Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh, those...

I finally made it to the EaHH event. I think it's a great fundraiser. There are loads of things to browse and something for everyone. I picked up a few items, including some really neat poses from Zombie Fetus. If you have the chance, check it out.


Also, very excited about AddiCt's new releases. I'm only posting about the dress right now, but I picked up a few other items that will make an appearance.


Let's talk about those boots, ya know the ones! I saw them on a friend a few days ago and decided to go get a pair. But, when I got to the store I couldn't decide which colour I wanted. I might have gotten the fat pack. So... you might be seeing them quite frequently. ;)

Hair from - Cameron - Anxious Blond
Glasses from Tasty - Tawny Vintage Glasses
Necklace from [W&B] - Repairs Necklace - Gold
Dress from AddiCt - Ziomara Sweater Dress - Red
Socks from Shop Seu - Kushukushu - Brown
Boots from [e] - Secret Boots - Molasses
Poses from Zombie Fetus - CooCoo Cuh Chu - For EAHH
Pose in 2nd Pic from pda - Pangolin

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