Thursday, February 10, 2011

I am wearing it too...

I am loving this new hairstyle from Vive9,  It is all over the feeds since it came out. So, what the heck, I will wear it too.It is really pretty.
Fishy Strawberry is having a V-day sale. Thonz of items around the store are discounted to just 50L. Worth checking out, believe me!
I am also wearing a facial tattoo/eyeshadow, a new group gift from Miamai.I love it!
Bodysuit-*Fishy Strawberry* L'Opera Bodysuit - Blush (50Latm)
Tights-!Faint LL Anne's high tights (white)
Shoes-*GF* Flower Pumps "Eve" -chocolate- 50 L-Gfield V-day hunt
Belt-{mon tissu} Park Avenue Belt
Ring,Necklace-MIEL MIA SET
Hair-.: vive9 :. Fredja in University
Miamai_February Group Gift_Eyeshadows

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