Thursday, February 10, 2011

V-Day Goodies

Vday Goodies Part 3
It's just going to be a quick post today. I wanted to highlight some of the great v-day items out on the grid. The first of which, is an awesome skin from Apple May Design. LOVE IT! 

Also, I made a stop at the GF V-day hunt. There were LOADS of awesome items. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to display them all. :( If you have a chance to do the hunt, I'd recommend it. There are many items for free, and some at a cost (but well worth it).
Vday Goodies Part 2
Hair from !lamb - Lover - Honeycomb
Skin from AMD - Katey - Tan - VDay special!
Bow from Truth - Kylei Bow - Freebie
Necklae from Gypsys - Typical heart necklace - group gift
Bracelet from ICED - Oval Bangles - Garnet - 50L sale
Dress from GF - VD Balloon Dress - Hunt gift
Purse from GF - Heart Bag - Hunt gift
Shoes from PM - Lady T - Red w/ Silver
Vday Goodies Part 1

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