Honey Bug Cage. Cutie Honey Net includes AO (which is soo cutee) and script for hunting bugs.:)The prizes are totally adorable and they are all transfer so if you get a duplicate you can give it to your friends! You gotta try this out! haha

Read more about this adventure HERE. (you can also see a photo of Chloe and me hunting lol)

Here I am hunting for bugs =) The sim is adorable!♥♥ VISIT Cutie honey store HERE

_bug hunting_

When "Click me for bug hunting!!!" message comes out, click on Cutie Honey Net, then you can hunt. You will see "Missed chance" or "You got something" message. If you see "You got something" message, Click "keep" button and get stuff.


Style card:
Skirt from Sugarcube- Lightly flared skirt
Shirt from Tuli (an old group gift)
Hair from Truth- Melinda
Necklace from SMS
Skin- Curio/light-Cupid, Crave2
Hair flower attachment and Ladybug mouth attachment
(2 out of maaany hunt gifts) from Cutie Honey


  1. <3 it!!!!! Hahaha I had so much fun! Glad you came by and share it with me! I took a bunch of pictures of us and will post them soon :D Oh and I also got to finish the hunt this morning since I got stuck hunting haha!

  2. haha! it was so fun!!! yaaay! *kisses*