Sunday, February 13, 2011

You make it hard to say no!

You make it hard to say no (Part One)
More v-day goodies! :) I'm a happy lady! I think it's funny because I tell myself I'm not going to buy new stuff then I log in and see all the new releases and I give in. Good thing most of my purchases were cheap deals.

Glam Affair has just given out their v-day group gift. And... it's beautiful!!!!!!! It's 30L to join the group (an anti-spamming fee). But 30L is nothing to pay when you get such fantastic group gifts! As well they have a skin up for grabs in TDR. Needless to say I'm featuring both the skins in this post. I love them both!
You make it hard to say no (Part 2)
Hucci released a new dress. I went to the L.E. Look location to get the 50% off deal. You have to be a member of the L.E. Look group but it's a great way to find out about new stores and keep up to date on releases. The Hucci deal comes with the leopard dress and leggings.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this hair style from Fab-U-lous! I love the flexi curls and the overall look.

DeLa just released three new pairs of sandals. I wanted them all, but only purchased one (I'm trying to restrain myself). My only complaint is that I couldn't get the skin tone to match up. Maybe it's just me tho... I still love the design! It comes with two options (fur and no fur).

You make it hard to say no (Part 3)
A friend recently tp-ed me to the "erratic" main store at L.E.Look. I'd never been there before but I really liked the style and the textures of the clothes. They had a great pair of hoops in silver for only 50L. A steal! Also, grabbed a new bracelet for 70L.

The belt is from Miel, a FLF deal. I really loved the texturing options. The belt works with all sorts of different outfits. Paired it up with a scarf from NSD and great purple boots from Bb (now Mentine).

Love the new hair from Shag for the Fashion House. I thought it was a very crafty design, and the textures are great. I hope they're released in different colours.

Look #1
Skin from Glam Affair - Eva- Dark - V-day Group Gift
Hair from Fab U-Lous - Mirah - Black
Dress from Hucci - Precious Leopard Dress - Silver
Shoes from DeLa - Sandal - Grace - Gray w/ Fur
Jewellery from erratic - hoop earring & cuff - Silver

Look #2
Hair from Shag - He Loves Me Knot - Starlight - @ FASHION HOUSE
Skin from Glam Affair - Nina V-Day - TDR
Earrings from Bijoux Fine Jewelry - White Diamond Stud
Bracelet from erratic - Cuff - Silver
Scarf from [NSD] - Sfant Scarf - Purple
Dress from Elate! - Celeste Dress
Nylons from No.9 Nylons - High Pantyhose - back-seam - black
Shoes from Bb (now Mentine) - Ankle Boots - Electric Violet


  1. I'm like that to. I tell myself I'm not going to send so many Ls...then I log in and have so many notifications with so many goodies. What's a girl to do?!? lol

    I have a hard time getting my skintone to match with sandals too. That's why I don't buy too many of them. Though, DeLa's new shoes are tempting.

    Love these two looks! Think I need to do some more shopping. lol ;)

  2. Hey Samara,

    I'm so happy you understand my shopping issues. I'm confident we're not the only ones. (fingers crossed).

    The DeLa shoes are sooo super cute. I'm going to try matching them up with some other skins and see if I have a better time with it.

    Thanks for the comment!