Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spanish fairytale

A few days ago I met Sergio Krasopani, the owner of :SK Designs:. To be honest, this was actually the first time I've heard about this store, but when I spoke to Sergio I found out that the store has existed since the early days of 2007! WoW. Pretty amazing if you ask me. I am sure the store has changed a lot since then.
I am so happy to show you some of the creations you can find if you visit :SK Designs:.


I really like the sexy (sometimes a bit naughty<3) touch Sergio puts in to his creations. The textures are awesome. The prices are very reasonable too. For every pocket I would say, winks ;) You usually (if not always) get all the colour variations in one purchase. A really great deal!

I always love discovering new stores (at least new for me). I am sure I will make a trip to :SK Designs: pretty soon again. :) I recommend you do the same!!

All the details:
Clothes are all from :SK Designs:

1st photo: (left to right)
1.--> Hair from Truth
--> Scarf from Decoy
--> Belt from Earthstones
--> Shoes from Stiletto moody
--> Earrings from Creamshop
--> Bag from S&S (AMERIE)
2.--> Hair from Truth
--> Bangles from AtelierAM
--> Boots from Shiny things
3.--> Hair from ETD
--> Sunglasses from Epoque
--> Scarf from Maitreya
--> Belt from Truth
--> Boots from Bax

That's all for today. *Hugs* from Lorellai

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