Monday, October 26, 2009

Designers united and MORE....<3

YAY, the Designers united event -second edition started yesterday! This time the theme is Crow! So many amazing creators are participating! The event is hosted by the Cupcakes sim and it will last until November the 3rd. Mark down this date!! Each item at the event is an exclusive so it wont be available anymore after the event.
I grabed some of the items there.. and I love every single one of them! I am sure I will go there soon again... well I have time till November the 3rd!

Cardigan from Milk Motion- My crow cardigan/grey
Dress from +mocha+- Crows innocence
Necklace from Milk motion-My pearl feather necklace
Hair from OH- Oh my Crow/brown
Boots from League- Shin boots (not from the event)


Shirt from Milk Motion- my crow loose tshirt
Hair from OH
Pants from Coco- group gift
Scarf from MichaMI (an old group gift)
Glasses from Deco- from 50L Friday.
Boots from League-Shin Boots
I think I need to say something about these new boots from League. They are soooo fantastic! Increadibly well made. Everything is colour change.. so many colours to mix and match! Just awesome. I am wearing these boots for the past 3 days and I am not gonna take them off anytime soon, winks ;)

Miel has refurbished their LO socks, so they are now available in halloween editon and will only be for sale during the "Halloween week" at the Deck sim. I loveeeee theeem! They come in 2 colours. Definitely the hit of this Halloween week. Go grab them before they are gone.

Long cardi from (tangerine)
Hair from Tatum.2 (reds)
Dress from This is a fawn- Deep V neck dress
Shin boots from League
Skin from Lion skins-SU-sun 19
Bag from Miel-previous grup gift.

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