Sunday, October 18, 2009

---T O D A Y---

Hiyaa! I am still here.. kicking.. altho I didn't post anything for the past 4 days :O hehe. Sometimes RL can be really busy... BoOoOoo! :(
As u know in SL things go really fast so If you don't pay attention on stuff for a few days it feels like u missed sOoOo much. Anyway, I will make it short...

---->Atomic has a new group gift, skin in 2 makeups and freckles/no freckles. The group is not free, but worth every Linden, I promise. =) As you can see on the photos the skins are really stunning.<3
----->Lelutka has some awesome gifts in their notices. Go grab them :)) And some amazing new releases.. I need to take the time to go and check it out,yay!
----> Albero Autumn fair just started.. there are things discounted outside stores. I have to go back today and look around some more.



Sweater from Fishy strawberry-- 50% off at Albero autumn fair
Skirt is new from Kookie
Leggings from MAiiKI
Boots are free from *ordinary design*-- click the sign with the boots for a free copy.
Belt from Maitreya
Hair from Fishy strawberry
Muffler from Creamshop

Dress from Lelutka- group gift
Leggings from Amerie- Sugar&Spice
Hair from Maitreya
The fur shoulder jacket is from Boom-warm shoulders/black
Boots from Stiletto moody

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